Joylandi 31-Yan, 2021
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  • Don't try and get out of jury duty! I was selected a couple years ago and it was honestly one of the most interesting things I've ever done. BUT If you cry when you're selected the judge will probably let you go home. Or at least that worked for one of the selected jurors in my group.

  • I just bought the Dyson V8 Motorhead from Target because it was on sale for 100 dollars off so I decided to cave and buy one. Let me say I am absolutely obsessed! I vacuum my home everyday since I have a long haired dog and a cat. I’m in every crevice of my home from floors to ceilings!!!

  • For the next video you guys should try to dress up as the different Taylor swift eras: Fearless, Red, 1989, Reputation, Lover, Folklore, Evermore

  • I have been worried Frank will hurt himself on that shelf thing that just drops down into the kitchen. I'd put some kind of netting or something up there. He probably doesn't even go up there but still.

  • With the Dyson, go for the run time that you think you’ll need. It’s a major pain to have to charge it to finish vacuuming.

  • I have a Dyson V7. I have two cats who track a lot of litter. It works great!!! It has a great warranty as well.

  • what sunscreen do you use? i always buy one and it leaves a white cast on my face and i hate that.

  • every time i see anyone struggle with biscuit/dough pop tubes, i get secondhand shame bc my great uncle invented them hahaha

  • r/skincareaddiction

  • When I want to do something that requires my cat moving I offer treats so they come running and think they're getting up on their own, lol. I do give them the treats, too. That sentence made it seem like I didn't, lol.

  • The Dyson Animal. Shark vacuums are really great as well.

  • Paul Mitchell makes pet wipes that are for eyes and ears we got ours at Petsmart if that helps

  • How do y'all sleep in that bed? It looks so small Erin 😅

  • The tag on your jacket be swangin Carly. Lol. Also, these videos give me life ❤

  • I have a Shark Rocket vacuum, its 7 pounds and works really well for carpet and hard wood floors. I use to have the large one like I just saw in your closet but with my artistic and Fibromyalgia I felt like I was run over by a cement truck and I couldn't move my body the next day so I needed a light weight vacuum. Love your ladies vlogs and thanks for sharing, love from Suquamish Washington 💖

  • I have a dyson and i literally don’t use another vacuum now. Hardwood, carpet you name it.

  • Erin my fam bought a fusion bc we have dogs and spent a good amount of money and it is good for like a month then it doesn’t clean as well

  • I have a wireless dyson! I’d say it works great on hardwood but can get pretty annoying to use on carpet!

  • Has anyone suggested that Whitey might be bothered by the new rug? Is it treated with any kind of stainproof or waterproof?

  • Dyson V7 Animal - the perfect Hoover. We have hard flooring downstairs and carpet up so it’s ideal. X

  • Don’t get a dyson!!!! Get a shark. Dyson sucks, we replaced ours, and so did everyone I know who got a dyson.

  • Get a shark vacuum. I have had both and it is shark over dyson all day long.

  • when i feel too lazy to wash my face on days i don’t wear makeup i’ll just use the garnier miceller water with a cotton pad but idk if that’s bad for my skin 😅😅

  • Miele vacuums. life changing.

  • Whitey looked so cute when Erin checked her eyes and held her head in her hand gently 🥺

  • My family had multiple Dyson vacuums and there was always a problem with each one! We got a Shark and it is wonderful!

  • Erin don't buy a Dyson such a waste of money and awful quality, get a shark instead so much better

  • I would love to see house decoration hauls from yall. Or things you recommend to get off amazon!


  • As an esthetician I stan bc you preach about SPF lol ilysm if you ever want skincare tips from a professional hmu 💓💓

  • carlyyyy why do you need to do jury duty like what even is that

  • I just finished watching Oddvice podcast (Kristen McAtee & Alex Kosh) ep 23.5 Where they spoke about In and of itself

  • Erin- get the new Shark Vertex!! It’s way better than the Dyson and much cheaper too! I clean houses for a living and it’s my new favorite

  • easier way to do it is just hit it on the corner of the counter like cracking an egg

  • The dyson ball Animal Pro+ upright from Costco

  • Dyson V10, it comes with a ton of attachments and I believe you can buy additional attachments as well!

  • ERIN!!! look up the bissle cross wave!! I live on 3 acres and have to sweep 2 times a day so 14 times a week!!! I got the bissel cross wave and I do it ONCE a week now!!! changed my life!!!

  • Erin's "Nooooo" is such a mood

  • I love the cordless Dyson. It will change your life. It's super light and easy to use. You will find yourself grabbing it to clean a mess and doing the whole house. Worth the investment.

