Joylandi 30-Mar, 2021
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  • Both of your outfits are like 2 different personalities

  • Do it again and better bc this shut was fucking funny but LET ME SEE WHO KILLED HER BITCH THE FUCK where’s a picture of him

  • Lol my last name is McBride and this whole time I was like shit was it me hahaha

  • i love the words they use “definitely sus” and omg them clicking a hint to help with the murder 😂😂😂

  • Their solving David’s vlog cases guys

  • 10:46 “All cops are bad” - Erin.........Is this really the most appropriate thing to keep in your video after editing... I get it some cops are bad but if you have some crazy murderer trying to kill you who are you gonna call. The people you hate cause there “bad”. You are also influencers who have some younger viewers. So maybe next time you make a vid and are editing you should think about if this is really something you wanna keep in.

    • i would call the police because that is their job. never said i hated them :)

  • You guys are so funny

  • I luv’d this and followed just fine. U guys explained it well.

  • I love how committed they are to solving the case as the sun is legit setting behind them!😂

  • 10:49 Paris looked SO invested! 🤣💕

  • So weird to see someone else do this. I did this in college once. The same exact case too

  • Why was the husband still at home by the time the police got there? So he ran home to get presents but was there so long that his fiancé got murdered and the police figured out identity and address in the time it takes him to get presents? I’m only half way through but that’s weird

  • totally do a livestream solving a new case!!

  • I loved this! I want to buy one of those games now. A live stream would be amazing! I would love to participate.

  • Erin: "We're the special victims unit" Carly: "We ARE special" I can't 😂

  • I absolutely love this wholesome friend time. I can’t wait to do this with my best friend lol


  • Lmao the SVU names😂

  • please do this with matt zane n heath!!

  • I love this content so much, please please please do more of these. so much fun watching you to go back and forth. Such a cool video idea! Happy Easter ladies !

  • No one cares about Paris's squeaky toys ; as long as yall are together. We are ag peace 💖

  • omg a livestream would be SO fun

  • Okay I really like this video !!!! Y’all should do another one lol

  • “We are special” 😂 I love Carly❤️🥰

  • i loved this!! i think this is my favorite video carly and erin have ever done😍😍

  • I get these as a Christmas Present every year from my parents and we spend the whole afternoon solving them together!!! They're so fun! I would LOVE to see y'all do it on a live stream!

  • 15 minutes in but how are the cops going to walk up and find the exact person that has the ring... SUS

  • The commentary, I died 😂

  • Why does the fiancé look like Sebastian Stan though... 🤔

  • does anyone else think Underoath cover band guy looks like Big Jay Oakerson lol

  • I just gasped when I realized this was 30 minutes. So excited to watch!!

  • A second title for this video "I think he did it, but I just can't prove it 🎶 " Like of you sang that line... 🎤🎵🤭

  • Omg I would LOVE to watch this as a livestream !!

  • also, you guys should play Clue with your significant others.. that'd be funny to watch unfold lol

  • yes yes yes!!! livestream the next case pleaseeee i would love to try and help you guys solve it!

  • The whole time I just thought of No Body No Crime by Taylor & HAIM lololololol

  • I want to find a man who looks at me the way Paris looks at Carly

  • Get the other unsolved Murder box from target!!!! It’s like a black box idr the name but it has actual evidence in it it’s really cool lol

  • totally unrelated but watching this while eating really made me feel less lonely. thanks carly and erin

  • Not the Game making the only black person the drunk and homeless 😐

  • I wanna buy one of those kits also that looked like so much fun!

  • So underrated

  • My boyfriend and I did this same case. His mom got it for me for Christmas. We've already done other cases. 🤣 We always overthink it and then realize we solved it already we just keep thinking it's got to be more complicated somehow.

  • I need MORE! ..

