Joylandi 2-Mar, 2021
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  • the fact that you wasted the egg white broke my heart :(

  • RIP to all the bakers watching this...jk this is very entertaining!🤣🤣

  • For banana bread you have to use a ripened banana that has some brown it gives you more of that banana bread flavor

  • Can't believe Carly didn't get cinnamon poisoning 😅

  • You guys didn’t FaceTime about them at the end. 😔

  • ok but what is "regular oil"

  • I love you guys but watching these videos is painful😭

  • I love how they both wondered if the others turned out good. 🤣 both tragic fail. For the cina in a mug just add more flour and more baking powder and mix everything in the mug. But I’s just easier and better to make small loaf

  • Carly has clearly neve rolled dough. You have to add flour and knead it

  • The bananas need to be on the verge of going really bad like the peel should be really bruised and black on the outside. That's the flavor you are missing 😉

  • girl u gotta work the flour into the dough to make it not stick 😂

  • I wonder if elevation played a roll in the way Erin’s projects turned out? I know a lot of cooking instructions have a specific direction for certain elevations and that’s all I could think. Idk I have barely been anywhere and the one time I rode in the car with my mom through the mountains I wound up with a migraine and didn’t have fun at all. Lol

  • OMG the comments I´m crying, so funny

  • Coconut milk solid fit on top

  • 3 table spoon 75 gm flour

  • Erin, with your gingerbread, I think light brown sugar was needed (it has much more moisture already in it) and I also think you used too much flour. The teaspoons or tablespoons looked heaping

  • Damn Carly, I’m actually embarrassed for you 😬 lacking basic life skills

  • Carly girl.... a video idea for you specifically ... a cooking class 😂 respectfully and with love lolol

  • they probably used raw sugar erin lololol


  • 3:02 yours needs more of a binder.

  • 1:09 its not brown sugar, its turbinado sugar. Aka sugar in the raw

  • It might just be the fact that they were mostly all microwaveable cake type recipes. Idk if it’s just me, but all the experiences I’ve had with making sweets in the microwave haven’t been up to my expectations ngl. Like they almost always don’t taste like what they’re supposed to and have an off texture haha

  • I added more banana than it said and it tasted like banana bread.

  • Jokes aside, I dont think its normal for 30 year olds to not know basic cooking rules omgg 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • I sorry I have to unsubscribe in protest to the sexual assault scandal and the vlog squad poor Scotty is falling on the sword currently. You girls are smart and have not hung out with the group lately bc of their non existent COVID protocols. I can completely understand how Erin feels about Seth because of The Who video he tried to blackmail her with but that does not change the fact that these allegations against your so called friends unearths a whole new can of worms on how people are treated

  • I have formally retired from watching them cook... my anxiety and frustration 📈📈📈📈📈every other video I’m there but god damnnnnn I can’t do it anymore 🥺🥺😂😂


  • Erin, part of the reason your banana bread didn't taste very banana-ey is probably because when you make real banana bread, you use overripe (black) bananas, and the recipe told you to use a ripe/fresh one. They just don't pack as much punch flavour-wise.

  • I... the amount of cinnamon Carly WHYYYY!!!

  • Carly, babe, I'll pay for you to take baking lessons from someone who can help give you a CLUE what you're doing. Love you.

  • The banana bread might not have tasted much like bananas because the banana was too new of that makes sense. Usually you have to use like extra ripe kinda gross looking bananas

  • It is far too triggering to watch you two bake. yet here i am but it's hilarious &i love it &you girls

  • Hey, hunties! If you're looking for an editor hit me up! Love your vids & it would be a dream come true to work with you.

  • I'm a fan and love you both and I really want to hear how you guys feel about the David and Seth thing. I recognize you two have distanced from the vlog squad but it is kind of the elephant in the room (at least in my head) whenever y'all upload.

  • .....what is regular oil?

  • Erin saying “idiots like me would just use regular oil” WHAT KIND OF OIL IS REGULAR OIL??😂😂😂

  • As someone who studied cooking and baking this really stresses me out 🙃😂

  • i have been yelling at my screen the whole time i want to help you guys so badly

  • oh my god carly ur so chaotic i fkn LOVE IT HAHAHAH

  • David talking about how seeing Carly in the photos made him cry for the Dispo commercial🥺

  • The banana bread probably didn't turn out right because you didn't use a ripe banana.. you should try it again with a very ripe banana. The flavor comes out more! :)

  • I adore these types a videos learning new recipes hack since I’m not on UZfire but girls don’t worry everyone makes mistakes (especially with ticktok instructions 🙄) you just gotta learn from them ; definitely trying this at home with some of these comment suggestions to help

  • this video pains me....if a recipe looks like its too wet...add more dry.....if it looks to dry ....add liquid USE YOUR GUT INSTINCT, both of you were right be didnt act

  • Carly you need to take a basic cooking class. Lol Keep trying 😜


  • watching the cinnamon roll part physically hurt. nolan seems like such a good cook, why didn't even he know to add more flour?????????????

  • 1:11 erin it's called turbinado :)

  • If you use full fat coconut milk and let it set in the fridge overnight it separates into a thick layer on top and all the water is below it, thats probably what they used!

