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  • This Astrologer was very sweet but she was focused on the least important component in Astrology, which is signs planets are going through. And some of it was misleading. 😅 She told you girls that a 0 degree Aries Sun and 8 degree Cancer Sun is compatible. That’s called a (wide) Square and comes with a ton of differences. It is not considered a compatible pairing in Astrology. BUT! In a friendship it can be good because it can help you both grow based on how different you are at the identity level. An “I’m a better me with you in my life” kind of thing. ❤️ I also don’t agree with Erin having a huge temper. But I can see why she would say that if she wasn’t paying attention to houses. It reads to me more as being anxious, not angry. Especially anxious when it comes to health matters. House placements are so important. They can change everything. If you do this again I would highly recommend reaching out to an Astrologer that focuses on aspects and house placements, even though I know this particular Astrologer was well meaning. For example Erin, you actually asked about your health, which is so interesting and makes all the sense in the world. I looked at your chart and you have a group of planets (called a stellium) in the 6th house, which is the house of health. And your 7th house ruler is Mercury/Virgo. The 6th house, Virgo, and Mercury are all the same thing said in different ways. This means that health is a huge focal point in your chart. It’s extremely important to you in your life and within your relationship (as the 7th house is the partnership house). It’s something you worry about and care about a great deal, as all 3 planets are directly opposing your Moon, which is, as you now know, where your emotions come from. And Carly, your rising sign being in Capricorn would explain negative comments I’ve seen about you related to your personality. It’s because our rising sign is how the outside world sees us before getting to know us. So think of it as the public seeing a Capricorn, but the inside is not aligning with that based on other keys placements in the rest of your chart. If you’ve seen any of these negative comments you’ve probably been so confused like, “Wtf. That’s not me at all, what’s wrong with people. 😂” That’s why. The public is seeing the misalignment between outer and inner so they’re misjudging you at times. It’s called Square signs between Sun and Rising. It’s an area of conflict in your chart representing what’s real not always aligning with what people are interpreting. Luckily it’s not within orb (there are orb allowances for aspects to count), so it’s not strong. Meaning most of us see the inner qualities coming through, which are quite positive. There’s just sooo much to unpack in both of your charts. It would be so fun to do a long term compatibility reading for you and your partners, and for each other. The day to day compatibility is called Synastry, which is what this Astrologer touched on. But there are a few charts that show what the compatibility looks like after years of being in each other’s lives. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll write it all out or do an audio recording for free. 😊 I’d be nothing but fun for me. And for the record there would never be a “don’t be friends” or “break up” kind of conclusion 😂. Not even close. It’s more so what are you strengths and weaknesses with TJ and Nolan, as well as with each other. 💫

  • omg i had missed this video and i’m freaking out a bit.. i have always related to carly quite a lot and i thought it was very interesting when she said she was enneatype 9 just like me but now I find out we have similar signs too 😱 i’m a libra sun & moon so cardinal sun and air moon just like them and capricorn rising like carly ... wow

  • I’m a Pisces so what does that mean for me

  • Omg Carly!!!! We literally have the same birthday!!! March 21st, 1994! ❤️😁🎈👑

  • Ohh me and Erin being born at the same time, but not date or year lol. But still cancers 🤣

  • Whoa Carly and I have the same signs but in diff order. I’m a Gemini sun, Aries rising ( and Capricorn moon!)

  • this was such a fun video to watch girls i love astrologyyyy

  • what people also dont realize is that traits or signs cant be toxic. you make them that way. it’s all your choice as to what you do with what you have. you decide to take things too far. like if youre toxic thats your fucking problem an astrologer and astrology are not out here setting rules

  • “there could be a disney movie written about you” my girl carly walked away into the sunset with nolan after a literal week and moved in together she IS a disney princess

  • 3:06 I bet Carly laughed again and shared the laugh with Zane with both believing this astrologer is complete bulkshit

  • Who else think Carly’s Parents are lying to her about her birthdate hahah likeeeee idk about some of this stuff

  • Wow, i want to do this! my 3 main are fire signs 🙈

  • I’m a Libra with an Aries husband and a cancer mother who’s my best friend. All of this stuff sounded so familiar. So interesting.

  • Nolan and I have the exact same birth chart 🥳

  • Hey Erin, I obviously don’t know you personally or your health but as I’ve been watching you throughout the years and your poop journey I know it’s been very frustrating. I’m not diagnosing you in anyway nor do I want to tell you what to do with your body but I would like to share something that has help me. I had poop frustration for a while and I didn’t go to a therapist for it but as I have been in therapy I did notice it getting better. For me it wasn’t that pooping was a problem but a symptom of something else (anxiety in my case). Everybody is different and I know you have tried many things. This is just my experience and perspective in what helped my digestion.

