Joylandi 19-Mar, 2021
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petitions that haven't met their goal:
sign: pacinosangel/status/1276892836340867072
books: They Can’t Kill Us All: Ferguson, Baltimore, And A New Era In America’s Racial Justice Movement by Wesley Lowery


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  • Carly's hair queen I love the curls

  • Do i hear a TJ cooking show like Julian!!!!!! Please

  • All Y'all are jus the cutest!! 😍😍

  • Take cardboard and butt it up against the wall and paint to fix the bleed

  • erin actually went hardddd

  • Erin, just put crown molding around the corners ad call it a day. Painting white over black is going to be too hard It'll take so many coats and unless you just painted the white it'll be hard to match the colour. There are too many different whites.

  • Not sure what painters tape you used but Frog Tape never fails me!

  • Why aren't we talking abt how Carly's boyfriend looks literally like Harry Styles

  • Erin: for the painting - if you paint any other walls this is a good tip, if you have the color of the rest of the walls in the room, when you tape up the wall, go around the wall against the tape with the room color, let it dry and then do the accent wall, any bleeding under the tape will be the same color as the rest of the room. Or if you dont have the same color, removing the tape before the paint dries will minimize the bleeding.

  • they are literally the most calm and peaceful ppl ever

  • Her boyfriend looks like dom!!!!

  • i just want to eat sm that nolan and tj makes tohe girls to eat bc damn those meals looks so good

  • buy a small brush and try to buy a small white paint that its the same color of the wall and i think it will fix the dark spots :)

  • ngl i'm obsessed with carly's nails it's so good and cute i loved it

  • well not a good idea watch this at 03:25 am and making me desire bacon and considering heavily waking my parents to make some 😃

  • tj the king of air fryer bacon 🥓


  • Nolan looks so cute !!!!!

  • You guys have done a really incredible job and keeping pace with your content schedule, while also being pretty freaking creative having to be apart for the main part. It's been really interesting and fun getting to know y'all! xox

  • I love the glass Mcdonalds cups you got !

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • erin you have to peel the tape while it’s still wet to help avoid it going through!!!!!

  • i'm so mad i missed the polls lol

  • erin looks very judy abbott in this videooo. cuuttee

  • blueberry eggos taste like soap

  • Hey Erin did you ever find out the name of that kid cudi song

  • Erin, you need an edger. It’s a brush that looks like a sponge with a handle on it. 😊

  • I'm officially uninitiating you 4 from the vlog squad. With all the problematic bs going on, you guys don't deserve the backlash they're receiving. You're unproblematic queens and kings, alongside Mariah and heath, you guys are exempt from the backlash. You heard it here first, folks.

  • When you tape before you paint, you should paint around/on the edges of the tape the same color as the wall is before you paint it the new color. For a crisp straight line.

  • I tried the pasta recipe you did before. I seen one using spiraled zoodles (zucchini).

  • When a man cooks a big breakfast for you that’s when you know he a keeper! Lol Breakfast is the best.

  • Does Erin still have her cat, the white one? I feel bad if not, I just wondered :/

  • No cause like I NEED to make that broccoli and couscous ☝️😐

  • It’s the performative activism for me. Say something about the situation, with your friends.

  • I hope you guys can distance yourself from the vlog squad clearly you both have a good future on this platform but ya gotta say something about what’s been going on. If you stick to defending fake friendships you too will sadly sink along with the vlog squad. When shit starts to get legal and people start suing pretty soon, the vlog squad will eat their own to survive, you all are better than that!

    • They pretty much did since quarantine started last year. Hopefully the victims get justice and everything comes out. I never saw them in a video with dom but they will probably share their truth when they can

  • Edger painters make painting around windows and the ceiling so much easier!

  • I love you both and you seem like genuine people who advocate for everyone but why haven’t you said anything about the vlog squad rape/harassment allegations? Even if you guys weren’t in the video that’s the main issue don’t you still have something to say? You seem to still support David and the squad even if y’all aren’t working with them everyday. Also you haven’t said anything about their carelessness about Covid either...

  • Brands Drop David Dobrik Following Misconduct Allegations Originating From Previous Videos

  • ...

