Joylandi 12-Fev, 2021
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  • I thought I was crazy for being so invested in that love triangle

  • I’ve been in such a depressive episode that I literally haven’t watched UZfire in weeks. Sad, but upside is now I can binge 💕 very much love this sit down, podcast style gossip sesh!

  • definitely waiting for white horse

  • I’m literally sitting here needing a friend to chit chat to on a Friday night lol

  • i love that you guys also love taylor❤️

  • This has been one of my fav videos, I feel like I’m FaceTiming my sisters 😆😆😆

  • That’s crazy how this is a 2 women show. Niki and Gabi have a producer. Sam and Colby have an editor. You two just do it ALL and upload 3x a week🤯 Incredible.

  • I just love watching you guys talk. Doesn’t matter what you guys put out haha

  • You guys should get a list of fans who would want to video call and then play a game with them like a Truth or Dare style game. Also have you met Jac yet? I think it would be fun for you guys to do something fun with her, or her and Mariah!

  • You guys need your own podcast!!💕

  • Sunday video idea: play MASH! I can't remember if you already did this years ago but even so...

  • literally, I would STILL watch you guys just doing themed q&a's!!!

  • I will watch whatever you post and we will try to send you ideas when you need them, love y'all

  • I want to see you guys share your favorite tik toks!

  • Y'all need to check out Jinjer!!!!!!!


  • ** VIDEO IDEA** Could you guys decorate eachothers wall in the new places, give an amount that can be used. I think it can be fun!

  • As an idea for a video, you could try make cocktails! Like in the tik Tok videos, not sure if you’ve seen them. But it would be fun and Carly and Nolan and Erin and Tj can come and pick yours up and swap!

  • 2:54 - 3:12 🥺

  • i like these types of videos cause im a pop culture junkie. these are literally the conversations i have with my sister

  • i love these kind of videos tbh

  • Can you do a cooking video a week? A new recipe a week would be fabulous to watch! Not all TikTok recipes but others. I loved the pasta one. 💛


  • How about you guys try and cook a recipe together without knowing what it is?

    • Like you get the ingredients and try to cook whatever it is but not follow the recipe 😁😁

  • Fearless was a cultural reset for me 😅

  • Do a Bob Ross painting ! Either with just each other or include the boys You can make it into like a challenge type of video too where like every time you pause the video you have to drink or something like that. Trivia is always fun to watch yall do! Play a bored game, again just yall or include the boys. There's def got to be an online option for that so you guys can share like a screen with each other and be safe! Truly we just love to watch no matter what you do but maybe if you need some inspo this'll help! Love you ladies!

  • I feel like I speak for everyone when I say I just love watching you guys!!! All your videos are great including this one and any content you guys put out. You both are doing great on your personal channels, don’t feel like it’s not good enough!

  • Do a podcast!

  • I love how transparent you are being. Y’all are just awesome. Don’t spend the money to hire someone. Just ask your fans :) Maybe asking people to give y’all a title idea and you two come up with the content?

  • I literally watch your videos every morning while getting ready for work. either Carly, Erins, TJ or C&E best way to start my day!

  • Girls, we love you.

  • I 100% would just watch these as well. I watch them so it’s like sitting in on a convo with my friends. I’m by myself but I don’t have to be alone

  • You guys should go on a social distanced walk with Chris or a picnic we will watch whatever!!!

  • I love when you discuss tea lol

  • Should def totes talk about Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Also, when Olivia wrote Driver’s license the lyric was “you’re probably with that brunette girl,” but I love the lyric change. I love Olivia!

  • I think Hayley Williams just came out with a new album!

  • Omg this is the most fun I’ve had this week please do more of these “podcast” videos I LOVE IT ♥️ Also love the Swifty content ✨

  • I would love just videos of you chatting like this!

  • bleach blonde taylor was DEFINITELY leading up to something that wasn’t reputation. rep style was similar but not exactly what she had been wearing right after 1989. i think the kim/kanye thing stopped that in its tracks though. maybe when reputation is released she’ll add some of those songs?

  • not to just piggyback off of what everyone else said lol but a podcast type of thing would be cool! i really liked the disney video you guys recently put out too. although tbf i would really watch any video you guys put out i’m also 100000% not emotionally ready to hear fearless re-recorded 😭

  • If you guys are reaching burnout then I'm sure everyone would understand if you stopped posting for a week or reduced it to 2 videos a week

  • Yes I really enjoyed that! Literally like a mini podcast!

  • Honestly I think its so sad that Sabrina is getting so much hate and awful things said about her oline lately. I think Skin is a beautiful song thats more about all the hate she is getting on the internet, rather than just about Olivia. In interviews Sabrina was asked who the song is about and she was being really mature about it. Im not even a Sabrina stan and I rarely comment on youtube but felt like I had to say something about it.

