Joylandi 23-Mar, 2021
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  • Does anyone know what the jumps ropes are called

  • I love this vlog.I was cracking up as if I was talking to my own friends. Lol

  • This is a week old and I’m just now getting a notification for it?!? Stupid UZfire!

  • i really watched 10 minutes of these two ROPE JUMPING!?!?! and i loved every second of it

  • the amount of trauma the sound of the double under brings back is ungodly

  • You need to be sponsored by the jump rope because I went and bought 3 for me and my daughters right after this video.

  • This was the cutest video ever lol

  • This should be sponsored video cause this just convinced me to look up the Amazon rope and not only buy one for myself but all of my friends also

  • The weight is there to counter balance the handle that has the battery in it... So one handle has the battery, the other has a weight. So they are evened out.

  • does anyone know what jump ropes these are? I see it's from amazon but i cant figure out which ones they are.

  • Gals, you killed it....this video is A GOOD ONE! Thanks for the laughs!

  • Look at Amanda Kloots on Instagram. She will show you how to jump properly.

  • I would not be be mad at more jump rope content!! I am so invested in Carly doing it and now you both are!! 🥰🥰

  • Where is Erin’s sweatshirt from? I’m a redhead and I need!!

  • I want to buy one

  • What jump rope do they use?

  • Where is Carly’s sweatshirt from?

  • this is my fav video in a while lmfao

  • Carly looks really nice with the pink yoga pants

  • omg HAHAHA i just bought a rope and i literally have to do the skip that erin was doing at first😪😪 i cant get past 8 consecutive jumps i woke up so sore 🤣🤣

  • I have a couple of issues but lemme tell you... 1.) There’s 666 comments so lemme just help. 2.) I agree that the weight honestly needs to be in the rope! I got a weighted one and thought it was the rope and when it wasn’t I immediately returned it

  • 7:45 is my fav and I rewatched this part a few times lol so good to see you together again! ♥️

  • I can't jump rope for nothing

  • crossrope is the weigthed rope that i use. the whole rope is weighted and its a full body workout. They are quit expensive tho.

  • Plz don’t use plastic straws ly

  • u two are so fit i wish i wss your size

  • Racists

  • This makes me want to skip again but with loads of people. Use to love doing double dutch. As kids you could get ten mfs in the middle lol

  • Tf i just watched xD

  • This is so cute! Like watching kids Also I can’t believe erin has never jumped rope, she was far too good 😅

  • 7:47 is literally what I missed all of 2020

  • U gonna be jumping over prison soon

  • Its a gardenia and it has to be watered let it dry out and water again.The roots in pot should be showing no soil over them.

  • i feel like this is the universe telling me to buy a jump rope

  • Okay but also I neeeeeeed to know what Erin’s shoes are! Love!

  • LmAooo an Irish step dancer I’m fucking dead when they made the music noise

  • Lmao I’m so dead at how they keep saying jump roping is “ scary “ they remind me of my sister and I love them sm 😂💖 when I miss her I watch y’all plus y’all are so funny and entertaining. Btw my sister is alive BUT thas my bestfriend okayyy! 😭💀

  • I miss doing simple things like jumping rope or roller skating, but having Rhemutoid and Ostrio Arthritis takes all the fun out of being active. I love to see you girls try roller skating wearing the traditional Roller boots worn back in the 70s to 80s. You want a great leg and butt workout, the traditional roller skates weigh more than the inline and this will def work out your low half, and I personally love the feel of them much more than the inline. Plus they're so retro and cute!

  • I need the link for the jump rope!!

  • I got a jump rope ad lmao looks like I have to get one now

  • i got mine in the mail today !!! i started because I saw carly doing it

  • This was fun! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Lol I started jump rope because of you. I've been doing it for a few weeks now. I love it.

  • i want a jump rope now

  • Erin: How do I do it? ::Does it easily first try::

  • 💖

  • My sister went to nationals in a jump roping competition in the eighth grade. Her and her partners routine was to the top hit "up all night" by boyband sensation one direction!

