Joylandi 21-Fev, 2021
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  • I am watching this a month late after just watching the wilds last night.... freaky!

  • Erin, look into Lash Therapy, it’s a white mascara looking tube. It’s a serum that promotes growth and thickness of lashes and after using it for 4 months ppl ask me if I’m wearing false lashes. Love it!

  • the wilds is the best show ever

  • Erin the model is back at it again

  • CARLY!!! Those sunglasses were made for you!!!

  • Carly and Erin both being more excited by the staplers than anything else

  • that maxi dress is so cute and cozy looking i was literally about to go buy it, then i remembered i‘m 5’3 and it would probably drag on the floor

  • Ugly. Wear makeup....

  • Erins second outfit gives me major Moira Rose vibes.

  • When Erin started saying, “pencil..” I was like yeah what’s wrong with that then also couldn’t think of the word stapler

  • Not gonna lie the white sweater dress is giving hospital grown vibes lol 😂 but if anyone can pull it off it’s you Erin lol

  • Lol Carly saying It’s okay we’ll all be okay is a mood

  • I jump rope too

  • I LOVE Erin's outfit #2, but I know if I were to ever wear that I would actually look like a grandmother

  • You are crazy not using the Revlon brush, it quicker an smoothes it out more🙄 how can you get hair done in quarantine? Our hair salons are closed until May (from Christmas 2020) and LA has a higher counting covid deaths than ours 😢

  • Carly your hair looks so good !

  • Carly I love when you talk about sleep cause I'm the exact same way when it comes to sleep, I have to sleep an uninterrupted 8 to 9 hours of sleep otherwise I'll be grumpy and if I'm woken up I get real mad 🙃😤😂

  • Ripped white skinny jeans 💀 no

  • carly post a tutorial of how you do your hair!!

  • She went off

  • Omg the first outfit, Erin - you look like Donna from That 70s Show 😍

  • But I LOVE Erin’s style 😍 Queeeeeennnn

  • I feel like you look so good blond or with bright colors ☺️💕

  • I am OBSESSED with carlys new shoes omg

  • Wait but why do those boots look SO big?!?!

  • Erin: “24 minutes to blow dry my hair” Me with my black 4c hair: 👁👄👁 I can’t even wash half my hair in 24 minutes 😂😂

  • once you get more confident with the jump rope you should try doing high knees with it!!!

  • Erin’s first outfit gives major Donna (that 70’s show) vibes

  • if you ever get bored of the jumprope, its also a good way to get your heart racing before a workout. I used to do 50 at the start of a circuit

  • erin baby get the revlon drying brush, it’s like $50 i think and will cut that drying/straightening time & your arms won’t be as sore

  • I've been wanting a shearling jacket for a few years now. I want to make it myself but have had no luck finding a pattern I like. I might need to work on drafting my own somehow

  • Me buying white jeans so I can copy that monochrome outfit from Erin

  • Your jump rope skills are amazing, i wanna start too now lol.

  • try out tally jump! it goes on your shoe and counts and shows on an app

  • Any exercise is good exercise!!! You're doing great Carly :) If you enjoy it, you will stick with it!

  • Cute hair, Carly!

  • Outfit #2 of Erin gives me Beomgyu from TxT vibes 🙆🏻‍♀️

  • Erin you are a freakin model!! Carly I LOVE your new hair!!

  • Model Erin 😍😍😍

  • Love the hair, both of you but I'm not into your boots Erin sorry☹️ think it's the shine, not sure🤷‍♀️

  • Erin you need the revlon blow dryer brush. It’s iconic and so easy

  • Carly's face when she crosses her jump rope is me when I manage to get out of bed before noon lmao #proud

  • ERIN!!!! My hair is curly and my curl pattern is very similar to yours! You NEED to get the Revlon one step hair dryer, it CHANGED MY LIFE. It is a blow dryer and round brush all in one and it is so reasonably priced and periodically goes on sale for 50% off at bed bath and beyond or Meijer. It takes me 15 minutes to make my hair look like I got a salon blowout!!!

  • Does nolan drive a kia soul bc now im mad

  • Ok but great idea...can they make a video with their s/o's where they try to name/guess "womens" products Lol

  • Okay the music while Carly jumps rope seriously makes me laugh so hard

  • Carly what is happening with your driver's side window

  • carly big avril lavigne vibes ! :D

  • the white look is everything !!!!!!!!! i DiED!!!

  • erin you need to invest in blingy and not so blingy belts!! (idk if that makes sense lol)

  • I got my cat an automatic feeder and now she doesn’t bother me as much in the morning. Great investment.