  • I really love you guys and I really see y’all as the most empathetic and outspoken of the vlog squad when it comes to serious issues in the world. I really hope you decide to address the serious issues going on now. Solidarity is performative if you don’t stand with ALL victims. I know you two have grown so SO much since the events of last summer, so I want to see this new awareness of the world and of other’s experiences inform your response. I know your hearts are probably breaking over the whole situation but silence is not the answer.

  • I think that carly and erin should take their cats out for a walk in a catstroller, or force tj and nolan to do it XD

  • Every time I feel really bad about myself or my relationship I remember that Carl and Erin are about 30 and they’re thriving. Regardless of everything that is going on, I will always love and support them. I’m so happy for you Carly, you deserve this bliss and euphoria. Erin, you and tj are goals in every way holy shit. Thank you bad ass women for being there for us, I’ve never been so fulfilled and validated by internet friends in my life. I love you both so gosh darn much. Thank you for giving me a reason to continue to exist. I L O V E Y O U

  • When i see the i wore nolan clothes or he wore mine on iG i legit thought : its not the same?

  • A Mr Kate tip to avoid paint bleeding: paint over the edges of the tape with the original wall colour so that is what seeps through and cover with your new colour and you should have a clean line! :)

  • You've got guts posting after what your leader/'squad' has done

  • Next time make Nolan jeans I want ti see it it’ll be so hilarious 😂

  • idea for a video, would Nolan be up for doing a singing challenge ? l wondered if you gave us 3 song choices and we voted on them and then Nolan sings the song with the most most votes... and l mean a song that would be a challenge, not an obvious one. Erin could do the same with TJ... Just an idea.... Having said that, l would love to hear Nolan sing In Dreams by Roy Orbison...

  • I love that Carl's day was 3 things Nolan had to do

  • Get you a man that not scared to wear pink (the real ones know Nolie would soo wear what Carly chose anyway 🤣) that not only will paint your nails but add designs AND cooks some banging food every night🥰🥰. And we know TImothy Jimothy likes cooking and any excuse to use his air fryer 🤣🤣. Carly’s hair looks bae...sooo pretty and Erin looks like a model as always (even while painting the wall). Carly and Erin = 👸🏼 👑

  • find it very sad that as prominent female members of the vlog squad they haven’t addressed any of the allegations. I guess they also follow the rule explained by Scotty of “not addressing drama” which would work if this was just regular Twitter beef, but the actions of David and Dom have permanently affected this girls life and they have nothing to say.

    • @Andrew Fenner they’re definitely are still apart of the “vlog squad” they just have taken the pandemic more seriously than the rest of the group and haven’t been seen with them, but you can see they’ve recently been supportive of David’s other businesses and in touch with them

    • @Andrew Fenner I mean C+E have been the most safe in this panoramic so I think that's the main reason they haven't filmed with anyone else in over a year

    • I was under the assumption that Carly and Erin weren’t really part of the vlog squad anymore because they have been doing their own thing for over a year

    • @Breakfast Tacos see the sadder part is they CAN comment because they weren’t there and would not be involved in the legal proceedings (unless as a character witness but that wouldn’t make a lot of sense in my opinion). David just keeps Everyone on the hush hush when it comes to scandals.

    • Yeah. As a female fan I’m actually really let down. I understand if they can’t comment right now for legal reasons but to keep posting like nothing is happening... it feels weirdly betraying and disappointing. That vlog footage was so disgusting and straight up SA..

  • Erin needs to wear more sunscreen because she looks like she’s pushing 40. Also y’all should speak on your friend’s s*xual assault because you both look really bad right now.

  • I've been watching you guys for years and I love you two but I think it's so important that you acknowledge the situation that's going on. No one is expecting you to not be friends with David and drop him but being supportive of the victims of SA is the least you could do.

  • Buy a can of kilz primer for the ceiling to touch that up, as far as the corners maybe run a small brush down it after taping it off again! I don’t mind painting but I always hit the ceiling and the corners are always a b... lol! Looks great though! The broccoli with feta looked great I’ll have to try that! ❤️

  • Nolan is so cute . That's so cute for carly 😊

  • by not speaking out in favor of the rape victim you are enabling rape for all women.

