Joylandi 29-Yan, 2021
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  • Wow I remember watching that video! Feels like yesterday :,)

  • Lmao anyone notice the injection in Erin’s arm now i can’t unsee it

  • omg I can’t get over their hair in the old video to now 😍😍

  • For the next video you guys should try to dress up as the different Taylor swift eras: Fearless, Red, 1989, Reputation, Lover, Folklore, Evermore

  • Time is not real-Carly! Truest thing I’ve ever heard !

  • The difference 😂😭

  • erin is a literal model!

  • this was so entertaining

  • Carly.... I see your knee..... are those pants or a blanket ..... pls tell me they are pants 😂😍

  • The Omaha Zoo is THE FREAKING BEST!!!

  • You should do a video where you recreate old video clips or thumbnails and outfits in your videos!!

  • they literally switched hair styles hahaahha


  • such a fun video queens, part two pls

  • Erin your old lisp is possibly the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen lol ❤️

  • Omg I remember watching the video they reacted to when it came out, so much has changed

  • u should recreate ur old hair styles and carly dont be shy dye hair pink again girl i miss it

  • erin lookin like taylor swift on a cool way?

  • this was sooo f-ing funny thank you for the laughs and nostalgia 😁

  • Thank you guys for being basically the only ones taking covid seriously. We stan!!!

  • Erin! Your hair looks incredible! It suits you so well . WHAT is your secret?

  • It's so great to see you guys and how you've both glown up and reverse aged :-) I love how you guys had a lot of the same answers. You're real to the core and it's one of the reasons I love you guys. It differentiates you from other creators out there I think.

  • Erin looked like Peyton from one tree hill

  • honestly this is why vlogging is such a cool thing to do just for ur own memory purposes!!! love it

  • The ‘David and Lisa who’ comment really hit me hard, they will always be the ICONIC couple!!🥺

  • Longest running couple on UZfire!!

  • Remember when Carly didn't want her natural hair now she's going back little by little 🥰

  • Y’all are literally the same tho. I love it lol

  • The accuracy of some of your answers omg !!

  • Omg I loved this idea! Thank you for the trip down memory lane, love y'alls sincere personalities 🥰

  • erin is giving me autumn girl vibes

  • I love c&e so much, this made me so happy 🥺

  • Carly’s pants scared me when she first put her knee up 😅

  • When I tell you I flew to the comments after the Ellen comment 🏃🏻‍♀️💨 😂

  • It's funny because now Erin is a red head and carly is a blonde 😂😂😂

  • You guys are still the same girls! Nice to see how all of your success’s didn’t change you! You guys still make similar jokes too😂

  • Carly realizing her brain follows the same thinking patterns more than once: wHAAtTTTTTT?

  • Sadly the gorilla at the omaha zoo that waves and likes to mess with people recently passed away he was always my favorite too! 😢

  • you guys could react to music stuff on tik tok

  • I thought you drink egg yolks

  • Carly, as your mate, I gotta say I think you have a booger

  • Wow Erin your teeth are SO DIFFERENT! Of course you've always been gorgeous...but maybe the change was so gradual I didn't notice it and looking back I'm that's awesome. Loved this video y'all!! So cute!

  • Oh my goodness please react to that video where you guys tried lots of “popular” UZfirers ideas to get more views for your selves... it was soo funny and that bit with the David Thumbnail but Jonah didn’t get it was a bit.... oh magic.

  • I’m so lost.. sorry.. but why don’t you like Ellen?. Am I missing out on some tea?!

  • don't mind but, chai means tea, so when you're saying "Chai tea" it means "tea tea"


  • carly & erin produce the kind of content that just makes me smile uncontrollably for the entire length of every video. i never realize it either until at the end of each video and my face is hurting from smiling the entire time. u guys are so great i love u so much

  • How is it that the both of you haven’t aged?? If anything you both for real look younger!!!

  • You guys should have Mr. Kate do a room makeover in each of your houses, yard or garage.

  • Erin did you get invisalign over the course of the years? Or get braces ?