  • I want a reading 🥺

    • *sends her my chart, my husbands, my family’s, and my friend’s*

  • Any other libras here?☺️

  • Aliza was MEANT for you two. She’s wearing leopard print (erin) and is sitting in front of big plants (carly)!! 😳

  • Erin's got ancestors blocking her bowels I KNEW IT😹😹😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • me, a libra, grateful as shit that y'all mans are both libras so I can hear an in depth sun sign description of myself

  • I wanna be at the level of eloquence this astrologer is period

  • Wow, what a gift to an astrologer: subjects with thousands of hours of personal video online. Even then, gets some things completely wrong, like Carly being angry and argumentative. Erin saves the read by saying “So interesting that she was hiding all that inside”. So with loads of inside info and no way to be perceived as getting it wrong, it’s a winner!

  • my birthdays the same as carlys and everything aliza said made sense in a way

  • damn i wish carly and erin stayed on the line after she hung up and they spoke about how they thought it went

  • Okay now I definitely want to get my birth chart read!! I wanted to before but this just makes me want to do it even more!! Side note: Aliza gives me Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) vibes

  • She so eloquent and knows her stuff. So personable too! Loved her.


  • i feel like she was spot on about erin

  • Cancer gang ♋️

  • wait carly and i have the same birthday this was so interesting

  • Omg please don’t talk to any ghosts..

  • My Saturn return is this year of my life...while I'm 28 and I 100% knew when I was an I literally could feel when my brain shifted. I literally said 2020 was my favorite year at the end. I need her to tell me about my husband and i... I would really love that!

  • I have two sisters and one is a cancer and one is an Aries!!

  • Omg I love her!

  • also, i would LOVE to see a sit down video with you two, tj & nolan where you kind of talk about what she suggested & weigh what fits and what doesn't! im sure some of it is a little bit off because she isn't entirely sure how it fits into your life, but i'd like to know what resonated

  • it was so so so interesting to hear about the symmetry of your charts omg, especially with tj and nolan added in, its so cute how in sync you all are with each other 🥰 also erin LISTEN TO HER!! get in touch with the spiritual world bc those placements are magic & you could find a lot of answers and healing, good luck ✨

  • Libra’s don’t get enough credit lol

  • I loved this and got me so interested in finding out more



  • I haven’t even finished the video yet, but Carly, your hair is so pretty here!

  • I need to talk to someone

  • Capricorn, Leo rising

  • Wait me toooooo

  • Erin calling TJ her husband hit different for me ❤

  • As a Gemini- I cannot express how much having a Libra partner is the best.

  • Omg my best friend is an Aries and I’m a cancer, we’re like off brand c and e🥺

  • Love love love this video omg 💞

  • Omg I have a Pisces rising too

  • Not me sharing Erin's birthday and enjoying the free reading hehehehehe

  • I loved every minute of this video!! I left this as a comment on another video to do!

  • She's so knowledgeable! Her instagram is great too. Loved this vid!!

  • I know very little on astrology. Normally just hearing bout it is white noise to me. But gotta say Aliza really talked about it in such an interesting way. Like I was sucked in and 30mins felt like 10. You can tell it’s apart of what she knows. She wasnt trying, it just flows from her. Her knowledge on it. Really enjoyed her company with you guys.

  • I love this type of content. And I love hearing about how much Erin and Carly are meant to be besties!!

  • For Carly, 0 degrees Aries being special tracks with being an Enneagram 9.

  • This is such a great video idea!!! I really enjoyed watching :)

  • Erin you should check out Goddess Hangs podcast and connect with your inner witchy vibes 🔮✨💕

  • learned some things about myself today i am a libra sun and moon so ty for the free reading lol

  • I loved this so much!!

  • This was SUCH an interesting video and Aliza seems incredible - so funny and smart and confident in what she says. I'm so glad that other lady behaved the way she did towards you guys otherwise we would never have 'met' Aliza!

  • I LOVED this video!! I am so into astrology, but Aliza was incredible and I learned so much more about myself too!! I’m a Cancer sun like Erin & a Gemini moon like Carly! This explains why I connect with you guys so much! I haven’t been watching as much UZfire lately, but will pop on everyday to genuinely only watch you gals & TJ,.. This just helped explained my emotional connection with you all & why I find your videos so calming & interesting!! Xxx

  • I'm a pisces, dating a pieces 👀

  • Obsessed with this

  • I felt like she described Erin with the temper deep down if she is disagreeing with something secretly lol, I can’t imagine Carly with a temper at all.

