Joylandi 28-Fev, 2021
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  • Carly try a cold brew with 2 pumps brown sugar and oat milk🤤!!

  • Wow!

  • My sisters and I have always done that with ice cream too, except we always used nesquick. I still do this but usually don’t even mix it bc I like how it tastes and the texture better 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • TJ whispering "grab two" when Erin is grabbing the bowl made me giggle


  • Nutella and miralax love it

  • Speaking of “She’s the Man” being iconic, is that the movie that Addison Rae is re-making? *EDIT* please excuse my ignorance, I believe it’s “She’s All That” is the actual one she’s starring in

  • Erin I made the hot chocolate ice cream when you had it on TJ's channel!! So good 😄

  • Sweat is water soluble ! Just rinse your hair after working out but don't use shampoo!

  • basically everyone in Australia does that icecream thing but with milo

  • when I workout and don't need to washmy hair I just rinse it with water! works so well to make you feel better

  • Erin puts the least amount of makeup and looks flawless 😭 it should be illegal 😭✨

  • yes carly! coffee makes my head hurt so much that i get nauseous but tea doesn't bother me at all

  • Use dry shampoo for your hair Carly!

  • We love a blink182 break.

  • GOD, the smell of chickpea pasta cooking makes me want to barf.

  • Can we get Erin’s eyebrow gel song on Apple Music? it’s a banger

  • Carly, as far as the whole not wanting to wash your hair every day but not wanting your hair to be all sweaty, you can just shower and rinse your hair but not actually shampoo and condition it. That's what I do. I rinse my hair every day to keep it from looking greasy, and I wash it every third day. I understand that getting your hair wet and having to style it every day might be what you're trying to avoid, but just thought I'd throw that out there because I used to wash my hair every day or else it would be gross, and it never occurred to me that I could still shower and rinse my hair and just not wash it until I read an article saying that's what Kim Kardashian does *facepalm*

  • "For me it's Saturday, but yesterday was Friday..." right, I'm with you so far...

  • Luv starbucks

  • Take more showers hun...

  • Carly!!! Blow dry the sweat until it’s dry and then add dry shampoo! I am a fitness coach and that’s how I get by washing only twice a week

  • Use the Starbucks app to order!! Idk why everyone doesn’t do that. Just walk in and grab it

  • OMG Erin! I do exact same thing but with Nestle Nesquik cacao!! It tastes so amazing and I began to make my own after it was no longer available in McDonalds in Europe.

  • Ok that chickpea pasta is sooo good.

  • Anyone else pumped that Carly is wearing Kick Ass cause you love Karen & @kkandbabyj so much

  • Erin, your insta vibes have really been thriving! I look at your page and am inspired. Keep going queen!

  • I’ve tried the spaghetti bonza and I wasn’t a fan, the noodles like disintegrated

  • Carly! get a FrogTogg chilling pad to wear around your neck when you jump rope! it can help keep your neck cooler so you won’t sweat as much

  • Why is Erin the photo of the video??? Honestly don’t watch the videos for her I watch them for Carly

  • What websites do you guys get your face masks from 😭😍

  • IS THERE A TIDY TIME LAPSE CHANNEL SOMEWHERE??? If not carly and erin make one

  • Carly’s eyelashes! 😍

  • Erin’s freak out in the beginning! 😆❤️

  • My hair is so hard to manage, its almost to my butt!

  • We do that ice cream thing in Australia but with Milo, you have to mix it around.

  • Pull your hair up and out of your face and off your neck. Then a sport headband. It will help a bunch.

  • Hot cocoa mix on ice cream is everything! I haven’t had that since I was a kid, I’m so gonna do that this week! ♥️

  • I have that crew neck sweater in grey !

  • Omg! I do the ice cream thing too 😮

  • I just tried this and love it! Showed all the kids and they also love it!

