Joylandi 7-Mar, 2021
anti racist resources:
petitions that haven't met their goal:
sign: pacinosangel/status/1276892836340867072
books: They Can’t Kill Us All: Ferguson, Baltimore, And A New Era In America’s Racial Justice Movement by Wesley Lowery


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  • I love you beautiful. Have a great day!

  • carly's "good evening" >>>>>>

  • Carly reading her old journals/ stuff makes me want to go to my parents and go through my old stuff!

  • Anyone else just staring at the background of when Erin is driving at first?

  • 13:28 Automatically thought about "7 things" by Miley Cyrus

  • Within watching this video I finally realize how sexy Erin actually is! She is so fucking glowing! 😍😍😫🤤🥰🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • the best shoes to jump in are chucks. No cap

  • Do the starbucks video again with Dave aka david


  • I put water in my cold brew too dw

  • 17:45 pause. Ur welcome

  • I love that Carly watches Sarah baska cuz she’s one of my fav creators, along with Carly and Erin ❤️

  • I've been watching you so long that our cycles are synced up. Lol White Russians have been my drink of choice for years. So delicious 😋

  • Carly! Buy a roller to roll out your leg muscles or even a tennis ball for your foot specifically. It will help to stretch daily also :)


  • we see those abs queen carly go off!!!!

  • living for erin’s aviators 😍

  • but we need the Mitchell Mussol story!

  • Nobody: Carly: 😈🧛‍♂️gOoOOoD EVeNinG🧛‍♂️😈

  • Carly is so gorgeous

  • Women: "Why doesn't he pick up on my signs" Also women: "There was this kid I liked in Highschool, well I don't think I actually liked him, I just thought I liked him"

  • long time fan of y’all separate from the VS, just wondering if you guys are gonna say anything about what’s been goin on. the silence is gettin a lil loud.

    • That’s not gonna happen, especially considering what he did to Erin.

  • water is actually good for the cold brew since it’s a concentrate! if sounds gross but totally normal hahah

  • girl YES we see those abs, go off queen carly!!!

  • Can you please do a video where you just chat with some people from the vlog squad (over zoom) i miss seeing you guys together

  • I’m obsessed with making dupe of starbucks sweet cold foam. 3 tbsp of heavy whipping cream 2 tbsp of milk of your choice 1 tbsp of flavoring or vanilla Then froth!!

  • My parents are from Oaxaca, Mexico & they have ice cream thats called burnt milk(leche quemada) ! Its really good...

  • CARLY, freeze a water bottle and put it on the floor and roll your arches on. It helps

  • Bartender Tim might be my new favorite Tim

  • please talk about the sexual assault allegations. i had so much respect for you guys but now am concerned that your activism is performative

    • @Ellie Southerland I’m not advocating for the VS. Just because Scotty spoke out on it doesn’t mean everybody in the VS is obligated to speak on it (especially if they weren’t involved in what happened). Besides, I highly doubt that C & E will speak on it (especially not after what Seth did to Erin).

    • i have been following the vlog squad for so long and am so disappointed about everything that has come out.. but if you are still advocating for them i'm confused

    • @Andre Clemons they are involved with the vlog squad! if scott feels the need to express his discontent with a victim's statement it seems like other members would have a stance

    • They weren’t involved in the “incident” so why would they talk about it?

  • I cringed while carly was reading her notebook and I cringed at Tim reacting to the pie because I thought he was lying to spare erins feelings I'm glad we got to have this anxiety together lmfao

  • dead with DRIVERS MY CAR lmaoooo

  • TJ’s family home seems so cosy 🥺

  • Hi Carly if you have a tennis ball 🎾 roll your feet on it like massaging it. But do it gently it will release some of the tension. 💕

  • “it’s like eating a smurf.. no.. a s’more!” so precious 🤣

  • If you want to make a really good banana cream pie type of thing you should make no bake banana pudding and it taste way better than having to put it in the oven you have to make it and then let it cool overnight in the refrigerator well cool and set. Then in that instance there’s no burnt taste because you don’t have to put it in the oven voilà

  • Honey the vaccine doesn’t prevent people from getting the Rona all it does is mask the symptoms n makes it easier for people to get the Rona. On top of that Biden still want us to wear masks after people have been vaccinated which is utterly and completely stupid

  • Tim and tj are literal copies of each other

  • Hi Carly, personal trainer here! If the arches of your feet hurt its probably tight fascia on the bottom of your feet since you've been doing a lot of jump roping. You can foam roll your calves, roll out the bottoms of your feet out with a golf ball, and stretch the bottoms of your feet out for a couple of days. Also make sure you are putting your heels down when you're jumping, so you're fully stretching out your calves, achilles, and the bottoms of your feet. They are all a kinetic chain, so if one is tight, the rest could get tight.

  • Carly wearing a shirt with gabbie's name 💔 ohh my hart i love them all

  • Lara Jean who? I only know Carly Incontro

  • Buy a tennis ball and roll out your feet after you jump. I used to have to do that when I was on dance team for kick line.

  • 15:10 Did he just eat off of the same fork that Paris the dog ate off of? I mean, I love my dog too, but dogs lick their butts and eat sh*t. 🤮

  • Wow my white russians are made with condensed milk...

