Joylandi 2-Fev, 2021
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  • God. My boyfriend snores so loud and I feel like 90% of our arguments are about sleeping. 😂

  • LOVE these Q&A videos LOL Especially this one

  • Im so able to relate 💤💤💤

  • Same! I could NEVER live apart from someone I am marrying beforehand! Erin: "Move in *👉👌* beforehand" 😂😂😂😂

  • Erin: "just manipulate them and everything will be perfect". EXACTLY 😂😂😂😂

  • "I was up feeding the zoo" is exactly my boyfriend, hahaahha! 😂

  • Europe as a whole dont push two twin beds together btw😂

  • Love your videos!!!

  • lmao not every bed in europe has that no worries!! depends on the country, even province, city or person!! but I have seen it, can't deny

  • I didn't poop around my husband until after he saw a baby come out of my body 😂 now I walk past him and let him know I'm gonna take a big poo! But also my biggest tip for sleeping with a partner is sleeping with separate blankets!!

  • For the next video you guys should try to dress up as the different Taylor swift eras: Fearless, Red, 1989, Reputation, Lover, Folklore, Evermore

  • Carly looks soooooo happy I love it😍🥰❤️

  • wait erin has a bf? i thought they got married

  • My boyfriend and I live together and he snores so I started to figure out why he was snoring and we have four cats and it was the cats hurting his sinuses so we started opening the windows and keeping the house extra extra clean, the snoring usually means they’re just congested

  • I’ve now been single for a year and people are just pet peeves themselves so I refuse to live with someone again 😂

  • 14 minutes of Erin being the older sister I never had.

  • I've been dating my boy friend for almost 6 years now and I have never farted in front of him. To be fair I don't fart around anyone not even my parents or brothers lol

  • Moving in after getting married sounds terrifing imagine if the have the weirdest most gross habit and you didnt know! What do you do you are already married!

  • My husband has a different quilt to me because he always gets so hot. We have cuddles then we go to sleep under our own blankets. X

  • Me, a Danish person, just loves watching Americans refer to Europe as if it's one giant country where we all do the same thing 😅

  • idk all of europe, but i think the comforters being separate is just an hotel thing haha

  • As far as living together before you're married. It all depends on how you were raised. Since I came from a strict Mexican house hold, my dad would NEVER had allowed that, no matter my age. I think it's s good idea but you can make it work either way. At least I did with my husband ☺️.

  • Omg I thought I was the only one who fell asleep with rain sounds. It literally knocks me out! And I also got my husband used to sleeping with a dim night light on ☺️☺️.

  • I really like Carly’s hair like this.

  • That is a bs that people in Europe sleep on beds that are split in the middle 😂😂you will never find that in anyone's household wtf ,maybe in hotels and things like that ,but you can find that in America too lmao, so no it's not "normal"at all that we sleep on beds like that ,such a wrong interpretation Erin lol

  • I live with my bf and he literally calls me into the bathroom to look at his poop, normalize poop lmao

  • My boyfriend and I moved in together this year and we got comfortable with each other right away! Sure we have our disagreements and had to learn how each of us do things but other than that it hasn’t been horrible like some people made it seem.

  • My boyfriend and I have been together for the better part of ten years and living together for almost 8. We both LOVE alone time. It’s really important to us. He has a computer room where he can go and game and just do whatever. And I can go in the living room or bedroom to watch tv or play my games. Also sometimes we do sleep separate. He snores and I’m a very light sleeper. It usually doesn’t brother me but once in a while it’s too much lol. I also have a bad back. Recently had spine surgery and about to get another so sometimes I need the bed to myself to sleep comfortably and he understands. It took us a long time to get into a good routine living together but our lives flow perfectly together now.

  • It’s so weird to me that you would be offended by sleeping alone

    • @Carly and Erin well that went straight over my head. Lol sorry!

    • it was a joke

  • My boyfriend is a snorer and we have tried EVERYTHING lol even a little clip that looks like a septum ring but that usually ends up falling out. A humidifier helps and if he's snoring and it wakes me up you just lift the pillow up on the side of their head and usually a few adjustments it stops. And if that wakes them up then fuck them they woke you up first lol

  • erin should be a therapist or couples counselor , i just believe everything she says because of the way she talks

  • My husband and I use two separate comforters. We both like to wrap up like burritos so it works for us!

