Joylandi 28-Mar, 2021
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  • I’ve made that mistake before Carly of putting way to hot water in the bath, and i sat there for like 6 minutes but was over it cuz it was too hot!!😅

  • Someone needs to tell Erin what willpower means 😂♥️ love her..making breakfast in the mask is iconic.

  • Carly- apply the olaplex to damp hair! I leave mine in for at least 3 hours and I’ve never had any breakage. My hair is extremely damaged and dry and the longer I leave it the more my hair changes! I’ve slept in it many times and it’s a game changer. But applying it to wet hair increases the ability for it to absorb into the follicle

  • Y’all should do a grocery haul one day when y’all both need a bunch of groceries even if they are delivered to you

  • carly pls give us your hair rutine

  • 30s hangovers are the worst

  • Last year I lost so much hair after 6 years of blonde... I cried for months.. I have stopped with the blonde for awhile.. it’s been about 8 months and I’m finally noticing regrowth

  • Erin that dress is freaking adorable, I love it!

  • carlys new hair makes her look like billie eilish and her new hair


  • Lol why does she remind me of the movie mask with Jim carrey lol withe the ice pack mask lol

  • carly i have the same dent on my forehead 😭😭

  • Can someone please tell me what product Erin is using on her face that she put in the freezer!!!

  • Carly don't feel bad about not being into the's very hyped up on the internets and I personally cannot breathe well in hot water (hot tubs, hot baths) it's too uncomfortable! I will now be referring to pampas grass as plumes moving forward lol

  • They both are glowing ! They both have pale Clare glowing skin. And I’m in love with erins hair

  • are they still making videos on their own channels?

  • Drink a teaspoon of baking soda with a small glass of water and BAM. acid reflux relief

  • CARLY use r+co waterfall hair lotion!!!!!

  • love turning 30 and feeling absolutely terrible after drinking now~

  • Erin with that mask on has me dead😂

  • erin putting on that mask and casually making her breakfast 💀💀💀 I died

  • Carlyyyyy what size did u get the Taylor swift shirt ?

  • I literally remembered to take my birth control because of you! Lmao thanks and have a great day guys 🤍🤍

  • Omg haha thats the exact avocado toast recipe I use! I even use that bread too

  • When they say natural wine what do they mean??

  • i love sunday vlogs but who else misses “WELCOME BACK TO OUR SUNDAY VIDEO”

  • I don’t know if you knew this, but we Brits pronounce it ‘vahs’ instead of ‘vase’.

  • Carly please stop dyeing your hair!!! :( your natural color would be so pretty and healthy and you don’t want to lose more hair!

  • Caaarrrrly I have a small candle business and have a mahogany teakwood, vanilla & tobacco scent that you guys would love!!! I'd ❤️ to send you one 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 @pacificglowcandles on Insta ❤️❤️

  • Put some Parmesan cheese on the toast too! So good!

  • Would you guys ever have a room dedicated to tjs work? Like framed pics kind of like his old emo night office ? 🖤

  • Erin yelling at the dog with that face mask on has been me for the last year

  • U guys should see david since his in the worst position rn, he need friends to cheers and talk even tho u guys still hold on covid distance just for this moment forget about it, david needs a new chance.

  • Okay i had a dream that you and nolan broke up and i couldn’t remember if it was real or fake, so i was waiting until about half way thru the vid for you to mention him and god am i relieved

  • i eat nearly the same exact thing every day for breakfast mix lemon juice in the avocado it makes it perfect

  • Alright who has the recipe for the tik tok drink Erin was talking about?

  • erin you should get a skincare fridge!!!

  • erin one time i was shaving my legs and i cut my LIP. like my mouth lip. what is that!

  • Just got my second vaccine does and I’m so excited for u ladies to get urs soon! You’ve kept me sane during this year !!!!!

  • the blonde looks so good

  • Baths are so overrated.

  • I try not to judge but how tf did you never have a bath as an adult? I relate to carly so much but I just dont get how you've never had a bath

  • carly looked like lady gaga after that bath lol

  • I need this full face ice pack!

  • I never take too hot of a bath either usually just warm enough to not get freezing. Like being in a warm swimming pool but just a little hotter to really relax the muscles.

  • erin do you remember where your flowery dress is from ?

  • erin’s wavy hair is so cute 🥺

  • Erin everyone eats that for breakfast where have you been. U watch a lot of tv so I’m surprised

  • Not me IMMEDIATELY buying the TSwift shirt

  • I got hungover listening to you talk about the white claw/vodka/wine mashup drink. I am old.

  • I couldn't take erin seriously after she put that mask on😂😂

  • That mask is the scariest thing😶I hate ittt😂😩

  • Me taking a bath while watching this video Carly: I am NOT a bath girl 🥲

  • erin! look into a mini cosmetics fridge!!

  • Erin: Toast some toast 😂😂😂😂 👁👃👁 ❤🤘from Ireland

  • What size is the tswift shirt?!? I neeeeeed it! Does it fit a little loose?

