Joylandi 23-Fev, 2021
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books: They Can’t Kill Us All: Ferguson, Baltimore, And A New Era In America’s Racial Justice Movement by Wesley Lowery


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  • You just not gonna address the Seth situation, like ever?!

  • This is random but I actually bought my current glasses from eyebuydirect because of you guys and I absolutely LOVE THEM ! ! !

  • The second one😂😂😂

  • I love how they are acting like they are social distancing when they weren’t partying in David’s house.

    • @Izzy - watch Influencer -19 by deanglo Wallace. I don’t know the time stamp. And it’s long

    • when did they party at davids house?

  • Carly you should get a switch! Lots of fun, cozy games you can play and it's a nice break from the phone:)

  • Carly and Erin are the “talk to me I talk back” tiktok 😂😂

  • Carly would have a whoopsie 🤣 why is this me though. I don’t want children but am likely to have a whoopsie 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • hahaha carly and erin both saying they’d both be in a cult when they’re already in david’s

  • The Massachusetts in Erin will never leave her 😂

  • I'm glad you guys are avoid David>. He's so fucked, especially after the allegations..

  • I’ve been watching you guys since forever ago, and i am proud to see how you’ve handled being a decent human being apart from your peers from the vlog squad, but it’s really disappointing to still support and back up your friends when they’re being shitty and especially david with the sexual assault issue. erin only liking tweets that point out what seth did to her to discredit him is victim blaming and shaming still even if he did do something wrong as well. doesn’t justify david’s silence and your silence as well. i’m sad. i hope you don’t delete this comments like david’s doing.

  • why don't you both hang out with the Vlog squad anymore ?

  • I love these types of videos

  • Lol. Fashion these days. just get glasses that cover 38% of the face

  • I've been buying from eye buy direct for years! Sponsored or not I will vouch for them. I love their glasses.

  • link doesn't work but love you both

  • When you fart and blame the animal but you don't have one lmao 😂😂

  • this video made me love their friendship even more

  • OMG I just bought some glasses from Walmart why didn’t I see this before 😭😭😭 what was your code???

  • Carly waving to TJ, how cute!

  • can you please play the hot young adult version of the actresses from good girls

  • doesnt work

  • I just wanna be yalls friend so badly

  • Carlys hair looks sooooo good 🥰🥰🥰

  • I saw a comment on Jac’s vid (Scott’s gf) that said I can’t wait for dragon frank and whitey to meet>> I would love to see y’all collab!

  • I heard they’re bringing back road rules for paramount+ maybe you guys should audition lol

  • the ad before was for birth control

  • I literally want/NEED a Mass-bestie like Erin. So protective, I love it!

  • I genuinely love you guys :b

  • Check with Kaeli and John before skydiving!

  • I’m such an Erin hahahah I’ll yell at a bitch

  • Carly and Erin always look beautiful, but WOWZA Carly looks exceptionally pretty in this video

  • My brain goes RIGHT to the tabletop vaccum of unnecessary purchases for Carly 😂😂😂

  • so, how are Carly&Erin not calling out David when earlier this year Erin made a whole video about consent?

    • also the fact that they always talk about the pandemic yet their friends never have masks and are always hanging out with people

    • all of their friends have done fucked up shit. even tho carly & erin dont do anything really, the fact that they are still friends with them and/or never called them out made me unsubscribe from them. i only clicked on this vid cuz it was in recommended and i thought it was pregnancy announcement lol.

    • @elizabeth horwitz Seth has been on Frenemies talking about David pulling a prank twice (kissing Jason in disguise). He made a video on it previously, but it's now catching attention again because of Trisha and Ethan.

    • What happened with David?

  • They would get pregnant around the same time I bet

  • you guys should do the whole "something that you need, something that reminds you of them, their fav color" one!!

  • Girllllllll Yessss 8:30 i died just hearing carly saying that😅😅😅 thats me tooo!!

  • i LITERALLY love you two SO MUCH

  • Erin, you should do Big Brother!

  • Not me being in the video 💀💀 14:08

  • Carly, your hair is fireeeeeeee girl

  • You guys should do this with a third person. Maybe someone who doesnt know you guys personally? Like a subscriber who watches your videos and thinks they know you??? To see how people view you? But with these same exact questions. OR someone from the VS like Zane or Matt and ask him who he thinks would be likely to do these things out of you two. I hope that makes sense. And then dont explain your side until he picks. I think that would be interesting. Like, seeing how your friends view you!

  • Blue light glasses wearer: whole bunch of people wasting their money Me (being smart for once in my life): turned off the blue light in the settings of my phone🤨😎

  • I liked this video it was so fun

  • Thank you for normalizing not wanting or not knowing if you want children!