  • I tried cereve because I heard about it everywhere and it made me break out soooooo bad now I use a white tea moisturizer in the morning and a honey moisturizer at night (bc it’s thicker) and I almost never get pimples now

  • GET THE DYSON...LIFE CHANGING! Since you have pets though, I would definitely recommend any of the pet series! I absolutely swear by my Dyson and tell anyone to get one. Yes they are expensive but if anything ever breaks, you can get replacement parts and repair it and that is not too common among the vacuum game.

  • I have a Dyson and I effing love it don't! I don't have one specified for hard wood but I think it works fine on hardwood too. It's soooo nice though. So lightweight and easy to store. Plus the modular/removable parts are so easy to use. We got ours on sale from but 10/10 would recommend!

  • On Amazon there is great dupes for the Dyson and Shark vacuums! I just got one for $120 and it’s AMAZING! My is the brand ONSON... You should totally check them out!

  • I have the dyson v8. It’s awesome bc it’s so light and cordless but I’m constantly having issues with it/ talking to customer support. But I do like it...

  • Weird question but is Erin selling that desk cuz it nice ?

  • I watched the tag on Carly’s sweater the whole time waiting for her to notice hahah

  • PSA: Miele cannister vacuums are way better than Dyson. Dyson is way overrated when it comes to vacuums. That hair dryer doe-- I hear good things... Check out the reddit AMA from a (passionate) vacuum repair guy u/touchmyfuckingcoffee

  • Erin!! The purple Dyson is best for pets. I clean houses and almost all of our clients have 2+ pets and it just sucks everything up & we only have to get a new one every 2 years which is super nice considering we clean at least 5 houses a day and we never have to pay for a new one because of the warranty (:

  • Carly I take it back comb your hair that way the shape of the curl will stay. Also maybe if you do jury duty you might get the vaccine earlier because that state of California is giving the vaccine to court personal

  • Highly recommend dyson animal cordless! Best purchase

  • I have a Dyson and love it! Had it for like five or six years. You can't pick a bad one tbh.

  • I have had a Dyson Ball Animal upright vacuum for over 10 years now and it works just as good as when I bought it 10 years ago. I have hardwood and carpet and it is excellent on both. I actually got it at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and was able to use their 20% off one item coupon on it- you’re not supposed to be allowed to use it on Dyson products but I don’t think the person ringing me up knew that lol 😝 it’s an investment but so worth it!

  • Erin's laugh is so contagious. I love it. It almost looked like Paris just teleported there lmao 🤣

  • I feel like Carly on most days and Erin on especially good days

  • is it true david made you guys stay in the car during vlogs because you guys are boring??? why are you guys still friends with him??

  • I got summoned for Jury Duty in Canada for Feb 8th but they called me last week and cancelled bc of COVID. This is the second time in 6 months bc my group didn’t even get to go last time 🙄

  • Dyson v10 animal. Vacuum twice a day because we have animals that always shed and this vacuum never gets clogged up

  • Nolan eating the grilled cheese got me good haha

  • VACUUM ADVICE: Dyson is great but Shark is a more(ish) affordable option! I bought my mom a Shark for Christmas so I did a LOT of research on vacuums. This is the one I got her through Amazon: “Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Upright Vacuum”. It’s on sale!! She has a cat and a big fluffy black dog and this thing works like a charm. You can also separate it and there’s a handheld option for stairs and stuff.

  • Carly maybe get a Murphy bed for the extra room!

  • 100000% recommend the dyson. I have the V7 but the newer ones are obviously better and stronger. I have carpet and hardwood along with tile in the bathroom and it works on everything. It also comes with attachments to vacuum the couch (amazing with pets) and pretty much any surface!!

  • Carly please brush your hair it’s good for you! Also make it like a cute little vanity area you could use for special occasions and then I would definitely recommend to put a pull out bed in there or something so you do have the opportunity to have guests if you like!

  • Erin you should contact Whiteys vet. Your kitty baby is getting older and being in tune with her health changes is important. If she does need medication sooner would be ideal. I have two cats and one has weak tear duct production, ( I know, seriously) which caused a lot of eye gunk, kept cleaning her eyes but yeah poor girl needed artificial tears and a slew of other things. Best of luck to Whitey, always here for your content.

  • Earthquake kit? Can you make a video about how your lives have changed after moving to LA (I mean your habits, not in a global meaning of "changed" )?

  • I got a jury summons last month too. Going terrified me. But you always check the day before if you still have to go, and I was told I didn’t need to go anymore. I was so happy lol. But I have done jury duty in the past.. which lasted 2 weeks 🙁 so Good Luck! It’s.. quite the experience

  • It’s my DREAM to be on jury duty!!!! 😂 Am I crazy?