  • What kind of wine is that? It looks very cloudy

  • just wanted to say my dog barked back at Paris

  • Carly, if you use the hair ties that are basically wrapped rubber bands, think about switching to a satin hair scrunchy instead. I bet your breakage is also caused by the ties you use to hold your hair back as well. Yeah, it's more annoying because they slip more often, but they do less breakage.

  • I bought that Taylor Swift shirt after seeing your TikTok about it! 😂

  • ❤️

  • Erin, wait...wheeeere did you get those pampas from?? Beautiful and want! PS I like the single one on the nightstand, Perfect size! Wouldn't change it.

  • I use olaplex no. 6 and it is a leave in and a little goes a long way! I have A LOT of hair and it has lasted me about a year.

  • Thank you guys for making videos they make me calm down and not strew. And I love you guys so muchh ❤️❤️

  • As a Canadian, getting vaccinated here sucks. We have more than enough doses but the dispersal is awful. Theyre still vaccinating people 70+ and its been months.

  • Erin, you should get a skincare fridge

  • Thank you for normalizing not taking adult baths. 😂 I hate baths. I try to take them, because it seems like a normal thing to do, but I’m anxious the whole time, I don’t feel clean after and it’s just not a fun time for me. Why can’t there be fun, relaxing, shower products?

  • When you just had the *same exact* bath experience as Carly a week ago, I can relate, I don't enjoy baths 😅

  • I made that tik tok drink last weekend and it wrecked me.. like this was me last Sunday

  • girl where's the boxcutter??

  • Erin explaining avocado toast like no ones ever had it before 😂

  • There is something is in Carly and Erin vlogs because I have watch them consistently over the few years than any other vlogger on UZfire. I think Carly and Erin has unique fanbase.

  • Now that Matt and Chris is vaccinated will you guys do another vlog with them again? Hopefully you guys can get the vaccine soon. 💚

  • Who makes the diffuser?

  • and thank you for the captions when TJ was talking!

  • These are my favorite videos 😍

  • carly you should let your hair dry at least 60-70% then dry it - i've found it's way easier on my hair

  • I love taking a bath I can be in there for hours! I do the whole spa trip though and its the day after a 40 plus hour work week so it's gotta be good. Thankfully I have a huge bath and sell everything I need at work. My coffee, computer, books and whatnot all comes with- oh and my cat and dog are visiting the whole time too!

  • I bought carly’s shirt right away... too iconic

  • Carly! I went from deep red to blonde (over the course of two years). My advice is take Vitamin D supplements. Take care of your scalp, probably the most important. I bought one of the shower head massager things and started to use a scalp oil. That will help with hair loss. Maybe start using the whole Olaplex system, I know its expensive, but it really helps. It might help to also cut some inches off. But that is my non-hair dresser advice, so who knows! Everyone has different tips and tricks!

  • Put hairspray on your pampas

  • Erin saying “I’m not hungover I’m just really tired” when she’s fully hungover 😂

  • I got a Chipotle ad right as Carly said it

  • Carly! use olaplex 3 on towel dried hair it definitely should last more than 3 uses! and it’s a minimum of ten mins on your head not only ten mins!

  • Who else immediately went to etsy and bought the Taylor shirt? 🤣🤣👋

  • Carly, you are using WAY too much Olaplex. I have thick wavy hair down to my butt and I only use about a dime-sized amount. You need VERY little for it to work.

  • I’ve never been a fan of baths... I don’t really like hot tubs either.

  • You’re supposed to dampen your hair before using OrlaPlex

  • Erin just sounds hungover💀

  • I just cut my fingernail off while shaving my legs. 😒

  • Nolan and his little house ❤️. He never says much but when he does, he’s adorable

  • Carly I would put the Olaplex on damp hair, i feel like it goes a little further that way and it helps the product penetrate your hair more! Also highly recommend the shampoo & conditioner by them!

  • Why did you always dye your hair red? Did I miss that?

  • Carly! So I have wrinkles between my eyes too form squinting in the sun because my eyes are so sensitive AND I found something for it. It’s called “frownies” you can get them on Amazon. I haven’t been using them long but I feel like it’s working and a lot of the reviews say they were going to get Botox but they didn’t need to because of this. Just so you know :)

  • “Paris it’s meeeeeeeeeeeee” I died

  • carly!!! if you don’t wash your hair for a couple days it’s super regular to lose hair in and after the shower!! it looks beautiful💜

  • Omg the blue mask I’m DYING😂😂

  • I WISH the olaplex came in better bottles too. The hardest to get out when you get to the bottom

  • Erin is going to be such a great mom

  • I’ve been using olaplex cause I bleached my hair from a dark brown to a white blonde and then 3 months later I died it brown hair felt dead and like hay. I’ve been using olaplex every week and my hair feels a lot healthier! So it definitely works! It’s expensive, but worth the money!