Joylandi 14-Mar, 2021
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  • lmao my playback speed was on for the first part of the video and I was like "ummm why is carly talking so fast wtf"

  • crinkled 🌐

  • Erin, have you always had a nose piercing?? Am I oblivious? I swear I've never seen it before...

  • Yeah I can only watch documentaries, reality shows and sports at the minute

  • Is it just me or the way Erin was dragging that huge box in a diagonal camera angle felt like some low budget horror movie hahahaha 😂

  • CARLY! I think you would look really good in a more natrual blonde!!! Not the white blonde u had before but more like a honey blonde with highlights

  • If you guys like documentaries and the royal family there’s a documentary on Netflix called The house of Windsor and tbh it’s pretty interesting!! Love y’all 💜

  • I remember working a nightshift when the clocks went back and watching it go back an hour was the most painful thing ever lol

  • Erin talks to her dog how I talk to my baby😂

  • TJ and Erin perfectly harmonizing "McDonaaaalds" made me smile so hard.

  • Oh my shit, I love Nolan. "I'm pretty fluid with the clothing." Cutest cat daddy. Simple sweatpants with a pretty little flower on the hip - Nolan: "heeeelll yeah." Ugh, what a king.

  • I would loveee if Carly went full strawberry blonde. I think it would look amazing on her. However, you can’t force yourself to like your hair color now. If you know you know so I’d say do a good chop and go blonde if that’s what you want!

  • Anyone know where Erin got the entry table?

  • omg I have been invested in that entry table I'm so excited you got it it looks so CUTE and it's coordinated with the MIRROR and it just looks PERFECT happy for ya xo

  • I used 2 love the girls but I'm sorry I can't stay anymore. Ik no1 gives a shit bout me & my opinion but I can't stay subscribed 2 girls showing off a new home & all new clothes during a pandemic when so many r struggling soooo much! I'm very happy & proud of u girls, it's just hard 2 watch all the time.

  • Really.. zip up hoodies are middle school? Carly.. girl... I love you but your turning 30 and a millennial. You don’t have to always think like a gen Z because your on social media. Join the dark size of not caring what younger generations think. You’ll love it 🖤 sincerely, 31


  • My mom calls shamrock shakes “Shammies” when I worked at McDonald’s “Bring me home a shammy” everyday 😂

  • What I’m getting from the LA fashion scene: cute = tie dye 🤣

  • I turn 30 in July .

  • Nolan’s eyebrows while driving omg it’s funny ahahah!

  • when did erin start looking 60 years old

  • Review Grammys 2021 outfits

  • Carly if you love listening to those jams definitely add the playlist “CHILDHOOD CLASSICS” to your jump rope playlist on Spotify! 🤘🏼🤘🏼 ✨Thank me later 😌✨

  • Question. Do you ladies still see Bobby or talk to him still?? Been wondering what he’s been up to lately.

  • Blonde will ruin your hair Carly!!!

  • I am so jealous I want that McDonalds cup so bad

  • Erin, where did you buy the entryway table from? I’m currently searching for one

  • 14:59 idk why I laughed so hard but that really sent me

  • CARLY YOU DON'T LOOK 30!!!!! You're living the life ! You're beautiful and young and fresh !!! Love you too Erin

  • Doc recommendation for Carly idk if you’ll like it but I just finished watching ‘last chance u: basketball’ on Netflix and it’s soooo good❤️

  • Omg I was going to comment on the video if Erin could talk about Ginny and Georgia as I know she’s a Taylor swift fan and with the whole ‘scandal’ that came from the show has turned the show into getting really bad recommendations from the Swifty fan base😔 but overall, it’s such a good show and I understand why fans and Taylor herself got upset or angry but it’s such a small reference literally one line in the show and there were many references made throughout the show

  • carly please dye your hair black!!!!!!!

  • I just jump rope in my apartment but I live on the first floor lol

  • Erin, really enjoy watching you do the assembly and heavy lifting by yourself, such a nice example of girl power. 😊

  • When u get too st*ned n have to watch Carly n Erin to chill tf out lol my moms

  • @ Carly just change your hair however you want. Don’t overthink it, do what makes you happy :)

  • Carly new hair blog!!?!?💜

  • carly, heres a neuroscience nerd moment about pain: there's two different types of pain carried by your pain nerve endings: first order (fast pain) and second order (slow pain). the slow pain is longer lasting and doesn't hit as quickly because the fibers that carry that pain info to your brain and spinal cord aren't insulated so it takes longer to feel it. plus those fibers are not very localized so thats why the pain feels more widespread and achey vs like a single area. the worst feeling ever!

  • Ya know how you said paris is a Covid dog? I have a Covid baby.

  • 1:26

    • 14:00

  • You guys make me so happy 😁 love y’all

  • Send me your couch please! Just moved out and can’t find something for the low 😢 ! Help lol

  • Carly, nooooo! I love your hair in this video

  • That mall you were at Carly is called The Village at Topanga!

  • you made it to *LEVEL 30* OF LIFE!! that's a damn privilege and it's something worth celebrating.

  • Carly, gradually add more highlights in ur hair!! It'll be less damaging!!

  • The dark spots on your face girly what happened 😭

  • NOLAN WITH HIS SWEATSSSSS. Ughhh my heart exploded

  • Ginny & Georgia was filmed in my hometown!