  • Ideas for the other room for Carly- maybe a day bed that you dress up with pillows and double as a couch. You can use as a chill spot to separate from your work space. That way you’ll have a place for them to stay if need be, but it’ll still be functional.

  • @carly ; “I guess I’ll have that beautiful glow for what idk how long I kinda want Botox tbh with you” MOOOOOOD

    • Everything your saying during your skincare routine is literally what runs through my head on a daily basis 😂😂😂😂 like literally the same person.

  • @erin rolling up her rolls gave me so much nostalgia of elementary school when we’d roll our jackets up as “babies”

  • @carly get a futon for the guest room it can be a couch at all times and it can turn into a bed, there are different mattress sizes so you have a choice, I think it’s more simple than getting a couch/bed.

  • Tbh the dyson is so not worth the money! Look into a shark. Less than Half the price and just as good if not better!

  • Huge yes to a Dyson - worth every penny!!!

  • Get a Shark Rocket. They're really nice and affordable

  • Erin! The dyson cyclone v10 animal is amazing!! It’s the best investment I’ve ever made 😜

  • You just don’t respond they can’t prove u ever got a letter but ... that’s not my business fr tho they can’t do anything lol

  • The Dyson vacuums really are worth it. They're insanely powerful. I have the V10, and the one downside is the battery life. It says 60 minutes of run-time, but that's based on the lowest power setting, and let's be real, we want max power. On max, you'll get a good 15-20 minutes of use, and on medium (which is like normal vacuum power), you'll get 30. I wish I would have shelled out the extra cash for the V11, as it has twice the battery capacity. Happy cleaning!

  • The stain mini ball is the best vacuum I’ve ever owned!!! Highly recommend

  • SIKE

  • CARLY, please let Erin decorate your spare room! She's got such an eye for design, I'd love to see that video. You can give her a price limit that you're willing to spend, and she can design it!!!

  • I have a husky and long hair cat and I have the purple cordless pet dyson and I 100% recommend it. We have a 5 bedroom, 2 story in Hawaii and on normal we can do the whole house. Only about one floor on max finishes before battery quits though. But normal works fine over the area rugs and the hardwood. It works for both the sand from taking 4 kids and a husky to the beach and the pet hair. I also have scoliosis and I’m in my 30s now, so it’s super lightweight and doesn’t hurt my back. 10/10 highly recommend!

  • I have the Dyson animal 2 and it’s supper powerful but it gets every piece of dirt. HIGHLY recommend

  • Crack a lot of jokes and they more than likely won’t pick you. Lol that’s how I got out of jury duty. And I wasn’t even trying. I was just trying to liven up the place. 😂

  • "Let me play with you" "SIKE" HAHAHAHAHAHHA

  • Shark Vaccums are so much better !

  • Boomer People? So Ageist!

  • I have the Dyson V8 Vacuum and it is the best thing eveeeer! My sister has the V12; and honestly it’s not a huge difference just newer, fancier, and longer battery life. Otherwise work just as great.

  • Why does Carly look lik3 a different person

  • My family has always just hit the roll can against the counter to open it

  • that weird cabinet with nothing behind it is kind of scary, what if frank fell off it???

  • I went to In & Of Itself performed in New York and literally spent 3/4 of the show crying. Then I watched it on Hulu the other night and cried just as much... AND WHEN TIM GUNN STARTED TO CRY?!? lost it.

  • Can you guys react to BTS please? 🥺🥺

  • I would love to be on jury service like I study criminology and law and I take everything so seriously!! I’d become like the judge myself😂

  • Have the dyson v8 animal and it’s a beast!! U do have to charge often tho if you use max suction. Also have a roomba, we have 3 dogs and those both save my life! And just hit the biscuit can on the counter and it will pop open!

  • Dysons are amazing I wouldn’t use any other brand vacuum

  • the show carly showed with nick is called blown away and its an amazing competition show!! I binged it so fast

  • get a murphy bed for the third bedroom/office

  • When I got my jury duty summons I signed up online and did my orientation but was never actually selected to come into the court house. I would check every day between the time window they gave and it always said to check again tomorrow. Same thing happened to my friend and my sister so maybe you won’t even have to appear!

  • Erin, just slam the dough on the counter and it pops

  • Being called for jury duty first requires jury selection. You might not even get picked depending on your answers to their questions to the jury pool. That’s what has happened to me both times. Once for a DUI trial but my cousin had just been killed by a drunk driver a month before so they sent me home and the female defendant started crying.

  • Erin when you ate the rolls you were supposed to say, “these are disGUSTing” 😂