2021 DETAILED MORNING/NIGHT ROUTINE (products we love)

Joylandi 16-Fev, 2021
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  • Erin's evening curls are so beautiful!! Both of you girls are beautiful inside and out :) Thanks for all the quar content

  • Erins commentary during her routine kills me lol

  • Erin, idk where u heard to not wash your face in the morning but yes ur supposed to wash it in the morning and at night😂😂💗

  • 7:58 ugh Susan used to but then she became a sellout😒 11:27 I miss that specific lazy state, wish that could be me I genuinely enjoy that so much

  • You’re on the right track with your skincare, Erin. But you need a different order. Always do serums and/or oils first. Then moisturizers. Then sunscreen. You always want your spf to be last!

  • Carly: ....USPS..... Me: I MISS BOBBYYYYYYYYY

  • love u c&e!! ur videos always make my days better 😊💞 thank u for being yourselves & sharing ur lives with us ❤️

  • erin, for skincare in the morning, you can use a micellar water to take off anything from the night before then continue to do my morning skincare routine (serum, moisturizer, spf, etc.) washing your face in the morning could dry your face out, but if you like washing it in the morning and you don't feel like it's drying your skin out, then i would say you're fine lol.

  • Erin not wanting to get out bed for like an hour after waking up is truly me... but mines last a good 3 hours or more

  • Please try to do spf last!! Hyram literally cries for people to do that

  • ERINNNNN first cleanser THAN serum THAN moisturizer, eye cream and ALWAYS LASTLY sunscreen!!! So so so important!!

  • You 100% are supposed to wash your face morning and night. Also, yes, using moisturizer and sunscreen is recommended and ok! Sometimes if people have super oily skin they could get away with just sunscreen but even so, I’d recommend both for everyone.

  • Erin, bb... put your serums on before moisturizer. Bueno bye 💛

  • if i ever wear makeup i use a Face Halo and then just wash my face cause i don’t fk with face wipes lol. i also use my Face Halo to remove clay masks (game changer) ✨ i think they sell them at ulta now

  • Carly! There are interior cat doors you can install for Frank that way you can still lock your doors and only he could fit through ❤️

  • I have a friend who is a dermatologist and he told me it's good to wash at night and in the morning to just rinse with water and moisterize.

  • are you guys shadow banned? i cant find your instas when i try searching them... but i found them when i looked through my following list!!!! same thing happened with my sister!

  • Erin's "lube up the lips" made me giggle, lmao.

  • I'm in my mid 30s and have been using the Ordinary's retinoid for forever and it's so good!!

  • There's Cat and Dog Hair Everywhere 😱🤢Pets Just Dont Belong In Human Beds, There Has To Be Boundaries At Some Point Otherwise End Up Like Shane Dawson, Making Out With Em Too🤮

    • why are all of your letters capitalized? lol

  • did she say "baby repellent"??

  • ERIN: sunscreen + moisturizer is a great ideas, but you should put the moisturizer on before the sunscreen. The sunscreen is the last protective layer

  • You guys should check out dr. dray she has lots of good skincare advice

  • Erin, reverse the skincare order and you’re set, also nothing wrong with a morning cleanse :) Order: Eye cream(if any), serums, moisturiser, sunscreen. General rule is clearest product to most opaque (except some acids/serums are white so keep them in the category order) but ALWAYS sunscreen last. I recommend the Finecea 15% azaleic acid (it’s a cream) helps rosacea but bonus helps with acne & pigmentation too. From a chemist/pharmacy but no prescription needed :)

  • Vaseline works well for eye cream also. It’s super hydrating and is cheap for the big container it can come in

  • Try sunflower butter!! It’s soooo good!

  • I'm not saying it's a bad product...but stem cells don't live in creams/cleansers. Stem cells are very hard to maintain under strict lab conditions.

  • Washing your face in the morning is perfectly fine! I do it morning and night. I shower in mornings and use my cleanser to have a clean face before starting my day!

