Joylandi 16-Mar, 2021
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books: They Can’t Kill Us All: Ferguson, Baltimore, And A New Era In America’s Racial Justice Movement by Wesley Lowery


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  • The haylor theory 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Taylor outfit 💘🌸💐

  • Noah Cyrus and Bebe Rexha’s dresses are the reason we had a toilet paper shortage at the beginning of quarantine 😂


  • title: ROASTING GRAMMYS 2021 OUTFITS carly and erin: i mean she is so iconix love that outfit

  • I love when Carly saids something and Erin rolls her eyes and goes “I knowww” agreeing sooo hard! So good! Also everything u said is true. Write me a Bible

  • Am I the only one that can’t stand Taylor Swift? Lol

  • I’m obsessed with Billies outfit 😭 she looks sooooo gooooood

  • harry styles. i love harry's outfits.

  • Harry’s scarf looks like a prop you put on in a photo booth at your cousins wedding. And I’m ok with that 😂

  • Megan dress reminds me of marilyn monroe iconic pink dress 🔥

  • It's f*kd up that you're both pretending nothing has happened.

  • Harry looked so good in both of his outfits. The red carpet one was so joyful and colorful, he looked really cute. His performance one was so hot, the black leather to the green boa killed me!!!!!


  • We needed david for this!!!!

  • don’t worry girls we were on it on swift tok lol

  • C&E please do the bare minimum and stand with SA survivors by speaking on the d0m and d@vid situation. I really think it's crazy you haven't said anything. I know you're reading this, be brave.

  • That scarf bothered me too 😭

  • man why do bts never get included in theses kind of videos, they were one of the most anticipated acts of the night

  • I hold Carly and Erin as accountable as I hold myself. I watched the vlogs and laughed at things even though it made me feel weird. I wasn’t present for any of it so I couldn’t have known that a lot of things were done without real consent. But I wasn’t there that day and so weren’t they. They knew about dom but so did we so I can’t be more mad at them as I am mad at myself

  • don't mean to be rude, I know you guys weren't exactly part of it, but are you gonna address the david and jason SA allegations? you are part of the friend group, so I assume you have an opinion on it. I'm not saying to rid your friend, but at least discuss on what you believe or if you do/ do not support a friend's decision. As vlog squad members, you should speak up. Because as a supporter, a subscriber of y'all, I need to know if I'm following good people.

    • ya if it aint addressed im outtie.

  • I’m feeling like you ladies should recreate some looks! 👌🏼

  • Where the hell is beyonce ? Tf?

  • The one of the 3 girls in blue looks like the outfits they give is the psych ward


  • Erin transforming TJ into Harry was hilarious!! You guys keep me laughing!! LOL

  • I thought Doja Cat was cancelled..... I can’t keep up 🤣🤣🤣

  • harry ughh

  • i’m so sad because i liked you both but i think it’s time to unsubscribe after everything surrounding your friend group and you two not saying anything, I think the people you surround yourself with say a lot about the person you are. :/

  • they are deleting all comments related to david dobrik allegations.

    • @Mariah yes its nobody's problem that a girl was raped and now everyone is silent on it except jeff and i respect him for that all we want is them to support the victim here, is it too much to ask for that from any decent person.

    • It’s not their problem.

    • unfortunate if true. may have to unsubscribe to some of my favorite youtubers. hope everyone can appropriately address these situations. we're not looking for cancel culture, just doing the right thing. to be genuine in their thoughts on the subject. I would respect them so much if they did that and that came across.

  • love these two girls 2020 was the best thing to ever happen to them to kind of let them do their own thing

  • omg carly you should have nolan recreate iconic harry styles looks!!

  • You should be roasting raape allegations,p eyyy

  • "Dula Peep???" Ahahah

  • as creators who seem to care to spread awareness for different injustices, it’s a really bad look to continue to support a group that has a history of horrible and unacceptable behavior followed by poorly developed PR apologies or absolute silence. disappointed that I can no longer support this content since you obviously don’t care to stand up for other women, only yourselves.

  • I love you Carly your friend on the other hand needs to get her stuff together LOL

    • @Liz Kell Agreed. This is such a mild comment to respond aggressively to and it looks especially petty given the current background.