  • Cancers get along great with Libras and Pisces. Cancers mostly do not mix well with Aries. Almost every person I’ve ever loathed is an Aries. So, must be some truth to the incompatible part. Lol!

  • i love these videos

  • If you don’t feel comfortable pooping, farting, or crying under the same roof as your partner.... then, you need to have a few more birthdays before you move in with someone. Lol!

  • Erin giving off some aggravating vibes in this video


  • If it is hard to open up to someone and show them your “bad habits” it might just mean they aren’t the right person. When you truly love someone and they love you it all comes a lot easier. Don’t force yourself to be vulnerable to someone who isn’t the right person 💜

  • Questions for Carly? Did Nolan have his own place prior to moving in with you? Did he buy with you?

  • Libra is so protective to cancer tho...

  • I want Erin to be my mom

  • My fiancé is the messiest person in terms of leaving things out and not wiping the counter!!! I’m trying to not be a nag about it but 😡 i should start taking pictures and make a slideshow too hahah

  • The only reason I wouldn’t poop in front of my gf would be bc 1. I take mad dumps 2. My ass explodes and doesn’t smell nor sound very pleasant

  • Normalize separate blankets!

  • How are they still social distancing while the rest of the LA influencers all are hanging out and partying? Must feel so unfair.

  • Libras are also sensitive babies. I personally know 😅

  • Yes I’d love to see a video more about zodiac stuff cause I truly don’t understand them lol

  • When carly said "or poops" I was like dawn she really came for her and her constipation lol

  • i live in europe and i never heard of the different beds lmao

  • Been with my husband 16 years and we don't fart in front of each other lol accidental facts have happened and we crack up but not just casually farting, I don't care how much I love someone I don't want to smell their farts

  • You cant understand astrology because it is not really true thing. i just cannot, with astrology.. no offend

  • Erin tying the robe string around her neck into a tie 🤣 Also Carly, your hair looks incredible!

  • I have been with my husband for 22 years and I will not poop with him in the bathroom .. my cousin will literally be pooping and her husband will pee through her legs into the toilet and they have been like this as long as I can recall.. they don’t ever shut doors in their house ... if he is pooping and she wants to shower she goes in and showers.. to each their own!! A relationship built on a solid foundation is a wonderful relationship and as long as your poop isn’t like Erin’s was the day of this video that foundation can get pretty solid 😂🤣 Smh so gross but I couldn’t not! Lol

  • Omg the crying question made me laugh because I'll come home from a bad day at work and actively seek out my bf to cry in his arms. You definitely need a bond to handle that kind of drama 😅

  • Do a 24 hour challenge in the bathroom since you brought it up !!

  • it's so funny to hear Erin talk about how tall and 'long' she is and I am over here the same height and nobody would call me that tall here in Europe lol

  • Love this video so much. My boyfriend and I are getting out first apartment together in Chicago this spring and I’m just so excited & currently living vicariously thru you two + tj

  • OMG. I thought I was the only one annoyed when someone doesn't put things back in the fridge 😂😂😂

  • This is literally crazy, but before I watched this, I was thinking about what your signs were. I would love you both to do your astrology. Love.

  • I don't understand why everyone is so poop shy. I think I'm the only one who actually pooped at school 😂 EVERYONE POOPS. and it's so bad to hold it in. IF YA GOTTA GO YA GOTTA GO

  • Best advice my parents ever gave me about this topic: don’t put both your names on the lease. One of you sign the lease and the other have their name on utilities or something, just never sign a lease with someone that you think you might break up with 👌🏻

  • You guys should definitely do a video of reacting to what your astrological sign means!!

  • As a Libra sun, Cancer moon, I think you and TJ are a perfect match. ;)

  • thank god my big sisters posted i needed these vibes

  • My boyfriend farted in front of me on our second date and then tried to Dutch oven me. Going on two years strong 😂

  • I’m constantly complaining to my boyfriend about how much room he takes on the bed, I pretty much only get the very edge of the bed because he moves so much. But to be fair we have a full bed and our cat and two dogs sleep on the bed with us so there isn’t much room in the first place 😂

  • Omg taking pictures of the mess classic I do this to my bf all the time he always denies leaving a mess but I have the receipts!!!