  • Ah needed this positive energy so badly.

  • did I just sit here and enjoy watching a video solely based on jump roping? YES I DID! quarantine’s really getting the best of me lol

  • Easier to do a double under if you don’t bring your legs up so high

  • Omg I got a 2 min long jump rope ad on this 😂

  • I missed hanging out with you

  • And now I want a jump rope! Lol

  • Carly, there are expensive ropes you can get that are weighted. But the cheaper ones have those little weights that go in the handle bars. Highly recommend finding jump rope IG. So many cool tricks, fun people and tutorials

  • not me getting a jump rope ad 💀

  • Who else bought a jump rope?!!!

  • no coz this is actually so much fun to watch. when yall are also having fun. imagine you're jumping and you just break into a whip and nae nae

  • I think you need to put mulch on top of the soil to keep it moist..

  • Nawww when Carly touched Erin's hand and they both freaked out 😭 broke my heart.... One day ladies!! One day!!!! Then we'll be here for it ALL!!! And I can't frickin wait!!!!! I'm so sorry your country is still going through all of this!!!

    • Like 0:57 it's right at the beginning when Carly grabs the skipping rope off Erin to put it together for her

    • What’s the time stamp for it?

  • I fucking love double dutch

  • Anyone know which vlogg Carly drops the rope link in?

  • Anybody else get an ad for a Crossrope jump rope? Umm, they need to sponsor a video!!

  • Somebody please tell me what jump rope this is

    • Just go on Amazon and type in jump romp it will pop up, you will find it 100%

  • I literally watched this while doing my daily jump rope sesh and it felt nice to have some company 😂💖

  • Lol would be funny to try double Dutch with tj and nolan

  • hey Carly and Erin, i'm back

  • Its so crazy seeing you guys in person together loving it and love you guys by the way I just turned 31 today and I'm feeling old lol

  • Share your smoothie recipe please! 🙂

  • did anyone else get a jump rope ad while watching the video LMAO

  • I'm not gonna lie... this is exactly what I want my future to be

  • jump rope sales after people watch this video be like: 📈📈📈

  • Wow so u think your profits shouldn't be interrupted at all? OK I see you 👀

  • It’s funny because You’re video is about jumping rope & the ad in the video was for a jump rope CrossFit jump rope should sponsor lol 😂 how crazy

  • I miss their videos together, I love this

  • Did you guys have Jump Rope for Heart back in elementary?

  • When Erin picks up a sport and automatically goes pro. Carly: 🤯 How did you do that? Erin: I don't know? This is my first time.

  • wait. Is it on purpose i got a jump rope add?👀👀💀

  • This made me smile so much

  • Yass my queens together again!! I live!!!

  • Is there a new house tours anywhere?

  • I mean I try with my dogs leash when I take him outside at night bc i get bored😂

  • Are you guys back together?

  • I love y'all back together again!!! 😍 I'm so excited lol

  • okay but there was a jumprope ad in the middle of the video and it took me out 💀💀💀

  • no i literally love this it's so wholesome

  • Erin where are your sneakers from??

  • That plant is a gardenia. They smell like Hawaii 🌸

  • It just warms my heart seeing you two together again, it makes me so happy ❤️

  • not me jumping the same rope as you guys while watching the video because i ordered it last week as well lol

  • I am loving this wholesome content 😌

  • I'm so happy you two are filming together again!!!

  • HAHA why did i get a jump rope ad in the middle of this vid

  • lol i liked it so much, love you guys, can you tell us if you see any different? and do you do anything besides it?

  • on im so glad yall made this i just recently got a jump rope!

  • This was so gooooddd. Felt happy and exciting to see you guys hanging out and just enjoying your time together

  • I’m a lil 🍃 right now cutting up some potatoes, y’all are sending me rn 😂😂 this is literally me

  • I’m getting my self a jump rope rn

  • whats the name of the jump rope..

  • I love this & I missed you guys together ❤

  • Jump rope link???