    • Carly and Erin cmon now you can respond to a comment with two likes but not about serious allegations within your friend group? Not a good look

    • why

  • Omg I saw that tiktok about Taylor’s dress, can you imagine if they put out a song together

  • i think harry's feather boa's were in relation to international women's day. purple and green are the colours of international women's day

  • Is actually un fair, Harry could wear literaly anythng and he will still look great

  • So are you still going to be friends with David after what he did?

  • some accountability wud be nice, as two women yourselves I would think you'd be more empathetic for what your friends made other women go through. your silence is just as loud as your words in condoning these actions, you wanted to feel so bad about the revenge porn but none of your true "friends" defended you when it was released back in July of last year yet when it was to defame Seth they came running for that clip of yours tone resurfaced...

    • @aubrey drake I agree that it's not their fault, but to pretend nothing has happened is WEIRD.

    • Hey I totally agree they (and everyone who is close with david/in vlog squad) should speak up and I understand why they as women would be more likely to empathize but let's do our best to not demonize women for a man's mistakes. I get you aren't trying to do that but so many times situations like this where it is just men at fault people find it easier to say women should speak up, empathize, do something etc. when it comes to the situation. The room was full of all the guys from the vlog squad and they were the ones allowing their friends to SA and R a girl. Though Erin and Carly should speak up the boys who were actually there should be feeling even more empathetic and held even more accountable. Not trying to SJW you or make it sound like you were being a misogynist or anything like that just letting you know how that could come across.

  • You guys didn't come up supporting David 🙄

  • How did I miss this video pleasant surprise to be able to watch it now !

  • OMYGOD PLEASE DO THAT AS A VIDEO THO, getting a make up artist and transform erin to Taylor swift and carly to Hayley williams !!!

  • Love the 'roast'!!! Love you both! ❤️ *patiently waiting for vaccination day vlog where erin wears dula peep's outfit*

  • Nobu? People really shouldn't put Molly in people's drinks without their permission. It's a little date rapey.

  • Further to my previous comment (if it's still there) if you don't speak up to condemn both Dom and David's actions then you are allowing your young female fanbase to think that you find their behaviour as well as the others in your 'friend group' acceptable.

  • Go watch Mac doesit instead of supporting two girls friends with predators...

  • yall are haylors and not larries and i think you should switch lanes lol

  • I hope y’all take responsibility and stop being friends with DD, JN, and the rest of the crew. You continuing to be friends with people who as*ault and enable as*ault also makes you enablers.

    • And a public statement should be made. Discreetly removing yourselves from them is shady. Y’all openly defended and expressed love for them, you should also openly denounce their actions.

  • I thought the title said grandma's not Grammys lol

  • Queens

  • I've been feeling uncomfortable about you guys in relation to the Vlog Squad for a while... I stopped watching them and recently stopped watching this channel, partly because Erin seems to get extra defensive about any criticism of her or the group which made me feel that there was no place to call them/her out here. I can't immediately see any other similar comments here so don't know if they are deleted or if other 'fans' also don't feel that they can write anything here. Honestly, it was obvious to me for a while that the Vlog Squad was a toxic and misogynistic environment that was unsurprisingly the breeding ground for acts of harm against probably many people who weren't deemed valuable enough to treat with the respect that everyone deserves. I think that you two are the best of the Vlog Squad - see mask wearing, social distancing for one example - which is why I kept on watching, but I think that both of you are letting yourselves, your community and women everywhere down if you don't take stock of your experiences in the group and situations that you were a part of and enabled by being present and saying nothing or tacitly condoning by continuing to hang around with these people. As two of the few women in the group (something that I've always been suspicious of, as this type of environment doesn't typically tend to be healthy for women) I want to hear you speak and take accountability of the part you played by collaborating with these people and legitimising these men's platforms. I would love to see that you haven't deleted my comment!!

    • At first I thought there were no other comments like mine, but there are, right at the bottom of the section when I scroll down far enough. I find it strange that even though some of these comments have more than ten likes, they appear far below other comments with no likes at all. Can creators 'downvote' comments so that they're less likely to be seen without deleting them? Is there another reason why this might happen?

    • Can i just say how toxic you are, Katie Punter for triggering a trauma of another victim by commenting and putting down, condemning the victim Erin? Vile. You preach all that shit but you have no compassion, empathy nor common sense to your fellow human being.