  • Depends on the guy on the fart situation. I’ve been with a toxic guy who found me repulsive for simply farting, but now I’m with a guy who willingly smells them and laughs with me😂

  • Omg my cancer ass was gunna cry when they started talking about being emotional 😭 🤣

  • the timing on this video was fantastic. I move in with mine on Friday after months of us looking for an apartment :D

  • Oh I wish more questions were asked about Carly and Nolan living together I'm so interested!!

  • You guys should get a tarot card read

  • This video was great, I'd love to see another one of these

  • omg on the astrology topic: y’all should do a video finding your birth charts! it’s really easy as long as you know info about when/where you were born & it tells you soo much! astrology goes way deeper than just your sun signs🤩

  • My fiancé and I moved in together after three months of dating. “When you know you know” is such a true statement.

  • Please do an astrology vid I love that stuff!!

  • I live I Germany and literally every person has their own blanket 😂🤷‍♀️ but I'm really happy with that, don't think I'd wanna share a blanket with my boyfriend 😂 but we don't just sleep in twin beds that are pushed together, we do have king and queen sized beds as well 😂

  • milkstrology (twitter and now tiktok) is how i learnt all about astrology!!! she seems rlly cool u guys should ask her to teach u !!!

  • My husband and I have been together for almost 9 years now, living together for 7 and we literally just started using the same comforter when we sleep, I personally always liked a separate blanket cause I twist all up in it lmao but now that we only use one I like it more, but I’m still like BOY stay on your side haha I love to cuddle but not while I’m sleeping 🤣

  • Could i please be like Erin and sleep like a rock? 😱 😭

  • My fiancé changes her tampon in front of me, I think that’s as close at it gets 🤣🤣🤣

  • This video is so fucking funny lmao

  • Wait what? David and Liza didn't fart around eachother?

  • This is too accurate, i just kicked my SO out🥴🥴

  • I have to go sleep in the other room when my husband snores! It's so ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!

  • What is a comforter?

  • Lmao I poop in front of my partner everyday. We live in a one bedroom apartment and the bathroom door is never closed hahahha

  • Oh I refuse to share blankets with my boyfriend! haha I like to roll myself in them and I move so much that I just need my own. My boyfriend at first was like Erin haha he said "absolutely not" ..but I did it one night and we haven't shared since haha I also cannot cuddle when I sleep.

  • I have brought up separate comfortors SO MANU TIIIIIIIMES. my boyfriend refuses. Then he teases me about how I steal all the blankets!!!

  • as soon as Erin said TJs a Libra I was like “ahhh now that makes sense.”😭🖤 IM A LIBRAAAA ♎️ which is awesome.. well that’s my sun sign, which portrays your zodiac personality but then there’s your moon sign.. your moon sign is more of your emotions and inner mood.. there are apps you can put your exact bday & time you where born into an they can give you your natal chart and you’ll be able to see what both you lady’s & significant others moon signs/whole natal chart are.. there’s soooooo much I still don’t understand so don’t feel bad you girls aren’t the only ones lol I know like the bare minimum with this stuff but I think that would be a really good video.. You ladyys & your significant others finding/figuring/ being told what you’re natal charts say and mean.Thatd be good and be funny🥳✨

  • Trisha called you guys ‘the boring ones’ on Frenemies lmao true

  • Hahahha erin this is the day i realized we might have the same relationship 😂 everything you said about your comfort with TJ/your want to be together *almost* all the time, etc is the same with my fiancé 🥺

  • This vlog is 90% about pooping and farting..

  • I moved in with my partner over a year ago and can agree with all of this advice


  • Haa... me an Indian wondering if moving in before marriage can be normalised here ever😏☹️

  • I love how Erin has a slideshow of TJ leaving items on the side🤣

  • Europe isn’t a country, we’re all different....def dont have twin beds 😂

  • SO TRUE, should definitely do a video on doing both your star charts plenty of free and easy sites that do it

  • I accidentally moved in with my boyfriend. We dated for 2 years, broke up for 2 years, then reconnected. The day he broke up with his ex, I came over to help him clean his house and never left 😅 we've been living together for 2 years now and it was by complete accident. I think it was motivated by the fact I didn't want to live with my dad anymore ( I was 21 and he was/is still controlling).