  • The second Erin hesitated on the stapler, I couldn’t remember either!!! Lol

  • Carly!! Your hair turned out SO good! It’s so freakin pretty!! 🤩

  • Yass Carly love the hair and Erin what a fashion icon!!

  • Why did I enjoy the clip of Carly jump roping SO MUCH?👁👄👁

  • I love these videos! They automatically put me in a good mood. You guys are so funny and relatable. Love you both ❤❤❤

  • “It’s *kind of* glitchy. It only counted one” 😹😹😹

  • Carly you’re doing a good job, just getting up and moving is better than nothing. It’s actually good to do circuits of high intensity cardio for a short period, then rest, then another circuit, then rest, and repeat. Do it for like 15-20 min. Example would be jump rope at the highest intensity you can for a minute, then rest for a minute. Then repeat. Or if you can’t do a minute, do 30 second circuits. But the point is, while you’re jumping give it all you got and get your heart rate up

  • Erin there's no way I could drink hot chocolate in that long white sweater dress. I'd spill all over it haha

  • erin showing us cold weather outfits made me feel like i'm back in 2009

  • carly in the car as a news reporter had me LOLing

  • Love the blonde on Carly. I think the ashy blonde makes her eyes pop even more!

  • Carly’s hair suits her so well and I’m loving Erin’s ASMR like voice when she was showing us her outfits

  • Erin I have those same boots I think but I’m green! They look v similar anyway 😅

  • Erin dresses like a trendy cult leader

  • ERINNNN!! There is a more cream pair of boots on H&M!!!!!

  • I feel like erin has been inspired in paris’ fur to make her outfits

  • Erin - “I just want to feel something” I felt that

  • The concept of the counting jump rope reminded me of the toy Skip-It .... I definitely just showed my age with this comment lol

  • Carly you are glowingggg omg😍 Erin your hair is effortlessly majestic❤️

  • The all white outfit reminds me so much of the bachelorette party 😭

  • Erin you’re a WHOLE MOOD IN THIS VID!!! WE LOVE!! And carly the hair looks freakin GREAT!

  • Live the hair carly and those outfits Erin are the best

  • Erins brain completely forgetting the world stapler is how my life is going rn lmao

  • OMG Erin your outfits are out of this world like I`m obsessed

  • legitimate question, but, why don’t people use the comb attachment for the blow dryer? It’s life-saving

  • am i the only one that wanted to see carly put on the mascara too

  • Carlys the best 💕

  • Carly!!!!! I love love the blonde!!!!!

  • Seeing them both get excited over that pink Benefit stapler was so cute! lol

  • Erin’s looks looked so good!!! Also Carly’s hair I love it!! It looks super nice!

  • They both look so pretty when they did there hair. Carly dying it and Erin blow drying hers perfectly

  • Why does Carly look like Sabrina Carpenter now. I think just because it’s more blonde and curled.

  • Erin strutting in her monochromatic outfit is a mood love it

  • Ugh I love y'allllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • omg the Carly jumping rope montage was my favorite thing ahahaha I love her

  • aww ur both so pretty

  • I AGREE YOU HAVE MASTERED BLOW DRYING YOUR HAIR!!! I have noticed that in your videos I am obsessed I have a feeling it was from blow drying you hair so I bought one still haven’t mastered it yet but best believe I will!!

  • I have the same jump rope and mine is glitchy like that also

  • carly is truly glowing in this video, her joy is so contagious! and erin i love you too girl! one day i'll be able to blow dry my hair like you :')

  • What do you use as a heat protectant/to help frizz when you blow dry your hair?!

  • Carly your hair looks amazing ❤️

  • I want to see Erin have a FULL CURLY-HAIRED MOMENT! I'm talking lion's mane, defined (not crunchy) curls, diffused to perfection and bigger than life! Have a photo shoot of her in all her red-headed glory!!! *chef's kiss*

  • You should try double unders with the jump rope. It’s so hard!!,

  • I have curly hair just like Erin but SUPER thick. Never thought of using a brush like that! What kind of brush is that? I always tried the round brush or no brush and just end up looking like a lion hahaha

  • Hair literally looked the same..... Why they so boring

  • Cary your hair is GORGEOUS. A picture of you is the perfect example of what girls will show their stylist when they want their hair done like this! CAUSE ITS PERFECT

  • I really like Carly hair

  • Not me yelling stapler at Erin on my phone

  • Literally was about to order the exact same boots from Zara today. And yesss Zara boots always look huge!!