    • @scorpio0612 I'm glad you can see this because it means it hasn't been deleted... yet...

    • 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • chloe x halle supremacy

  • So if the majority of your fans don't pressure you two to speak about the situation the vlog squad has been in you guys won't speak on it?? I feel really gross for having supported people that stay complict, I'm sorry if my comments are coming off as rude but I'm disappointed and disgusted at this point.

    • @Phat CatThanks for your support. I agree with you also!

    • @Katie Punter I agree with everything you said here. What gets me, are how they are, on their own channels. Especially her and TJ on his channel, incessantly preaching and speaking on all the things they think people are doing wrong. Comes off very preachy, and frequently. But, where are they about any of this stuff? It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth that they can be so extremely preachy to their followers about politics, CoVid, and all sorts of opinions (that they exude as facts when they’re not) as to what other people are doing/not doing, which is completely legal and within others’ rights. Yet, have nothing to say about ALL the stuff their squad has done, and continue to do????? It’s so hypocritical and contradictory to how they feel and speak on TJ’s and Erin’s channel. VIRTUE SIGNALING! That the term I’ve been trying to recall. So much of it, but silence on all this stuff??? It’s just beyond gross, and again, hypocritical snd contradictory. Maybe it wouldn’t be so gross, if it weren’t for all of the virtue signaling they practice.

    • @General Use You posted a very similar reply to my comment and I will answer it here. Maybe we can all agree that a video shouldn't have been released of Erin naked (I think this is what it shows; I haven't watched it)... The point being made was valid in the light of Erin speaking out for BLM without addressing mistakes she'd made herself - she was/looked like a hypocrite - but the point could've been made by blurring her body so people could see it was her but nothing else. However, none of the above changes that a woman was sexually assaulted by someone in their 'friend group', which was enabled/encouraged/filmed/shared by another member of the group and legitimised by others buying alcohol, looking into the room and laughing about it afterwards. As far as I know, Carly and/or Erin have not spoken out against any of these people or their actions and still speak to them on a friendly basis, receive PR gifts from them etc. They have said that the only reason they aren't filming with them as normal is because of Covid. Erin can be a victim of one thing and still be enabling something which damages other victims.

    • @General Use I’m guessing you’ve forgotten what other problems were in that video of when she discusses her victimization?

    • @General Use how is this triggering? The vlog squad has had multiple allegations come up concerning numerous people under different horrible situations. Saying erin (a victim) or carly for that matter cant speak about what happened to victims at the hand of her friend(s) is absurb.I'm disgusted because this is what UZfirers do, they ignore serious issues until they blow over.

  • I don't wanna be that person but do you guys still support David Dobrik and other vlog squad members? Or are you guys trying to just distant yourselves and not talk about it?? I'm a fan of you two but it seems weird that you guys are just ignoring everything that's been happening

    • Be that person. A girl was raped and violated... be that person.

    • It's tone deaf that they've released this video about comparatively inconsequential things in the wake of this news and are liking comments about 'Dula Peep' and people praising them. It's actually disgusting, and Erin would be the first one to condemn it if it was a different situation.

  • Y'all realise someone made those outfits, and they paid alot of money for them..I mean, Look what y'all are wearing how can you guys "Roast" their outfits..

  • Carly's bf looks exactly like Harry, I swear, they just have different hair

  • please please please address the stuff with d0m and dav!d. we love you and we can’t see you ignore this

    • It’s not their problem to address?

  • if you do not publicly disassociate yourself and denounce the misogynist, racist vlog squad, your careers will go up in flames like the rest of them. do what is right -- silence speaks volumes

  • I can’t even look at Harry he’s too perfect

  • Why are u all shipping harry and Taylor???? Giiiiirl nooo

  • Y’all knew exactly who to put in the thumbnails haha I love y’all so much 💓💓💓

  • swiftie carly is my favourite carly

  • When y’all mentioned Billie Eilish, god damn she looked insane the coordination of her outfit with the nails as always so so good!! The fact she wore slightly tighter fitted trousers than normal was just an insanely great moment🙌🏻 Billie is so iconic fr fr

  • so when are you gonna officially distance yourself from the toxic vlog squad?