  • Definitely good show on Netflix tbh when anyone says anything about Taylor Swifts dating life or men or songwriting about men I ignore it no-one actually knows her life but her and songwriters write about their experiences or just make up scenarios so you wouldn't know if it was fact or not and doesn't even matter kif the song is good and relatable and is enjoyable to others. I do like that Taylor defends herself when needed instead of putting up with it and hopefully the day will come when people mature enough not to use those over used comparisons in relation to her.

  • Carly, Id like to thank you for helping me apartment hunt in LA, in my dream! 🤣

  • I think you'd feel better about your hair if you changed up the middle part and went for the side part instead. Maybe even got bangs again? There's times when I love my hair parted in the middle, but then don't feel the same the next day. Also I love your hair, don't damage it with blonde too soon!

  • I honestly love these vids Bc I relate so much. I live in a duplex w my boyfriend w our 2 cats and our doggy. (Also I live in Omaha, NE

    • Really random that I come across your comment on here. I read it and was like “hmm, interesting” then looked at the name and was like okay I know that person.

  • Carly just looks so pretty in pink or light blue!! That might be why you want to go super blonde because those pale cool colors seem to make your complexion look so clear and bright (although it's always glowing) maybe look up that thing where you see what "season" you are based on your hair eye and skin tone and it tells you what colors look good on you!! That'd be a cool video too

  • It's your 50's that feel different- the others are actually not too bad at all- over 55 you get back to being chill again and very much not worried about the opinions of either you also get as way lot nicer to yourself and can see from that vantage point that you have wasted time worrying and having anxieties over a huge chunk of time and space where you should have been turning towards things you enjoy and ignore the rest. At least that is how it is for me.

  • 💛

  • You should use some things under the plates bc you’re gonna ruin the table😭 that’s what happened to me with mine

  • I want to wear cute fabric mask but I can’t due to my asthma. I can only wear the surgical ones and even with those I can only wear it a shot amount of time

  • Just chop and bleach it girl!

  • Carly should try MadFit- "2000's workout" in this pink outfit

  • carly you can go blonde little by little!!! it’s healthier....

  • Welp. That was my sign to start Ted Lasso. I've literally watched everything else- The Morning Show, Servant, Home Before Dark, Mythic Quest, Dickinson, etc etc

  • Carly looks like Avril Lavigne

  • Shoutout to Carly’s Nebraska side with her ranch and pizza!! Yes bitch! Restaurant ranch is always THE BEST!!

  • If you want to go back to blonde just put heavy highlights! Just gradually go back.. It's way healthier than bleaching your whole head

  • I love the TINTED la roche posay sunscreen. Gamechanger

  • I REALLY like Carly with brown hair, it’s so cute i don’t know why she says she looks old, if anything the blonde in the front does that

  • I feel the same way about my hair Carly! My hair is naturally super straight and who has the time to curl their hair everyday??? but I think my hair looks so blah and flat when I leave it straight and I always say I want to change my hair but the minute I curl it I feel like a goddess and like I have the best hair ever hahaha 🤦‍♀️

  • I started jump roping at the beginning of quarantine back in March and I love it! Music and podcasts really makes it worth it!

  • Ginny and Georgia-it's so good.

  • I love Carlys hair!! I think it makes her look younger and adds depth

  • Woody Allen married his adoptive daughter that he adopted with his ex wife.

  • Any chance y’all are gonna do another merch drop soon?

  • Carley sad bc she’s Turing 30 Me watching this at 36 👁👄👁

  • Carly- have you watched Leah Remini’s Scientology series?? V interesting, documentary style, hours and hours of content.

  • appreciate mcdonalds for sending the shamrock shake things in little mason jars???? was that real????

  • Erin in case you are looking for an Netflix recommendations please watch Dynasty or Bling Empire.

  • love y’all so muUuUuUuUuch. always glad when my pretend-besties upload 🥰

  • Carly will be thirty flirty and thriving

  • deadass thought i was watching carly's video then erin popped up and i was like "yasss collab!!!"

  • me from NJ looking at that pizza: ew Also eating pizza with ranch in NJ or NY is a sin. if your pizza needs ranch, its not pizza

  • Franks stretches are soo cute 🥰

  • Omg Carly if you did your hair the same blonde you've got it'll look cute af!

  • Yay, I was hoping you’d show in your video or blog you going to the pop up shop after seeing it on your IG story the other day 🥰🥰 And also, Nolie posing with his new fit was so cute...

  • The tie-dye and zip up Hoody is so cute

  • 17:14 “which are the colours of... Saint Patrick’s Day” 😂 Err I think you guys mean the colours of the Irish flag?! 🇮🇪 😂

  • More beautiful than ever

  • I love your hair rn you look so pretty

  • Wait I want that sweatshirt Nolan got

  • Shamrock shake Shamrock shake Shamrock shake 🎶

  • Carly in Hot Pink is sooo cuteee 💖

  • Title of 2021: “Smells Like Hope”

  • The car light thing. Cant believe it is world wide thing. Like my eastern european parents also thaught me that it is illegal to turn it on

  • SPF only measures UVB and not UVA, so make sure to buy a brand that covers both. A higher SPF doesn't protect you that much more than a lower one, just that you don't need to reapply it as often...But even with factor 50 it is advised to reapply regularly/as and when you think some has been rubbed off.

  • Erin that was the most unsatisfying pour ever 😅

  • The mirror reflects Nolan while changing his new pants and I'm so stressed out coz afraid of him exposed himself.. I'm not complaining..

  • I'm here for a short black haired carly 😍

  • Carly just go fully blonde :) if you really want to just do it!!!

  • I'm loving ginny and Georgia right now, I have a few episodes left!