  • I played this game last year and watching y’all play this is so fucking funny

  • I did not stop laughing this whole video, your banter is so good 😂

  • “The sun comes up again” lmao

  • Idk but Carly saying “let’s just open it and see what’s it’s inside “ and Erin saying “im gonna go get some supplies” was so funny to me

  • So no one talking about the dogs need attention wow

  • omg i would 100% watch your livestream things like this

  • How are so many people leftiessss

  • I literally just did this last weekend with my friend and it got to real, had stuff taped to the walls and everything 😂😂

  • Me heavily invested and glued to my screen like 👁️👄👁️ watching Carly and Erin solve a fake murder. #Justice4Bones

  • 💛

  • Surprised they don’t have a podcast yet everyone else is doing it

  • Not being rude I SWEAR but this is the best video of 2021 so far. I love this and might have to get it for myself

  • This video made want to get the game but now I know who did it after watching??? Lol I didn’t realize there was only one version

  • Can we make this a thing? Like I'd watch you guys do these all day

  • LOL these profiles omg.. this game looks so cool on the package but im glad you guys did this so i dont have to buy one to try it. All your storylines are killing me, riverdale omg 😂😂

  • 21:16 Truly ICONIC

  • I ate dinner last night watched this video half way through, went to bed and now im resuming while eating my breakfast lol this is truly the best day of my life! lmfao

  • I love this so much. I’ve been waiting to do my case I got for Christmas

  • Live stream with Matt!!

  • and SHING

  • You should check out Hunt a Killer! It’s a monthly subscription box so you get more clues each month plus they throw in some cute Knick knacks, like a embroidered handkerchief or a metal cigarette case. And they have a lot of stories to choose from (warning graphic pictures of dead bodies)

  • I have so much respect for her saying “Olivia and Stabler” because they were really the dynamic duo

  • I solved it

  • "the only person who didn't love her *pen click* was her fiancee" very Horatio from CSI Miami 😂

  • Oh man Carly ya gotta hop on the SVU train

  • Paris is in love with carly

  • I loved this video, I now need to get this game. I'm obsessed with this kind of stuff and it looked so fun to solve. I was even trying to solve it along side you guys.

  • I wonder if this is real people , imagine being ask to be the face of the creppy stalker of a murder solving boardgame 😂😂😂

  • This has to be, hands down, one of the best, unique, refreshing video's on UZfire, coupled w/your personalities made it fun to watch. You ladies always make me smile.


  • this was iconic


  • This is so funny bc my friends mom sent this to her like a month back and we solved this case together and watching yall do it is literally what i thought the entire time lmaooo


  • I wish they acted this out

  • Next one you do should let people buy the file also and play along with the stream

  • Live stream omg

  • OMG YES! pls do a live stream of “solving a murder case” that would be so cool and Interesting to watch ilysm Carly and Erin💜

  • PLEASE make this a series 😂💕 I love this so much

  • Anyone know the name of Carly’s shirt?

  • I loved this! ❤️ very entertaining thanks loves

  • I love that it’s extreme to Erin for an ex lover to kill the bride but it makes all the sense in the world for the husband to kill the bride just because he’s too scared to break up with her before the wedding 😅🤣

  • We need more of these videos. I absolutely love this

  • us rn with everything with david dobrik

  • This was actually really fun to watch! And I kinda started trying to solve it with you haha 👍🏼

  • Love this! Please do more!!

  • nawt the background music 🤣🤣

  • 11:16 Paris LOOOOVES Carly! I remember when she used to bark at Carly and wouldn’t let Carly pet her but look at them now 😂 so cute! 🥰

  • Little Paris annoying her Auntie Carly is honestly the cutest thing ever, it reminds me of my niece and I😂

  • Lol Erin’s passion in this was everythinggggg LOL LOVE HER

  • i absolutely loved thissss

  • Can TJ and Nolan do this next please, and thank you 🙏🏼 And YES to streaming!!!

  • Omg yes a live stream !!!!

  • Gar bage 😂

  • 1. On behalf of all of us, whomever gifted them this challenge, thank you! 2. Carly’s bracelet looks like a candy bracelet and made me think they should sell CANDE branded candy jewelry 3. Paris is literally the future if Carly and Erin continued their channel with a kid 💜💜💜💜

  • If y’all live streamed we could get our own and do it at home