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  • Mowgli. “Never heard of it.” Carly gives me LIFE! 💕

  • OMG WHEN THEY SING THE SONG HAHAHA so stupid, don't they know?

  • omg they are so childish when they think that the jungle book is boring, sis

  • ughhh i need lemonade mouth in the sequel, I'd die laughing watching them try to explain everything that happens in that movie

  • My favorite Disney movie is Hercules and lion king

  • Awesome I love Disney

  • This is actually everything and I beg for more

  • You guys should watch Once Upon A Time

  • As someone who hasn't seen many disney movies, this was the perfect video to watch

  • The snake is the same voice as Winnie the Pooh

  • I love this video plz make another

  • You need to do this with matt king 😅🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • The fact that they dont know any classic disney plot, hurts 😂

  • "we love you.. we see you.. we're sorry" 😂

  • Omg you guys seriously need to watch Pinocchio as adults because it’s kinda fucked up lol

  • Y’all honestly funny 😁 👏

  • "Why the fuck you lying, why the fuck you lying, hmmm my god" is all that played in my brain when you started talking about Pinocchio LOL

  • Carly: all I know is Tarzan jumps tree to tree I peed my pants😂

  • I DIEDDD okay but the whole video Erin knows barely any movies yet can sing the songs and pull facts out of thin air😂❤️ love you both!

  • Honestly does anybody know what the jungle book is about

  • Honestly I am Carly and Erin

  • Not going to lie I love these girls and I absolutely love Disney I would love to be in the video with these girls talking about Disney! Please Carly and Erin if you ever need a Disney fan to be in the convo please call me! I have literally watched this video specifically 20 times!

  • Omg you guys are so funny😂😂😂😂 im laughing so hard at this but girls go watch all of these disney movies again😂😂😂 it's been a while since I watched disney movies as well

  • As a 90s baby this is upsetting..

  • CARLY 😂😂 "Peter Pan flies to Neverland and kidnaps a child" omggg hahahahah

  • 1991 here too! Man, I'm old. 😬💀

  • "Larry the Cable Guy gets his gang of cars" 😂😂😂

  • "Now you know why I'm an emo bitch" SAME ERIN 😂😂😂

  • “The only clouds I know is a one direction song” MEEEEEE

  • Y’all started talking about the jungle book so I start sing “bear necessities” then two seconds later Erin goes is that bear necessities



  • this triggered me sm ukhhhhhh I JUST WANTED TO JOIN THE CALL AND TELL YALL

  • How is Toy Story 1994???? I remember watching it like it was a new movie that just came out and I was born in 96 😂 where did I even watch it I have no idea

  • Tarzan saw normal and was like ✨NO✨ 😂😂😂 "MOOD"

  • Wow . This isn't a disney dive lol. U guys no nothing about the real meaning of disney movies. Change ur click bate.this is a joke.

  • Yes, make a series!

  • Do the frozen movie plot

  • Do the tinker bell movies plot

  • peter pan ride in disney world is like my absolute fav but it always has THE looooongest wait

  • I cried real tears watching the new lion king 🥺 it is so realistic and I just wanted to snuggle Simba the whole time, he’s too cute, knowing he could rip my face off

  • I’m not even 2 minutes in and I have no more hope for Carly at this point lol

  • i love disney movies so much so hearing all this is hilarious! i love it

  • I've never commented this much or at all really....but this was hilarious 😂😂😅

  • This hurts my soul lmao

  • I love you guys su much But this was so hard to watch, how can u not know Disney movies?! Still love u though lol ....but a little disappointed, its okay I guess 🙆‍♀️

  • If someone hasn't sd yet...the Sex thing was from Lion King. My daughter was born in 1996 & I rmbr hearing abt it & looking for it on my daughter's vhs of LK. My hubby & were obsessed w/ LK when we dated & when we saw it, we laughed over the fuss made by parents abt it. She would die watching this. She was Disney & PowerPuff Girls obsessed. She went to several Disney on Ice shows & collected the merch from the on Ice series. Found a clip on YT of *sex* scene: uzfire.info/camera/video/oaynqayorbt2eJk

  • Tarzan was my fav. Hbu?