  • Was “like and prescribe” a thing back then??


  • Shout out Henry Dooley Zoo!

  • Both are beautiful and both have amazing personalities..they deserve everything that David Dobrik has given them! 😂

  • I had a 4 cm spider living in my climate vents. It crawled on the dashboard while I was driving. Did not get it and it went in again. I drove around with a vacuuum for 4 days until I could suck it up with it. It was scary shit.

  • Me, a gorilla keeper, watching this 🙄


  • Carly's Pink Hair

  • I’ve only been watching for a year and this blew my mind 🤯 so different!

  • I know Carly didn’t just say chai tea girl that’s like saying tea tea

  • Carly I literally feel the exact same way about gorillas

  • the difference in erins hair is immaculate

  • i didn’t even realise erin was wearing the same outfit omg hair changes your entire look!

  • Omg i love this so much

  • The feels of watching you guys from way back. Love it. 😂

  • Erin's hair omg gorgoeuouuuus

  • This bitch said pine 😂😂😂

  • Erin, you've definitely had some teeth work done.

  • It’s the booger for me

  • I think I’m going to dye my hair Erin’s colour! I have crazy body dysmorphia so changing hair colour is super scary to me, but it’s sooo pretty!!🥺😍

  • omg I LOVED this

  • Erin is an elegant beauty now, but I do think she was still adorable with crooked teeth 😍

  • i miss carly's old hair sm

  • wait i just realized your profile picture and banner on here are really old... i don’t know if you guys like just changed that or not but like what? carly hasn’t had red hair in SO long

  • Did Carly just take a break from filming Cats 2? Those pants! ;-)

  • so cool!!! def do another one soon

  • Awww how cute!!! You guys were babies lol!!! Ya know what though.....I just wanna say I am so so proud of you guys and love all the adventures you've both taken us viewers on.....thank you for sharing so much of your lives...I really appreciate all the entertainment.

  • Why do y’all not like Ellen!??

  • I went to the Omaha Zoo and this guy got one of the gorilla's attention and started messing with it and the gorilla got pissed off and started slamming his body into the glass to break it and the glass started actually cracking.

  • ERINNSSS HAIR!!! the health.the quality!

  • I LOVED this video, major throwback!!!!!! You guys have always been baddies

  • I loved this so much

  • omfg i remember watching that video!! Your old apartment was so iconic omg remember that balcony? wasn't there something gross on it you guys removed in one video?? or did i make that up lmao

  • You guys swapped hair colors 😂

  • VAMPIRES; the both of em!

  • The C&E version of Vanity Fair's "Billie Eilish: Same Interview" 🧡

  • This video makes me so happy 🥺 Honestly, you guys make my life that bit happier and I can't thank you enough for that! I love you both, I love the relationship you have and I love that you let us live vicariously through you!! YOU'RE SUCH INCREDIBLE AND KIND HUMAN BEINGS, I really do aspire to be like you guys! So thank you for giving me something good to look up to 🥰

  • I just love this, react to your FIRST video

  • The new snakes on a plane is now spiders in the car lol

  • Wtf happened to erins teeth

  • Sorry After watching David everything make it boring David make it more fast comedy

    • @Carly and Erin I don't want to offend you any way I know that After watching David Other UZfirers looks slow

    • this isnt davids channel

  • Erin wearing the same thing now that she wore then CRACKS me up

  • I loved this!

  • love this video idea!

  • omg i remember the sticker of that random man in the bathroom at your apartment 😭

  • Yes can we PLEASEEE get more of these videos it’s fun feeling like I’m part of the conversation between best friends lolz I promise I’m not as crazy as that sounds 😜🤪🙈🙊

  • Wow past Erin at 2:28 - 2:35 is SO Alexis from Schitt's Creek!

  • i forgot erin used to have blonde hair omfg 😭😭😭

  • Ah, loved this❤️ on a completely shallow level you both look so 'beautiful woman' compared to 'party girls' (no offence meant) & it's really cool to watch you watching it😂😂❤️

  • This was so sweet! Yes please do more like this! ♥️♥️