  • Whoever said NOT to wash ur face in the morning is a effin liar ! Lol wtf ur supposed to wash ur face in the morning. Don’t listen to these kids girly . Ur right ! They’re wrong lol 🙌🏽

  • If ever unsure skincare usually goes thinnest to thickest :)

  • Hey Erin!! This should be your order of your skincare: - Wash your face - Serum - Moisturiser - sunscreen Always do your sunscreen last otherwise the other products will dilute it and make it less effective!! Love you guys xxx

  • One year ago?! Time means nothing anymore 😅

  • You should moisturize first and then put on sunscreen, sunscreen is meant to be the very last step

  • Carly and Erin both using their claw clips for their night time skincare, and still have the quip toothbrush. Love these girls ❤️

  • Beauty therapist here .... cleansing in the morning and night! Also it goes ... eye gel, serum, moisturiser and SPF on top of it all. SPF acts as a shield, if you’re putting it on under, it won’t let your serums, moisturisers set in! Also if you’re ever in London, come visit it me!!! 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Your skin is very red (clearly it’s sensitive) Erin so I would suggest just use water to wash your face not a cleanser

  • We need a double date night in Erin & TJ's new back yard!

  • Lol Nolen shadow boxing for 13 secs 🤣😭❤️ #FoosGoneWild

  • “But here I am, Boo Boo the Fool”

  • Erin!! don’t pat face dry and put serum on damp skin and then seal w moisturizer and sunscreen last!! :) serums and moisturizers need to be able to lock in the water to help moisturize !!! 😛

  • Unrelated but can’t believe you found Nolan he seems great so happy for you 🥲

  • The “baby repellent “ 😂

  • Ugh I’m now 26 grew up early 20s lovingggggg these routine videos. And I still love them haha one of my faves! Also I died laughing at Erin referring to her birth control as baby repellent 🤣🤣👌🏼

  • Love you ladies but you should always put your serum on before your moisturizer. Once you put moisturizer on you’re creating a barrier and your serums won’t get to your skin. Just a bit of skincare advice ❤️

  • What is a snookie clip, Erin? I tried to Google it, but all the results were all clips of Jersey Shore.

  • I hate to say this but quarantine has not been kind to this channel

  • Carly have you thought about installing a cat door?

  • erin!! sunscreen is always the last step! oils/serums -> eye cream -> moisturizer and last is sunscreen :))

  • Every time Carly says hello it reminds of the vine video of the girl gettin water poured on her when she was sleeping & woke up and said hello lol

  • I was thinking... since both Nolan and TJ like cooking, maybe you two can make whatever they chose without them giving you a recipe/instructions etc! Or you could do something similar to that video David did with bon appetite? the back-to-back cooking?? thought maybe it would be fun since you both live with your SO's

  • It cracks me up Carly said she should floss, used to floss, doesn’t always floss and then just doesn’t floss after mentioning it 5 times because i relate 🤣

  • Definitely put your spf on after your moisturizer, should be the last step before any make up! Washing your face in the morning is fine, BUT you have said you have some breakouts at the moment in previous videos from the masks, could also be aggravated by over cleansing and stripping your skin barrier? Might be worth trying some different routines to see if it helps :).

  • carly pronouncing ornery is killin meeeee

  • I love you both sooooo much!!!❤ I love Nolan, Frank, Paris, Erin, TJ and Whitey too!!🥰🥰

  • 👍

  • Hello, I love you guys! Me and my bf of 3 years just broke up and you made me laugh so ty hehe

  • When you put stuff on your neck you should go in an upwards motion to avoid creating wrinkles

  • I miss carlys white hair

  • I just got a new phone and LAST NIGHT was thinking oh I need to go find a CandE code for Casetify. So what great timing.

  • Sunscreen last yall!!!