  • Carly I’m literally the same with coffee If I drink it everyday I get a withdrawal headache if I don’t but also makes me sleepy 😑

  • 13:20 I also do that to my ice cream. Sometimes I add chocolate chips, crushed cookies, or crushed brownies depending

  • Definitely did that with Nesquik to my ice cream

  • Can y’all respond to the stuff resurfacing about Jason and David. Also why do you guys take Covid seriously and the rest of the VS dont? Seth did a gross thing to Erin but what about how he was victimized as well?

  • Chocolate malted milk mix with the vanilla ice cream. It's a must have! Tell me you make individual coffee cups of fudge. Betcha do!! 🤷

  • Can u guys actually show us how u edit ur pics??? Like the filter etc 🥰 or maybe edit each other’s pics?? That would be a fun video!!! Or like what’s on my iPhone?? Idk I’m nosy and love to see those types of videos haha

  • I do that ice cream hack but with nestle quick so you have to try it!

  • Chameleon was my favorite find when I visited LA omg it’s amazing! And btw Erin your outfit was everything!

  • YES! I do the hot chocolate thing, but in Australia I use Milo!! It's sooo good!

  • WAIT! I wanna know how was the pasta lol

  • About the whole hair thing and working out, what I usually do it work out, wash my hair super super good and I use an anti dandruff shampoo to kill as much bacteria as I can and then my normal shampoo, and then I will wear my hair down that day and then the next day I'll work out and then usually just wear my hair in a pony tail that day and then the next day I do french braids and then the next day I wash it again. It sucks if you like to wear your hair down all the time though:(

  • Me watching Erin make her famous dessert knowing damn well what it is from TJ’s channel 👀😋

  • Erin...... fill your ice cube tray by slanting the tray, pouring water on one side, and letting the rest trickle down😭what was that mess

  • carly your move is to co-wash! you wash your hair the way you normally would but with conditioner instead of shampoo. makes it feel and smell clean without drying out your hair!

  • Can't believe i haven't heard Carly ever talk about the Starbuck's cold brew concentrate they sell. So great for home... with a splash of cream and stevia. Does she not know?!?

  • “Putting it under my balls... not those kind of balls” 🤣

  • I can’t park my car straight I only park in reverse

  • After watching Carly’s last segment, I forgot this was a Carly and Erin video. I thought I was in Carly’s channel until Erin showed up again for the outro 😂

  • 💛

  • I love you both ❤ I love the chameleon cold brew too! I get mine in vanilla

  • Erin folds a white shirt that matches her skin tone...yes, TJ was lying

  • Ppl with 4a-4c hair which is usually coils wash there hair at most every 2 weeks. Sometimes they go longer depending on the style. Our hair doesn’t get oily like thinner textures. Just a little tid bit lol

  • 15:50 is that giggle Carly?? It doesnt feel like it, cause it sounded not a part of the audio and my paranoid ass freaked the fuck out thinking it was a ghost lol

  • i already mush my ice cream until it is like soft serve, so i'll definitely be trying a swiss miss add in

  • “My eyeballs, not the other ones” Erin is just so friggin casually funny it’s not even fair

  • I will ALWAYS mash up my ice cream and turn it into soft serve lol me and my sisters would microwave extra hard ice cream just to get it melty enough 😂😂 never used hot choc mix BUT I’m pretty sure we tried Nesquik (choc milk powder mix) once or twice and malted milk powder was LIT in mashed up ice cream! 🤣

  • Carly! :) You should use baby shampoo after workouts- it is much gentle with your hair and it takes out that oiliness that comes with sweat. I used to do that when I had CrossFit.

  • Carly the banza pasta is the only pasta I eat now. It's not exactly the same as regular pasta but still good. I always cook it exactly to the directions and add a minute to the cook time. The Mac n cheese they make is great and the rice too!

    • @Carly Incontro ahhh not fun! I also get quinoa pasta at costco that tastes exactly like regular pasta. I like it more than the banza but I have to stick with it due to having celiacs disease. Most gluten free pastas suck!!

