Joylandi 5-Mar, 2021
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  • As a Southerner I got 3 min in and was visibly cringing haha

  • this was hilarious!😂

  • We use comode daily in my family. Didn't realize it was a texas/ southern word. We're an Abilene Tx family. We still say icebox too.

  • pause the video at 0:00 LOL

  • i’m from texas and i haven’t heard about half of these😹😹

  • I don’t have a southern accent but being from Texas I can’t say any of these w/out having an accent. LOL!!

  • that's crazy how much i relate to Brittany, we love Texas

  • Carley is forgetting she went to Auburn University in Alabama two years ago!! David’s crew came down do a panel and gave one of the students $1000 for a charity fundraiser!

  • Carly, I'm from the midwest and knew them too! Thsts why silly lol you just havent been around it but came back to you I bet. Love you both!

  • “Crawdad is a New Orleans word” Me, from Oregon: 👁👄👁

  • we got them crawdaddies here in texas

  • commode- Erin "its a remote" dying inside!!!!

  • As a southern belle myself, i feel seen.

  • I’m gonna use these phrases and words in Massachusetts A commode is a portable toilet no?

  • Bring from Pennsylvania, I have said or know most of these things. I wonder how they skipped over most of the country and made it here into our dialect?

  • Texas slang is a whole subcategory of southern slang omg

  • I’m from NJ and we say djeeyet !!!or just jeet hahahhaha

  • yalllll, haven't laughed this hard in a while. being from Alabama I of course knew all of these and seeing the struggle had me dying.

  • The only reason I know the devil is beating his wife is because of the theodd1sout 😭😭

  • Hopefully things go back to normal someday. And y'all can come to the Texas State Fair.

  • WHATTT I’m from the south and thoughtcatewapes was just a world know thing

  • this is like the popular girls i would hangout with in high school

  • I have not seen them in so long they have always been beautiful but like they seem so like glowy lol ykwim

  • Frumpy? Carly said: me in quarantine

  • im from texas and knew NONE of these AHAHAHA

  • i’m from the south and i’m haven’t heard half of these😭😭

  • im from deep texas and I didn't even know half of these bruh

  • This is amazing lol

  • This Alabamian feels seen

  • I moved from California to Georgia & relate to their experience trying to get the slang lol. I remember someone asked where I got my toboggan and I was like ??????

  • I’m from Arkansas and this is so cute 😭 also most people in cities don’t use these like Dallas, Austin, Houston, Little Rock, Shreveport, and so on don’t use them as much as people in the countryside

  • I love being a Texan!

  • HOW DID I NOT KNOW HER LAST NAME IS TOMLINSON edit: i’m from UTAH and i know a lot of these

  • You don’t realize how odd you speak until you hear people that are not from east Texas try to guess the meaning of our language😂

  • yeah we say most of that in KY too :D

  • Lol heard so many of these I grew up in northern Michigan the UP...... my favorite growing up my grandma would say “she ain’t got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.” 👀🤪

  • as a hispanic living in the south i didn’t know any of these besides feeder 😭

  • Y’all need to do a Canadian slang edition

  • I am from Mississippi and it’s strange to listen to people not know what these mean 😂

  • I find it so odd people don't know the but then again I've never left the south

  • Instead of lazy eye in England we say one on the chimney and one on the pot

  • I'm Canadian, but I would be very interested in having the link to the New York Times language quiz if anyone wants to drop it here

  • From Nola, it’s a sin to say crawdad 🤣🤣

  • I’m from South Georgia and have never heard “tump” “feeder road” “gotcheye” or “wampjaw” lol.

  • I used to work in daycare and I had a mom from up north come in when I was telling a kid To stop being ugly and she went and told my director I was calling children bad names/telling them they were actually ugly. 😂 I’m from Texas

  • feeder is so specific to us from houston lmao

  • I’m literally from Longview Texas and I don’t know hardly any of these words like feeder. No one I know uses that word lol

  • Caddy wamps or whatever I’m dead lolol I’m literally from Texas and I’m never heard of that odd lol

  • Literally feel like I’m on FaceTime with friends lol

  • I’m from Idaho and I say craw dad

  • The video just started and I already know i’m going to be laughing so hard.

  • Brittany: "Tump. This is a verb." Erin: *says a noun*

  • I thought everyone called them crawdads 😦

  • I lived in Georgia the first 12 years of my life & most of my teachers sounded like Brittany lol

  • This is ten times more enjoyable when you’re from Texas

  • crawdad is a oklahoma word too

  • i’ve never heard wopjawed but we say wopperjawed (spelling? 😂)

  • Me born and raised in Texas that has never heard more than half of these words:👁👄👁

  • As someone who lived in Georgia and Texas for over half of my life, this was very enjoyable to watch

  • We don’t say crawdad in New Orleans

  • Oh.. I thought everyone called it a feeder.. lmao

  • literallyyyyyy the first word I didn't even know...and im from Texas omg..

  • swore i thought everyone called it a feeder - the more you know

  • Cattywampus is a real normal word, its used in math, and i have only ever lived in Washington state

  • I now live in Texas and there’s some things my bf says that I look so confuse bc I never heard of it and now watching this I purposely wanna say some of these next time we are driving around and see what he says lol

  • “ New Orleans is like the different south” just say black Britney lmfaooo

  • Dude in Maryland we said crawdad

  • as someone born and raised in the south it is so crazy how we are so diverse linguistically

  • I live in TN and I haven't heard some of these lol

  • i thought katywompus was universal omg i rlly am southern

  • Hearing brittany’s last name feels wrong

  • "tomatoes aren't a fixing." Stewed tomatoes beg to differ.

  • lmao people in new orleans do not call them crawdads we say crawfish

  • Oregon calls em crawdads!

  • Erin and Carly just give me a chance

  • i thought louis last name was thomson 😂💀

  • Ladies you need a podcast! Please!

  • Carly: “If I heard a mom say that to their kids I’d be like.. DAMN” Me: 👁👄👁 Not me saying this to my kids on a daily with their attitudes 🙊

  • Carly was definitely more right about fixins than Erin was. Hashbrowns are a side. Toppings on a salad aren't a fixin.

  • Please do moreee. I loved it!

  • It's cool to watch this from Florida and realize I don't know as much southern slang as I thought, I've gotta brush up on my terminology man

  • as a texan this was thoroughly entertaining cause this is just regular verbage to us LMAO

  • I’m from Tennessee and we’d say crawdad

  • Y'all shoulda done this with Matt!!!!!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Y’all r so adorable

  • THIS IS SO FUNNY!!! I never realize how funny me and my family talk till other ppl who aren’t southern react to it.

  • So I’m from Arkansas but instead of gotch eyed we say cock eyed

  • this was randomly in my recommended, and i don’t know these girls like tht but ain’t karley and erin from california and not the south? or did they just move there.

  • hearing brittany say "quit being ugly" REALLY took me back to my childhood in eastern NC

  • As a Texan, I literally knew all of these lol

  • This made me smile :)

  • as a southerner, this had me losing my mind 😭😭😭

  • I am from ARKANSAS and I have never heard of some of these😅😂

  • People really don’t know what a commode is?😭😂 why did I think this was normal knowledge

  • Why is it that I’m a Texan from the DFW area like Brittany and have never used most of these words before? 🤭😅

  • how'd i not know that half of these aren't universal phrases eye-

  • I just realized how dang Texas I am. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • I always heard "the devil's beatin his wife and she's crying about it" is a thunderstorm lol :)

  • the commode really called me out

  • what in the hell is this lewis carroll bullshit LMAOOO