  • The gingerbread needed water or something lol

  • that cinnamon roll was just a whole hot mess

  • If they replie I will cry

  • Lmao I thought they had broken up since their videos weren’t popping up anymore. Turns out I had just muted them 💀

  • add peanut butter to the oats!! so much better with it on the top

  • I was just thinking about how I know nothing about cars and if I was quizzed in a game about brands or models I would be clueless. I think there is a chance Carly is the same way. It’d be funny to have Carly identify cars or brands or brands of VS members cars. Sort of like the identify celeb videos. Idk how many views it’d get, but I would love it.

  • I love carly’s vibe and energy in this vidro

  • Carly cooking.... me.

  • My mom doesn't even know english but she was LAUGHING bc the cinnamon roll didn't work


  • Erin for the gingerbread your last tablespoon of flour was heaping, if you did all 3 like that and not level you added way too much flour and that's why your dough was way too dry. Carly had the exact opposite issue with her cinnamon rolls, you needed a little more flour in your dough it was too wet to work with.

  • Erin girl wtf is “regular oil”

  • Carly didn’t add enough flour to the cinnamon roll!!!!! Girl you stress me out 😂😂

  • I wonder if Erins is being affected by altitude? Baking at altitude calls for different ratios.

  • anytime carly and erin are in a kitchen, i already know it will be funny (but im the same way lol)

  • what exactly does Erin think “regular” oil is?

  • omfg CarlyS cinnamon buns attempt gave me so much WTF IS GOING ON energy that i had to skip the clip LOL

  • You need SO MUCH MORE flour for the cinnamon one .. when the dough is too sticky you just need more flour That’s like ABC of baking 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Y’all need to start having cooking competition. Bake the same recipe and have the boyfriends judge blind folded.

  • Erin saying she would’ve used regular oil SENT ME😂 girl what is regular oil😂😂

  • In the first recipe, erin didn't put more liquid, like egg or milk so it was crumbled. And carly put more liquid so it was like a cake consistency rather than a dough. The second recipe, for erin, banana bread taste much better if the banana is more ripe almost brown or lot of dot brown on the skin, that's why maybe you didn't taste the banana much. Suggestion for next video maybe try the recipe for student in dorm or something like that, i watched some of them and they came pretty good.

  • Or a cooking with Chris Klemens..

  • Gingerbread - more butter Cinnamon rolls - more flour, and a teaspoon of baking power... less cinnamon

  • Good sweater Carly you were right perfect length!!!

  • I love you both like so much... As someone who loves to bake and does it as a down time/release .. I almost cried.. like someone earlier said taking a lesson from professional chef would be good . Or hell follow a youtube baking video. Would be fun to watch too.

  • i kept thinking about those cinnamon rolls and i WILL be making them

  • carly during the enneagram video: i don’t get angry carly rolling her cinnamon rolls: SHE LOOKS GREAT! IM SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS!

  • You need to use over ripe/ brown bananas for banana bread. Bananas that are still green/ mostly yellow won’t give you the same flavor.

  • I dont even know how to boil water but carly that dough clearly needed more flour cuz it was way too wet / sticky lol keep in mind, I’ve never cooked anything in my life 😆 the struggle, i get it

  • Thank god these girls have found men that are good cooks!

  • That first one Erin did - she should have just add more butter or add some milk to thicken up the batter ???? Sometimes stuff just doesn’t come out the same as a recipe and have to adapt slightly. It is a cup recipe after all, everyone just wings those right ? :D

  • maybe the chef from ratatoullie was wrong after all when he said everyone can cook

    • Anton Ego was right... everyone can cook but it doesn't mean everyone should 🤧😔🙏🏼

  • i think erin’s banana bread would have been fine if she would have used a super ripe banana. like you would with normal banana bread lol. if not then i’m not surprised it didn’t taste like anything. also could always modify it and put a little cinnamon/chocolate or even pumpkin instead of banana & pumpkin spice

  • Carly: throws whole cinnamon bottle in. Me: speechless (thought everybody knew it´s cinnamon sugar that goes in)

  • shouting all my love into y’all’s comments, as usual! 🗣💕

  • I love Carly & Erin but this was painful to watch for even me & I have a disability

  • Bro when i saw her DUMP the cinnamon 😭

  • Successfully separate egg yolk from egg white Erin: 'wow, Im a professional baker'.

    • But why did Erin just throw the egg white down the sink?? 😩 what a waste!

  • This was so funny to watch. This is literally me except with just cooking 😅. Also so annoying reading comments from people who are correcting or judging their baking skills 😒

  • all the best chefs learn to cook from tiktok

  • I mean i love you guys but you obviously don't know anything about cooking hahaha

  • Lmao that’s not a blender 😂 I love it, Carly I’m the same age as you come on, I mean it got the job done so no real complaints but that is not by definition a blender and I can’t even name what it is myself but it’s for like herbs and nuts and veggies and crap so it worked out. Not smoothies and shakes tho don’t do that, that’s a heads up.

  • Flour Carly! More FLOUR!! And gurll. It’s a cinna roll not the cinnamon challenge 👀👀 lmao fun times though

  • The commentary on this one was priceless! ❤😄

  • Erin: "for people who enjoy baking and know the basics" The whole comment section: MORE FLOUR CARLY!!!!!

  • Thanks girlie's this cheered me up immensely ❤️

  • My SO is a cook and was watching with me. They just walked out of the room saying, "Nooo" about yalls baking skills. I was dying laughing!!!!

  • Yall of u guys grow up

  • OK I love you guys and I'm not the best baker but damnnn I'm feeling pretty good about my baking skill now😂

  • I don’t understand how you’re so bad at baking and cooking, I beg you watch a few baking videos and you’ll learn

  • We love inperfection!!