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  • The way i relate to carly with the BLB

  • You guys should try Shrimp Scampi. Lookup Basics with Babish: Shrimp Scampi on UZfire and follow his recipe. Erin, you might find it spicy because you have to put red pepper flakes but Carly will love it! But it's soooo good. Me and my fiance make it once or twice a week

  • Now i'm hungry and i want this

  • You can make fetta cheese at home

  • Make other tik tok food

  • Fetta cheese is more healthy than others cheese because it is less processed

  • My india mom every food from scratch and spend time 3 hours for lunch and half hour for dinner everyday

  • I've gotta try this. I don't like most of the stuff in it, but I'm sure my family might like it if I cooked for them this once lol

  • I’m sorry but has Erin never had feta before? Doesn’t it always come in brine?

    • Sorry for the sass, I watched the rest of the video just thought she was being dramatic I’ve never seen feta not in brine before 😵 (Canadian thing anyone?!)

  • Erin mentioned trying this with mozerella, DO NOT! I am only saying this out of personal experience lmao I could not find the block of feta anywhere so I used the ball of mazerella and I thought the same exact thing erin did, I was like oh it's like margaritta pizza (olive oil basil tomato and mozzerella) but the cheese literally does not melt, and is so stretchy and chewy, my bf and I ended up picking out enormous globs of cheese that ended up being hard the next day. stick to feta hahha i still have to try it the right way but I'm nervous after that attempt. also if you cant tell, idk how tf to spell mazzorella

  • I’m eating this rn

  • I wana try this but my partner doesnt like fetta. So is it like really salty like fetta or comepletely different?

  • You could thin the sauce out with some milk at the end when you mix it. It looks delicious. Roasting tomatoes brings out the sweetness.

  • “I put feta on everything” Also Gets freaked out by the totally normal feta...🤔

  • Why does Erin overreact so hard at everything...

  • not erin screaming about how grossed out she was to traditional greek cheese..... girl stop

  • Now I am hungry 😑

  • Feta in the brine is the BEST way to eat it.

  • Soooo good .. just made it !!

  • Why did Erin say fusilli like that 💀💀

  • It’s okay carly I get BLs too 😂😂😂😂

  • They did It so wrong tho...

  • Americans are so dramatic

  • I tried to make this with mozzarella since I don’t like feta but the mozzarella cheese didn’t break up like feta. Next time I’m just going to make the tomato’s first, then add the pasta after it’s ready. Then shred mozzarella on the top and broil it after so the cheese still cooks!

  • yummmm, this looked so friggen delicious it was so cheesy and creamy! I just made some lactose-free carbonara tonight with parmesan, Lactose-Free Whipping Cream, sweet bell pepper, onion, and garlic with shrimp tonight.

  • just erin would overreact over a block of cheese lol

  • The first time I opened tofu I was slightly disgusted because that’s how it comes too 🤮

  • Carly’s feta vs Erin’s feta is hilarious

  • I see why Erin doesn't cook now lmao

  • PSA this dish is not Italian haha

  • "whoever said pasta wasnt good for you was a liar" 😂😂😂

  • i relate to erin so much when she was screaming about the feta 😂 any kind of food in water is nastyyyyyy 🥴

  • How did ya get so lucky to have significant others that cook for you (even though they didn’t cook in this video but we know what I mean. Like huh?? Where’s the store? I want to go shopping

  • For the next video you guys should try to dress up as the different Taylor swift eras: Fearless, Red, 1989, Reputation, Lover, Folklore, Evermore

  • Erin's cheese omfg

  • as a middle eastern man, i’m very shocked erins not used to feta being in liquid and being in block form 🤣

  • I made the mistake of making this and giving some to my mom today. She apparently does not like feta or olive oil so she literally spit it out lmao. On the plus side me and my dad like it 🤣

  • The dish is so good but actually the girl who actually published the recipe is on insta as grilledcheesesocial and you should totally check her out and tag her for credit! Love u guys 💓💓 she has other bomb recipes u should try 😲

  • Making the keto version of this with chicken and zucchini noodles tonight!!

  • Ha! I made it too!

  • too funny, its just cheese in a salt brine

  • wife and husband? did yall secretly get married? did i miss it? or since you guys are basically married...

  • Me working at Whole Foods and seeing Erin but everything from Whole Foods 😂

  • The two reactions to feta by Erin and Carly are hilarious. The disgust and the “Italian” gosh do Americans only think cheese comes in slices?? 🤣

  • Erin omg that was 3 blocks of feta you were supposed to separate them hahahahaha

  • Notice how the less time carly spends with erin the better her mental health becomes? weird.

  • I stopped watching them because it’s not the same they should might as well their own channel

  • Carly, I so feel you on Tomatoes. 🍅😷🤢

  • Erin: are you ready for dinner? Also Erin: if you couldn’t tell we are making dinner.

  • Is dramatic lol chill

  • BLM: bacon, lettuce, mayo

  • Watched this when it was posted but UZfire just sent me the notification now 🙄

  • Me weeping over drained pasta water 🥺

  • I love tomatoes but hate them cooked 😩

  • I make something similar to this with cream cheese and mozzarella cheese and use it as a dip. Never thought to add it to pasta.