  • please speak against and in favor of the victim your friends assaulted silence is support .

  • they are deleting all the comments related to david dobrik allegations

  • i love u guys so much this video was really fun to watch!!! 💕💕

  • “You look like an egg”

  • erin honking hahahahaha

  • Carly: Get you a man who wears your clothes and cooks for you and does your nails. Nolan, while zesting a lemon: EASY. Light work. Hi God, it's me again...

  • "put your pants on paris" 😂😂😂

  • Surprised you’re posting cause you know you’re a part of that squad and the guy who gave you relevance is getting lots of heat, but content views and money right? We know you weren’t there but that’s your group...also u can fake “care” and be vocal on insta about Asian discrimination but not SA? Gotchya

  • take the big hike at Franklin!! the view is worth it

  • Erin, I loveeeee the white tank you had on before painting!

  • ok but wait, I'm only 54 seconds in and already feeling bad because I GENUINELY VOTED HIKE because I thought Erin and TJ would way prefer that to just regular working out, I was just trying to help them out :( dang

  • ERIN!!! For textured walls, after you tape use clear caulk along the edge of the side you’ll be painting. That way the caulk fills in the gaps and your paint won’t bleed and give you clean crisp lines. 👌🏻

  • Erin on the lake reminds me of Taylor and Joe on the lake. jajajaaha

  • hey ladies. happy birthday carly but y’all - read the room rn.

  • little things in the video that made me LOL: 1. tj's case of the "obviously"s when he found out he had to make breakfast 2. Erin's road rage 3. Carly's painted elbow 4. Nolan's face when Carly said broccoli sounded gross

  • Erin I used to work in the paint dept at Lowe's. Tricorn is one of the most popular color.

  • Nolan's nail shop

  • tag yourself. im frank.

  • Carly and Erin were not a part of the videos that are raising concern. they were not there and had nothing to do with it. However, they are real life friends of some of the people involved but that does not mean they need to come on UZfire to address anything. They can handle this in private as they owe the internet NOTHING. They have nothing more to add about the victims to help their case - them speaking out will not help anything. Let them figure out how they want to handle this situation. You guys forget that they have a real life and you have no clue what they are doing behind the scenes. Some of these comments are so disappointing. Also people getting mad that they were wearing masks outside??? are you joking? better too safe than sorry. Wearing a mask hurts NO ONE, but yes if you don't want to wear one outside when no one is around..... then don't? love you Carly and Erin.

    • @kfc twigs I mean fair enough. If you truly feel like you need them to speak out because you care about the situation thats valid. Truthfully, I think a lot of people want them to speak out because they like the "tea." I would want them to speak out if they had valuable information but they only know the good side of David since they are friends and he has treated them well. If they made a video they would get so many views but it wouldn't help the situation. I honestly think it would take the attention off of what people should be focusing on. I think people forget that they had a genuine friendship with the vlog squad and by making a video about it they would be highlighting the fact that they are ending a friendship and they will have to deal with the internet giving their opinions and talking about things that directly affect them in their personal lives. I'm sick of rich entitled youtubers as well, trust me, but personally I never considered Carly and Erin to be rich entitled performative activists I actually find them to be genuine people - could I be 100% wrong? yes! lmfao.

    • Since we are the ones giving them money, due to the fact that their income relies entirely on their internet fame, then we are 100% entitled to ask them to speak up. They have this platform due to their friendship with David. They are part of the vlog squad. Pretending that nothing happened is gross and speaks volumes. I, for one, have unsubscribed. I’m tired of rich entitled youtubers and their performative activism.

  • Carlys hair has never looked so good !!!!!

  • Use the green Frog tape. It's more expensive but you won't have the bleed thru.

  • I miss Carly’s pink hair

  • Carly is almost always made up in every video, and Erin is the opposite, that's why we get SHOCKED how gorg she is when she's wearing make up and does her hair. Don't get me wrong, they look hella good made up or not. Love these queens so much. 🤍

  • I find it really disappointing that you guys are continuing to post normally without addressing the allegations against David. It’s one thing to not post or take time to gather your thoughts, but to keep posting as if nothings wrong?