  • In the jungle book it’s about the little boy just surviving and vibing being raised by the bear and panther and trying to avoid the evil tiger and snake in tarzan it’s people colonizing the jungle, tarzans parents were killed by a cheetah after a ship (?) wreck and then he meets Jane and they fall in love in toy story the first one is how Andy gets a new toy buzz light year and is replacing woody as his favorite toy, or so woody feels and then along the way they get lost together and try to find their way back home but sid gets them because he found them in pizza planet as they were trying to get back to Andy, the second one is about there being a yard sale at Andy’s house and woody tries to rescue a toy from the yard sale but some creepy collector guy sees him and he’s this vintage toy so he takes him despite the mom saying no that’s not for sale and with the man woody meets Jesse and the prospector (that’s his name it’s just an old western man) and the prospector wants them to go to the museum together as intended to be put on display but woody wants to go back because all of Andy’s toys come and rescue him and he convinces Jesse to go to because she had such a sad life (her scene is one of the most iconic Disney scenes lmao) and the third one is about Andy going to college but he accidentally put all of the core character toys in a box where the mom thought went to donation instead of the attic so it’s about them fighting with the toys at the day care they were donated to trying to escape but then some characters don’t want to go back home bc Andy isn’t going to play w them anymore but they end up going back and at the end Andy gives them all (v emotional) to another little girl and it ends with woody saying “so long partner” the fourth one i honestly haven’t seen just know it’s about them getting lost at the fair with the little girl and finding new toys but woody ends up finding bo peep (his original love interest from the first two movies) and stays w her cars one is about lightning McQueen, a famous race car, gets lost from his trailer on a way to a race and gets stuck in the town radiator springs and he gets in trouble for speeding so they make him redo the pavement and he falls in love with the people and another car and stops being so superficial Peter Pan takes Wendy and her brother to neverland where they’ll never grow old and only kids can go and he wants them to stay but they don’t stay, also Captain Hook hates Peter Pan idk what else to say about that Pinocchio is basically what you read Hercules is about hades, the dads brother the evil one, wanting to take Zeus place so he wants to kill hades and attempts to make Hercules mortal so he won’t be next in line and then sends him to the real world but they didn’t give him every drop of the potion so he still had his super strength and was immortal and he finds out that he’s a god so he tries to get his way back and gets trained and meets Meg, who has a deal with hades and who hades tries to make manipulate Hercules but they end up falling in love And Hercules defeats Zeus

  • this was so funny but also frustrating as someone who loved like LOVED disney movies as a kid

  • OMG..."this was made in 1995, we were babies"! I had just celebrated my one year wedding anniversary in '95. I feel sooooo old with this realization. 🥴🧐😖🤣😹

  • not gonna lie, i was about to close the video when they started hating on my all time best villain Scar

  • Carly: where’d you pull that name out Erin: somewhere in my... *medulla oblongata*

  • Erin watch Hurcules now you’ll love, it’s my favorite Disney movie of all time

  • Okay, I would love to watch Carly guess the plot of Marvel movies 😂

  • Basically like Qanon lollll

  • Mad respect to TJ for knowing his ‘Cars’ facts.

  • y’all should have a podcast

  • You guys need to watch all these again

  • I was born 1995 and I literally am carly. I am watching this to inform myself of these movies and their plots hahha

  • my friend literally texted me asking if i tweeted yall saying i loved hercules bc you said esmeralda and thats my name 😂😂😂❤️❤️

  • "pleasure island, sign me up."

  • Carly please watch all the toy story movies!


  • Erin: do you know... Carly: no, probably not THAT WAS SO FUNNY AHAHAHA

  • “I remember that epic scene, yes” AHAHAHA

  • Do Nickelodeon movies! Lmao

  • Omg trump is scar the greatest analogy I’ve ever heard!

  • the only youtubers who i wish would start a podcast !!

  • We need a Cande podcast!!

  • I’m here for the buzz light year slander.

  • What is your childhood lol I watched so many disney movies

  • hook is my FAVORITE movie and no one ever knows what i’m talking about!

  • I need a hair tutorial Erin. What was that top knot

  • I loved this!!! Please do more!!

  • if Carly & Erin started a podcast life would be complete

  • honestly i’m so bad with these things like the jungle book, george of the jungle, and tarzan are all the same thing in my mind

  • Y’all need a Disney plus subscription and dive into these movies hahaha

  • Alternative Title: Reviewing Disney Land rollercoasters 😂

  • me wishing I could just TELLL TJEM what all these movies are about ... PETERPAN?!? miss girls

  • This made me so happy haha I LOVE Disney movies so this was extra entertaining to watch! Love youuu!

  • “The space guy.” Aka Buzz Lightyear lmfao

  • Wow I can’t believe you ruined the ending of Lion King 🙄 I was about to watch it tonight 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • This just made my morning! Thankyou ladies😂👏👌🥰

  • carly said simba goes on a trip to pride rock. Like its palm springs lmaooo

  • I'm high as hell watching, dying of laughter with my dog 😂🥰

  • This was amazing haha

  • cars is my fav ;-/

  • i was born in 96 but i’m a nanny hahaha but i still have questions


  • omg the lion king is my favorite i mean favorite animation movie, carly i’m so disappointed 🤣💀

  • Need a part 2

  • This video just made my entire week 😂

  • “Pleasure island?? Sign me up!” 😂

  • You have to watch all of these movies! Lol You guys should do a reaction video 😂

  • Erin trying to explain the plot of Cars 🤣🤣🤣

  • Totally random but I love Carly’s nails!💅🏻

  • Are we just going to ignore the fact that Erin literally put her hair in a bun WITHOUT a ponytail so casually haha

  • Carly's hairrrr. Are you KIDDING ME. I love it darker so much. It looks amazing!