  • Literally me laying in bed on my phone

  • i am very much erin as far as standing up for someone. maybe i wouldn't always necessarily for myself, but if someone is mean to one of my friends i will just lose it on them without thinking about it

  • okay but eyebuydirect is my shit!!! been shopping there for like five years lmao -- 10/10 sponsorship lol

  • I loved this and caught myself smiling and laughing throughout the video with you guys!! Need more of these videos 🙌🏼☺️

  • Erin swerving and screaming "F YOU" is big Massachusetts energy

  • Why is this video titled what it is???? Such stupid clickbait. Seriously just say you’re playing that dumb pointing game. Unsubscribed. I’m done with your bullshit clickbait.

  • I read Carly’s paper as “crazy” and Erin’s paper with Carly’s name as “Charly” I’m blind!!!!! 😂

  • I saw getting pregnant and I screamed and clicked on it

  • I liked this video. Please do it again and do one with the boys

  • I got nervous when Erin said she would move out of California, meaning she would leave carly. But then I remembered she literally just bought a house lol.


  • Carly being offended by the hike they did with Jeff is relatable. Also Erin telling her she can’t compare herself to Jeff, so supportive.

  • Y’all should take buzzfeed quizzes for a video!!!

  • I’m over all my favorite youtubers doing clickbait like come on... if we like you we’ll watch your videos regardless of the freaking title

  • Carly has “final girl” horror movie vibes, she’s def making it but Erin is stealing the killers knife and cussing him out.

  • carly is really beautiful

  • does carly have anxiety doing everything?

  • I loved this. Please do it again. The talk about the hike was hilarious.

  • I literally thought Carly was playing with a pregnancy test in the beginning hahaha

  • Erin’s hat looks super cute! And Carly’s new hair is chefs kiss!!!

  • Carly admits she would be more likely to run someone over Also Carly gets mad when erin agrees

  • Someone is gonna tell David that both of them hates skydiving and then in the furture we’ll see that. hahaha

  • “Omg a DEMON” that was too funny I rewatched that bit 3 times already🤣🤣🤣

  • “Well yeah I don’t know what else to do!” Carly😂 SAMEEEE😭

  • This was cute, i liked it 🥰

  • I couldn't see sky diving being fun lol. I would poop myself 😂

  • I luuuuuhdeez hos

  • Make more of these videos, they are so chill and funny.

  • Waaaaaaiiiiiit a minute!!! Erin has a fear of planes?!!! But travels literally everywhere??? (Pre-pandemic of course).... how tf do you cope?!!! I've always wanted to come to America but I'm a little scared too now, I hope when things get back to normal, people settle down too

  • You made yourselves sound mean and stupid which neither of you are. I think those questions were just the wrong questions.

  • super cute i loved

  • You guys are so fuuun, and cuute! Love your videos

  • Not me and Carly yelling that she has driving anxiety and the exact same time

  • Erins responses as a fighter mmm that is 1000% me, “uhm excuse me?!” lol yesssss

  • Carlys hair is so pretty Omggg 😭

  • "A DEMON" as the outro lmfao

  • This one was really funny! I really enjoy seeing you too together even though it’s apart!

  • Carly: I have no idea what to do Me: Watch wrestling. Its relaxing but also stressing 😂😂😂

  • I love this videoooo

  • I know you guys have felt in a lull creatively lately but I started religiously watching all of your channels at the beginning of the pandemic and I will watch literally anything you guys post! Post a nap montage, follow the pets around for a day, show us your fav part of your new houses, seriously whatever! I will watch! ❤️

  • Will you guys ever go on the H3 podcast?

  • Can we talk about erins hair during the ad read. Perfect

  • Y’all should do a video where you’re given a role, scene or something so we can see Carly’s voice acting skills and Erin’s acting skills

  • Video idea: show us your favorite TikToks

  • Also, did Carly buy a house house or like a shared condo?

  • Carly apologizing for Erin defending her had me dying 😂😂😂

  • you guys need to make that tiktok that goes: " *you can pack your things and leave, there's the door* .. *there's the door bitch!* " Erin being the first voice, would fight anyone, step up for Carly or stranger 😅

  • erin on real world, i could see it

  • You guys remind me of the Tik tok where it’s like ‘you can leave’ and then ‘yeah bitch *shaking and hiding*’

  • I could see Erin in a drama like a lawyer or some kind of authority taking charge, Who remembers Zane's 100th vlog and she busted in the room where Matt King was sleeping RISE AND SHINE BITCH IT'S TIME TO GO!! And Carly I could see you doing like sitcoms or fun and quirky comedy tv shows. You both have acting potential and it's overlooked I feel.

    • I agree !! Their sense of humor is definitely TV worthy

  • You could stand on your head and hold your breath and I would still totally enjoy every minute 💛💛

  • It’s good Carly has her iron woman Erin

  • Who else is excited to see the Margarita delivery on TJs vlog 🤣

  • alternative title: carly agreeing with everything erin says for 15 minutes straight

  • Demon, lol.