  • This was very interesting!

  • Paris barking as they are talking about Erin setting up the altar...goodbyeee 💀

  • This was so insightful 🥰

  • Feeling super excited to be an Aries right now, my bdays the day after carlys 😁 They’re gonna talk about meeeee

  • who cares!!!

  • boringggg

  • Aliza is so extremely knowledgeable. Whoa

  • As someone that is super in to astrology and can do charts, as well as read tarot, this is one of my favorite videos you guys have ever done. She is awesome. Now I understand why I feel such kinship with Erin, she has an Aquarius moon!

  • Loved this. Crazy that you guys were so compatible.

  • rAISING money to bail out domestic terrorists. good look ;)

  • This was truly awesome as a fellow cardinal and libra, I now see why I enjoy Erin and Carly's vlogs so much! I love all the energy this Astrologist was bringing and the feedback on the girls and their relationships. Very interesting and really cool to hear all this neat stuff.

  • I thought that was Carly at first and Erin finally convinced her to go brunette

  • I LOVED this video ❤️❤️❤️ one of my favorites

  • me sitting here offended when she said 19year olds are Gen Z 😶😶I WOULD NEVER DO THAT

  • omg the way she was talking about pieces moon shocked me... i was like wow that sounds like me and i looked at my chart & i have a moon in pieces 🤯

  • I need someone to explain myself to me like This !

  • You should do this video with each of your friends

  • i think carly doesnt particularly relate to the aries part is because on top of her cap rising, she has saturn in her first house too. off the bat, she comes off more sensible / reserved which are saturnian and cap traits. her aries sun is also in the second house...theres an emphasis on structure, security, which throws off the aries aspects. the non confrontational aspect of her could come from the jittery energy of her gemini moon (and gemini mars) she overthinks like crazy. gemini looks at all aspects of everything, and this energy comes from her emotional side. this could restrict the brashness and confrontational aspects of aries. erin has a 6th house stellium (3 planets+) which probably explains her worry about her health. its a busy area of her chart, theres a natural strong pull / focus to her health, daily routine, habits. all the planets that are there are also in leo - extra attention to this house

    • also carlys ruling planet is saturn! her saturnian qualities restrict her aries energy a lot - i wonder if she relates to capricorn traits more

  • Also love libra men

  • get tarot readings next!! (zane and heath got a good one ask them)

  • I am also an Aries with an air moon (libra)

  • Omg I’m so into this content haha

  • nolan & I are both libra suns w pisces moons lol

  • Hearing Erin say “my husband..” 🥺❤️

  • Also born in Framingham, MA 🥰


  • i wish u stayed connected with her, she gives me third sister vibes

  • It is so crazy because I'm an aries and have found so many cancers in my life so im literally living for your sub sign compatibility. Also, I fell in love with astrology this past year becase it provides insight and a way to self reflect if youre open to it so im so happy you guyes did this video!

  • omg me and carly are both pisces aries cusp but i was born literally 15 minutes after it switches to aries so i guess according to her i’m an aries

  • this is my new favorite carly and erin video !!!!!!!!

  • omg I knew Erin was from the town next door but she was born in FRAMINGHAM TOO?!?!? Erin gives me hope to have an amazing future and escaping the MetroWest

  • erin having double water signs and I have ZERO water in my chart...

  • Oh my god how did I know know Carly and I have the Same bday?? I am absolutely applying all this information to myself.

  • Its very nice to see that in these hard times astrology is getting more attention! It can be a big positive life changer if you start working with the universe! And Erin I get you, I'm cancer sun, pisces moon and scorpio rising, 3 water signs, so all emotions.. What helped me a lot are crystals (*!!!), numerology, angels, attuning to the moon (yasmin Boland), astrology,... hope it can help you too! * for example I wear a tigers eye crystal neckless which can help with: protecting from negative energies, helping focus the mind, grounding and centering personal energy, dispelling fears, promoting mental clarity ..... (you can find many info online or in books like crystal intentions from lune innate)

  • OMG Aliza is one of my favorite astrologers ever!! I am so glad you guys ended up doing the video with her instead of the other person that fell through

  • This was SO COOL. I LOVE astrology and spirituality so much. I'm really interested to see your thoughts on this in another video, how was the experience ect! Loved the vid!