  • Erin, I’m sure someone has already said but your morning skincare should be wash face (if you think it’s necessary, sometimes better not to if you have dry skin) next do serum then moisturiser then eye cream THEN sunscreen, sunscreen is always ALWAYS last xxxx

  • Erin, your hair under your shirt made me claustrophobic for you. Also, have never heard birth control being referred to as "baby repellent" but now I will only call it that 😂

  • Erin- Serum, sunscreen, then moisturizer.

  • It takes me like 15 minutes to make my bed- only because I’m a wild sleeper who strips their sheets every night ! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Erin - serum, eye cream, moisturiser and then SPF last :)

  • Baby repellent 🤣🤣🤣

  • You guys could try putting a cat door in your bedroom door. That way he can still go in& out and you can still lock your door!

  • Carly where did you get your cold brew-maker? And how much does it make?

  • Erin I recommend watching a yt video while you brush your teeth! I have braces so I drag even longer to brush my teeth and it rly helps

  • Carly you should try the Moroccan oil color depositing mask. It only requires 5-7 mins, it’s highly hydrating and they have a bunch of fun colors! I think you’d look sooooo cute with the rose gold or lavender mask or even the blue/teal! And they’re temporary so it’s not a commitment

  • i was going to comment about spf should be the last step in your skincare routine but think everyone already has!! love you both🥺

  • “Baby repellent” is my favorite thing Erin has ever said 👌🏼

  • For me its so weird brushing your teeth before breakfast!! Do all Americans do this?😄 No 1: The breakfast will taste weird! No 2: Eating right after brushing ruins the benefits of brushing! You both get dem dirty and wash away the natriumfluoride!!! Love your content!❤ //Swedish dental nurse

  • Hi! I’m a licensed esthetician. Definitely want to wash your face in the morning to get off all the stuff you put on the night before and moisturizer goes under your spf!!

  • I bought therabreath because of erin


  • It's only really bad to wash your face in the morning if you have really dry skin. You don't wanna over cleanse because you can strip your skin. So some people just rinse off night products I the morning with just water, and then only wash eith a cleanser at night. But washing in the morning isn't a crime lol

  • ‘Lil prick’ to us British people means something else 😂

  • Erin: try doing sunscreen, serum, moisturizer!!! it helps to penetrate the skin much better! Also, if you like washing your face in the AM then it's totally fine, as long as your skin isn't too dry! Love you guys so much!!!

  • the baby repellent 😂

  • i got a pink quip and i love her

  • Carly, the less foamy the better when it's about cleanser ! It means that u don't have the chemicals ingredient that is present in almost every foaming cleanser.

  • ❤️❤️

  • Try letting him out before you go to the room like an hr or so - or less - in routine maybe he’ll start to realize it’s been time and wear himself out -

  • 3:55 heck you never know if it’s clean or smells like old water!!! Lol

  • Also serum before moisturizer

  • I just use a little micellar water then my day cream

  • That sweet hairy armpit shop Carly, that’s real quarantine life!!!

  • my dermatologist has me wash my face every morning & night!

  • "Little Prick" that's what I call my bf

  • There are some good natural toothpastes with fluoride. I had the same worry, but then I found some! Target has a bunch

  • havent even finished the video yet but i brush my teeth first thing too carly

  • Erin you should try applying your products on damp skin :) also try applying your products then your sunscreen! and I would apply more sunscreen too:)❤️

  • “Baby repellent” omg 😂😂

  • The "baby repellant"- lol. I'm dead.

  • For Erin - to get the most protection out of your sunscreen, it’s recommended that it be the last thing you put on your face! So I would just recommend putting on your eye cream and moisturizer first and then the sunscreen! Totally normal for sunscreen to not be hydrating enough and for you to also need a moisturizer :)


  • Carly watches tiktoks before bed and erin watches tiktoks when she wakes up hahahaha

  • so SPF should always be your last step - cleanser- serum- moisturiser - sun cream. I cleanse in the morning as i have oily skin but heard people with drier skin can get away with just a splash of water

  • I was today years old when I found out Erin has Invisalign XD