    • Not only were they not there, they aren't at all Involved in that

  • TJ and Nolan should have their own cooking show!!!

  • I screamed at the black paint seeping through! Noooooo! lol

  • Erin don’t even worry about the black paint getting on the white, My room has been painted 3 times and you can see all 3 colors on the edges of that roof, no one will notice

  • Wait you lived in Omaha? When omg I’m from there

  • Nice to see you’re still choosing not to separate yourselves from your toxic ass friend group.

  • This video is just carly and erin getting pampered lol we love to see it!

  • You guys are absolutely ridiculous you do not need a fkn mask when you’re outside! you’re outside! out side, like seriously? that’s like someone driving in their car with a mask when they’re by theirself or with someone they’ve been with the entire time! like stupid , holy cow smh lol I’m really sorry like I know I come off really harsh but I really do love you guys and I just don’t understand, lol I don’t get it. I just don’t get it but I still like you like I’m not gonna unfollow you or whatever just because things bug me. like people have pet peeves and it’s whatever but yeah. so sorry if I pissed you off didn’t mean to.

    • @Carly and Erin so you can respond to this comment but not the dozens begging you to show support to SA victims

    • didnt realize you worked for the cdc

  • It’s the mask OUTDOORS for me 🙄

  • Omg Carly we have the same birthday happy birthday girl

  • Erin for your wall just by a couple sticks of quarter round and put it up and you won’t see it anymore and it will tie into the room

  • Great accent wall!! I think the texture of the walls is why it got past the tape. Now you have to go over that part with the other wall color and a small brush to fix it.

  • An abstract wall would look sick!

  • Erin painting t-shirt 😂When Erin said she doesn't throw stuff away, she really means it! 😂

    • And love that white vest you were painting in xx

  • The ultimate UZfire couples, the fact that you too can all film together and make good contact

  • ok did i miss something or are there no more tuesday videos anymore???

  • Next time you paint make sure to run your finger over the edge of the tape to get a good seal. Also you need to “cut in” before you use the rollers. Use a paintbrush with only a little bit of paint on it to go around all the seams of tape. This way it doesn’t bleed through. Great job tho for your first try! It looks really even :)

  • Go get a sample of white paint. It’s free and you can clean up the edges 💕✨ love the wall, I love y’all mix vlog videos! Carly ... Nolan did great on your nails 😂💯 I was very surprised but y’all are the cutest ... I ship y’all 😂💯💕✨

  • Favs

  • Lol not Carly thinking Nolan would be unconfy with wearing pink when he literally dyed his hair pink

  • 100% this will be deleted but I’m disappointed and angry that you are not addressing what your friends did. Standing by someone means you can’t speak out against their actions and be there for them as they deal with the fallout. David is loosing everyone for the vlog squad sponsors and they continue to leave unless someone is brave enough to see his actions negatively portrayed women, black people and those with weight issues. You also have never addressed how they acted during covid. I know you’ll just delete this, but feel like friends need to be called out when they do something wrong.

    • @Gen X Mama honestly I think we’ll have to disagree. Not addressing sexism is a problem and worse when it’s your friends. It’s like be the kid that watching the other kid bully instead of stepping in to say it’s wrong. My issue is not just this most recent news release it is also the countless other videos convincing girls to kiss friends and treating women like nothing. Tbh if I would also want to distance yourself from David and vlog squad because they are loosing sponsors due to this.

    • @M Mich and it's people like you who have nothing to do with the situation demanding something that isn't yours. Carly and Erin doesn't owe anything to anyone. Further more, I'm sure the people who are actually involved with whatever is going on will be addressed in due time. The sooner you learn you are not entitled the sooner you can move along.

    • @Nandini Ramesh because they have done to other influencers and two they are influencers and three because saying nothing is a part of the problem.

    • "what your friends did" that itself answers the question. Why should they be addressing things that don't actually concern them?

  • Timothyyyyy Jimothy. I'm so drunk. Love you