    • it actually is worse for u :(((( like more sugar and carbs LOL WHY CANT WE JUST WIN

  • Im sad:( i subscribe to carly and erin not their individual chanels... these seperated clips makes me not feel like watching since its not carly and erin its carly, erin:(

  • Omg Carly the banza pasta is the best!!!

  • Since Carly ended up not getting the New Charli maybe you guys could do another Dunkin taste test of all their new cold brews and the new sweet cream cold foams

  • “Comment below if he’s lying” I died 😂 that’s genius

  • I do a similar thing with my ice cream!! Except I use Nestle Nesquik. So flipping good.

  • Wild thought, CANDE should make candles 🕯

  • Erin! When I was in middle school I used to put vanilla ice cream, a bit of milk, and a couple scoops of hot chocolate mix into a blender.. yummmm. Hot chocolate shakes are so good!

  • Carly If only I could get you coffee hahahahaha I already know your order!

  • Please keep documenting your journey!! I need it!! And also how amazing would it be to go back as see that!

  • Love you 😽

  • I love how Erin got tan on a SNOW MOUNTAIN.

  • I love the thrive mascara!!

  • Why is it that Carly edits every video for this channel???

  • shouting all my love and support into the comment section, as usual 🗣💕

  • Say a little prayer for you lol

  • Carly you should try using a cleansing conditioner between washes 💕 my fav is unwash bio cleansing conditioner.

  • yes, your scalp sweats

  • Eyebrow gel... I’m so sorry I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight until I find youuuuu 🎶

  • omg link your amazon tank carly😍

  • Carly: I recently bleached my hair icy blonde where I’m only supposed to wash my hair 1-2 times a week to maintain the integrity of my hair so I recently purchased the living proof dry shampoo and it’s been AMAZING. It’s a little bit pricey but it genuinely cleans and refreshes my hair where I’m able to use a little bit each day between washes to keep it clean looking because I workout every day! I used to use the other cheaper brands which were okay but have never actually cleaned my hair like the living proof dry shampoo does! I am able to go 3-4 days without washing it now

  • carly if you can find a local asian store near you they most likely will be selling the big bottle of the sambol hot sauce for a cheaper price! that goes for sriracha and any asian ingredient too the prices usually get upped at non asian stores! :)

  • as soon as Erin said one of her favourite desserts, I instantly knew it was the ice cream and hot chocolate powder hahah I need to try this

  • Carly try co-wash if you need to get the sweat out but don’t really want to shampoo your hair.

  • 5:25 I'm the realest.

  • I do the ice cream thing with Milo - G'day from down under 🤠🇦🇺

  • I have actually done that ice cream thing with hot cocoa but my favorite thing to do is break up a pop tart and put it in some plain vanilla or chocolate ice cream 🤤

  • It’s weird because I could never be those people to “go to the gym” on my lunch break and not look like a mess after from sweating. I used to wash and blow out the front and sometimes bottom layer of my hair (barely) and use dry shampoo around the crown of my hair.... it’s a struggle but no bands help my scalp sweat. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Also yesss to the chili garlic sauce! Throw that ish with chicken veggies and garlic and it’s like a stir fry

  • Carly I have the same "problem" as you. I work out 5-6 times weekly and I always sweat in my hair and face. I also have very thin blonde hair so if it's greasy you see it right away! I always wash my hair with a shampoo bar (better for the environment, less bad ingredients for the hair) every two days. The other days I just wash my hair just with water. :)

  • Dry shampoooo!!! ((::

  • ERIN PUT THE HARD CHOCOLATE SAUCE ON IT!!!!! I always thought that was a midwest thing 😅

  • OMG!! Erin!! If you are ever in Palm Springs again, please come to Great Shakes!! We make our shakes with our own vanilla ice cream that comes out of soft serve machine and then we add ground ghirardelli chocolate to make our chocolate shake and I think you would love it. It’s basically the same concept as your favorite dessert. There also so many other things you can add or do that I think you would love!! 😊