  • oh no why did i not know yall believe jn haylor?

  • 💛

  • HIAMs outfits remind me of those girls from Harry Potter

  • Haylor is all I cared about! #divorcedparentsreunion

  • I don’t understand why people are freaking out about Harry and Taylor having a conversation?? Literally who cares??

  • Harry looks exactly like the me I have been since I was about 7, whenever I clean my room- even to this day at 58 years old, I end up looking like this! I just add things I find as I go! So to me this looks normal and like he probably cleaned his room too! Harry is Harry and no matter what he wears I will like it!

  • the way i literally wanted to be strangled with harrys boa. he just looks good in EVERYTHING he wears. (also i'm still bawling bc HAYLOR)

  • Everytime they said scarf i- ITS A BOA LADIES AND ITS AMAZING hhhaha

  • I don't know why but Erin throwing the tie of her robe over her shoulder at 14:16 killed me

  • Lizzo's dress looked like a bridesmaid's dress I was forced to wear in the late 80's, funny not funny lol

  • taylor , harry and dua had the best outfits 😭😭

  • i love how you guys always have quality feed back on these outfits and dont just say "i like it" or "i dont like it" but you still say respectful to the expression of creativity

  • I thought the exact same thing when I saw Phoebe! I think her snl look would have been perfect because its a more glam take on her classic skeleton look, but i love that she stayed true to her signature look nonetheless

  • Harry’s black leather outfit should be illegal he is so damn fine


  • in my opinion, that wasn’t harry’s best outfit lol, but he still rocked it and as long as he’s comfortable in what he wears, i am happy

  • omgg I literally was just about to google all the Grammy outfits when I saw your video and let me tell u I’ve never clicked so fast

  • haylor really brings out the inner 13 year old stan in the both of you 😂😂

  • 6:47 fashun ✌🏻

  • I died when my husband said it looked like Noah Cyrus was wearing a used tissue, lol

  • carly is right about taylor’s dress, the only flower add was the bottom sunflower, yes there were already sunflowers but the bottom one is the only difference on the dress, so it could be a good theory.

  • genuinely curious and not trying to start drama but are you guys distancing yourself from David? or do you guys just take COVID a lot more seriously. seems like when he does do videos he is still with a lot of the other people from the vlog squad but you guys are never there. I mean if you are distancing yourselves from him I wouldn't blame you

    • I've also made a similar comment. Of course Covid is serious, and I applaud their stance on it, although I think it's strange that they haven't spoken out against their 'friend group' ignoring the protocols when it seemingly means so much to them... ...You know what is also serious? Sexual assault.

    • I just made a similar comment, I just think it's strange that they've mentioned the vlog squad in recent past videos but never the serious allegations. I hope they speak about it

    • I have been curious about this as well especially since all of the allegations against David, Jason and Dom have been coming out about some of David's videos in 2018. Neither Carly or Erin were in the videos with pretty damning evidence against David, Jason and Dom but they were obviously very close and constantly around the three of them. None of the other "Vlog Squad" members have really spoken out either. Even David's video was very short and pretty dismissive of everything and wasn't even posted on either of his two main channels. I would be very interested to see both of their thoughts on this situation.

  • Carly crying about how hot Harry is, while dating his look a like....😂

  • Harry can never disappoint me.. it could be the most outrageous outfit in the world and I'd say it's inspired

  • When Carly was talking about Taylors dress and she said 'I also need to tell you something about the dress' i KNEW instantly what she was going to talk about.. We are meant to be best friends just saying.

  • Are these gonna address the issue?

  • Isnt harry dating olivia wilde?

  • GRAMYs fashion on crack -_- srsly

  • NEW VIDEO IDEA: title- Our wedding makeup. You (Erin) do your makeup beautiful and get a face painter to put Harry styles on this face Gets clickbait w the title PLUS would be Hilarious

  • Taylor’s shoes ARE EVERYTHING

  • it's funny how erin doesn't like jack antonoff's outfit but i feel like tj would dress like that

  • The bottom of dojas dress reminds me of a gilly suit for hunting or air soft lol 😂

  • Megan thee stallion looked stunning in her dress and killed her performance. I love Doja’s makeup and hair.

  • I love you , you two girls, I always have a great time when I watch your videos