  • It’s like eating a smurf 😂😂😂😂😂

  • @Carly your body will adjust and grow from the workout :) always take a rest day when needed

  • You can see his face slowly change when he takes a bite from the pie he wasn't fooling anyone 😂😂

  • Not to be dramatic but id die for Tim

  • Carly when tf did your hair get so long

  • Stretch the arch of your foot before and after jumping. Flex and point and hold your flexed position and pull your toes back with your hands.

  • 17:44 HAHAH!!

  • Video idea try coffees from other fast food I recently tried the frostychino from Wendy’s I got the vanilla one but asked to have just a little bit of the frosty mostly cold brew and it wasn’t bad 8/10

  • omfg when tim said "its like eating a smurf" when he meant to say "its like eating a s'more" that was so PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!

  • Not Tim feeding Paris and then using the same fork 😂😂😂

  • Carly go to the same shoe store tj went to to find the the right shoes for you, maybe that’s the issue

  • My love for TJs dad is endless. Can't get enough of that PGOM.

  • It’s like eating a smurf!!!

  • where was tj this vid????

  • I am so happy to hear the wedding is back on! Obviously we all still have to proceed with caution, but it’s so exciting to have hope :) I should be getting my first vaccine today!!!!

  • CARLY i'm living for you reading those journal entries. i have like 45 journals from age 13-25 and have been reading through them recently. it's truly an experience

  • Just want you both to know I watch your videos in the mornings while I drink my coffee and eat my breakfast. They're the perfect time length!

  • Tim is so sweet 😭

  • Carly I hope you see this cause for your feet hurting you should roll them. All you need is like a tennis ball or something like that and just put them under your feet and apply pressure and just roll your foot underneath it for a couple minutes. I hope this helps 🤞🏼

  • america is on track to have vaccines available to everyone in june! i have a gut feeling the wedding will be on, good luck lady gal

  • erin should invest in a diva cup💗💗

  • Collab with Sarah next! 🥺

  • "drives my car" is definitely Carly's love language

  • Wait did Carly just descibe her coffee as "bussin"?💀💀💀

  • Tj’s dad is a whole vibe. We Stan.

  • Tim:"It's like eating a Smurf...s'more!" xD

  • The Ginny and Georgia finale was when shit got good! So hoping they renew it for a season 2!

  • Omg I love your and Tj’s dad relationship.. and also I love how sweet he is to Paris lol

  • Hi Erin!! Really quick, and I hope you read this...i work at a school and we JUST got an email as I heard you say you were double masking it with an N95. So our district email said to not double mask it with an N95, with guidance from the cdc, because it takes away the "safety" that the N95 provides. Idk. Maybe look into it yourself? :) I dont use N95 masks, just regular ones so i'm not too sure. But...yeah..that's what I read this morning :)

  • Maybe try some ankle and calf stretches before and after jumping to ease the pain!

  • Erin’s wedding is going to be INSANE. I cannot imagine how hyped up weddings will feel when we can FINALLY dance and eat meals together again!

  • TJs parents are like the ideal in-laws 🥺 they are so sweet

  • Carly saying bussin was so funny

  • 3+ years?

  • Paris is such a spoiled pup by her grandparents! She is not going to want to go home!

  • Your feet hurting is a muscle thing. I’m feeling the same. 😩

  • carly david miss you go call him plz


  • “I thought I liked him” same

  • I haven't checked in with them in a while but I come to realize I love the interaction between Erin and TJs parents

  • Carly has abs peeking thru while making her coffee 👀 we see you sis

  • Carly: stretch your calves . My foot doc said all the muscles from your butt, down the back of your leg to your foot is all attached. Anytime my feet hurt I stretch my calves and the pain goes away.

  • did TJ's dad just use the same fork that Paris used?

  • You’re not using the shelves! Imagine the great content taking them down would be.. 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Question for Carly: how did u get into jumping rope and being fit so quickly? I tried jumping rope the other day cuz of u and I started seeing spots and wanted to puke after 10 mins. I think I either have an iron deficiency or I’ve just gotten weaker over quarantine since I don’t rly move anymore

    • hi im not carly, but when i started working out after a long time, i would start one day only doing like as many as i could and just continue doing more and more each day. it helps so much better so pace yourself till you hit your goal

  • Carly could have plantar fasciitis it’s usually from like when you do impact workouts like some cardio or repeated jumping but I’m not diagnosing bc im not a doctor so yall don’t cancel me

  • Y’all should try the menstrual cup!!! Truly life saver, i never feel like i have a period anymore, so comfy, clean and you forget!!

  • I’m just watching this video like “wow Carly & Erin are seriously just so pretty” 😍

  • Okay... CARLY!!! I’m starting to see your ab muscles! Your hard work is paying off.

  • Love the view of the snowy landscape in the background as Erin is driving down the mountain🥰 I mean it doesn’t even look in some old movies or tv shows where the car is inside a studio a painted background🤣

  • i think u and tj should have 3 wedding Anniversary

  • For some reason the cut to Carly saying "gOoD eVeNiNg" and standing in that pose took me out lmaooooo

  • I always find when I jump rope I really have to stretch my legs are because otherwise the same happens to me! Hope that helps x

  • Omg Ginny and Georgia is SO GOOD!!

  • Ahh I started and finished Ginny and Georgia this weekend and oh my lord.

  • Wow Carly's shirt!