  • pls I said fusilli in an italian accent at the same time as erin and it was terrifying

  • Thanks for the inspiration! Gonna make this for dinner 😚 also gonna try the goat cheese pastry puffs!

  • I saw Colleen Ballinger make this recipe, too. She added some heavy cream to it because it was so thick, and her mom and Kory died for it. You should add some cream to it too next time if you make it again. I want to try it so bad. I LOVE feta, and tomatoes in white sauce are just on another level to me. It was fun to see more live reactions to it, great video 🥰

  • SAME carly! I get BLCs - Bacon, Lettuce, Cheese lol

  • Its a greek recipe

  • Don’t throw the PASTA WATER 😭

  • Red flakes are essential to make pasta right?

  • Why did y’all bully big nik? I knew y’all were toxic

  • Wtf is that reaction tho... it’s just cheese... do Americans only eat that shredded cheese so when they see normal one they act this way?

  • OMG sometimes watching young Americans handle completely normal food ingredients and the way they freak out and say "EEEWWWWWWW" and "It's disgusting" just makes me so turned off watching them because it shows how sheltered a life they must have had. They obviously haven't done much cooking for themselves (which Erin happily admits here lol) or looked at many of the ingredients that go together to make up their food before being stuffed into take-away containers. It's kind of sad that so many young adults haven't been taught to cook for themselves well. I just thought that was part of my responsibility as a parent to my son and daughter. Feta cheese is/should be stored in a saltwater brine to keep it fresh and yummy.

  • And now thanks to this video we have Erins constipation journey 😅 been watching you girls for years 🥰

  • Erin chill it’s just cheese water 💀😂❤️

  • white people be scared of all food

  • I feel like this is....unnecessary? Like its the same thing as doing it on the stove. This way tho you're turning on both the oven and stove instead of just using the stove. Looks good tho!

  • thanks Erin, i was eating Dx


  • Erin's cheer "Now that that midlife crisis is over" 😂

  • I also don’t like tomatoes and order BLTs with no tomatoes but I substitute it with American Cheese. It’s delish.

  • Erin quoting Bring It On made me happy. Also, when she was opening the feta and shouted “ow” then laughed at the tab hitting the floor made me laugh so hard.

  • dude carly, i eat BLATS (bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado) without tomatoes too and they're so good lol

  • Does anyone have advice on how to make this in a crockpot?

  • Looks good but I hate basil

  • Erins feta block vs carlys feta block HAHAHA

  • Erin thanks for the cheer I totally needed that laugh 😹

  • Erin - "now that that midlife crisis is over" 😂😂 my thoughts daily lmao and also didnt know the 😂 emoji is now socially unacceptable until you and tj were talking about it the other day lol still using it and I'm not ashamed

  • Buca di Beppo ok Dorit I mean Carly lol

  • That backsplash has SO much lippage

  • Tried to make this, but there was not feta at the store!! I tried the mozzarella and it did not work like the feta one😂😂 whoops

  • not erin putting that whole big boi of cheese in 💀💀💀 , i woulda cut it 😂

  • i feel like this would be super yummy with shrimp or something!!

  • Erin saying **its sO thick** because she put 3 blocks in hers 😆🤣🤣🤣


  • 8:21 two highschool teachers having lunch with eachother 🤭🤭

  • My mom and I started watching y’all’s videos together and she laughed so hard she started crying when Erin opened the feta lmfao

  • Carly keeps saying Italian when it’s literally a Greek recipe lmfao

  • i want to make this SO bad ughh but i literally cannot control myself around pasta i'll eat it until i'm so full i puke😓 maybe i'll try it with rice/zucchini noodles/roasted potatoes!

  • Carly try the Gigi hadid spicy vodka pasta recipe the red flakes in it are so good!!!!!!

  • I really love you guys and the message y’all are sending out especially with the pandemic and you guys are definitely too of the influencers who have took this seriously and take all of the precautions and I admire that. I do hope you’re keeping the same energy towards your friends and holding them accountable for traveling during this time and being maskless.

  • I didn’t really want to try it based on the TikToks but after watching this I’ll definitely give it a try. For dinner perhaps?

  • How are they still seperating and literally the rest of LA is hanging out with each other? Must feel unfair.

    • @daria suttons Ok nice. It's just weird that all the rest of the vlog squad is hanging out with each other and Carly and Ering still shoot videos seperated. I mean good on them, but I just don't want them being lonely.

    • Yeah but i saw on Erin's ig that shes hanging with kian and his girlfriend( kian from kian and Jc lol), I mean their dogs were together in erins backyard so they probably weren't too close but still, they are not so alone as we think they are.

  • Erin u were supposed to put garlic in b4 u cook it

  • Carly!! I use to eat “BLB’s” too 😂 you should try it with red onion instead of the tomato its soooo good and add mustard + mayonnaise

  • I think you were suppose to put a little of the pasta water in there too.

  • Carly constantly saying red flakes instead of red pepper flakes

  • 6:49 carly why are you SO CUTE