  • someone’s probably commented this lol BUT Today Was a Fairytale is the 20th song!!

  • Honestly love these episodes with nothing really planned and just talking

  • Orcehstral version of Wildest dreams was just in bridgerton so maybe that has some corelation

  • I would love a podcast vibe! But I am always interested in cooking or just what is going on (even if it is nothing) easter is coming up so maybe a baking challenge? Or memories from easter? Easter target challenge? Or even challenging the rut? a little outfit of the week "competition" or just brainstorming

  • vlog, podcast vibe, and random video per week. to make your lives easier, but also we all love these vids lol.

  • also did i just follow deuxmoi? yes i need the tea 👁👁

  • i love watching u guys talk about the things ur interested in!! i also watch your personal channels but i still watch anything uploaded on here - even if it’s vlogs

  • Loved this video!! 🙌🏼

  • Bailey Sarian - Murder Mystery and Make up Mondays!!!!

  • I think it would be really cute if you both ordered food to be delivered for each other and then have a cute video chat dinner date

  • Right! Vlogging at this point feels Pointless But because I’m such a small channel I feel like I have no choice but to at least upload something once a week just to keep my numbers where they’re at. So I definitely understand where you’re coming from I hope you guys know that your mental health is way more important to me and I’m sure the rest of your lover fans!!

  • 💛

  • Erin gets prettier with age, I feel like that’s so rare too..wow good for u girl

  • As a fellow millennial highly invested in the Sabrina/Olivia drama, I appreciate this commentary

  • Idea: have fans design merch and the winning design gets released and their name goes on the inside tag

  • Idea: have fans design merch and the winning design gets released and their name goes on the inside tag

  • Thank you c&e for thinking of us

  • PODCAST! I would listen to you talk about Taylor swift (we stan) or anything honestly for hours lol

  • I loved listening to you guys. I would also, if it was podcast length!

  • Please keep doing these videos! Keeps me up on pop-culture current events. Love y’all

  • I feel like since Erin/TJ and Carly/Nolan are so good with the quarantine, they should be able to see each other more often and still be able to stay safe.

  • You guys posting is what getting my though me best friend moving 800 miles away❤️

  • All the vlog squad ladies in a virtual meeting

  • You could do more vlog squad rumors and open fan mail even in your own homes but together like this. I want to send mail but I wasnt sure if you'd open it anytime soon.

  • DIY something for your new home

  • I loved this


  • Do a collab with David!!

  • Yesss please post even if it’s just chatting I listen while I work lol

  • Maybe try to convert one of the upload day to a podcast??

  • There are so many people that come in all the time. It wouldn't hurt to do an Carly and Erin origin story.

  • I feel like we would literally watch anything just saying lol we are bored at home lol

  • i am not a Taylor swift fan but I'm am here for the podcast style videos

  • Yall should post a video of playing video games! it'll be fun for yall hehe also i love yall

  • You guys should try different Trader Joe’s product and review them! Or drunk painting. Love your videos and always look forward to them!

  • Yesss I loved this lil gab session!!!

  • I love the unintentional podcast vibe sunday videos have. Cande Chat is the best🥰

  • You know I watched both girls videos and I have to disagree with you about her being a mean girl. Olivia expressed how she felt and Sabrina did the same. I think it’s her standing up to her not her dissing her. If you have never been in this type of situation you have no idea what the boy is saying behind the scenes.. also OLIVIAS fans are sending death threats to Sabrina when they should be hating the boy..

  • I feel like she announced on 2/11 cause 2 + 11 = 13...

  • Can you guys just talk about pop culture all the time k thanks bye 😝

  • just so you know i’ll watch literally anything and I am so down for starbucks vids back to back 😭🤩🥰

  • I appreciate Erin’s comment so much when she said, “if you just need a friend on a Friday night”. That’s truly what I look forward to.

  • you could voice over each others Vlogs, this could be kinda funny :D

  • You guy need to react to what all the other vlog squad people are doing once a week so you are somewhat a part of their stuff. I think it would be so funny. I feel like you are the big sisters of everyone else. I know you guys miss Zane,Matt and Jason so bad.

  • I love this video!! Also... I took my Fearless cd out of the dark drawer it has been in since 2012 so I could listen to the album and not give 🛴 the money for streams. It was amazing. I recommend it. Now, just imagine seeing HSMTMTS in 2019 and shipping Josh and Liv since then. A roller coaster to say the least.

  • I like this video better than your regulars! Honestly, (with peace and love*+*) people are here because we like you- not because you’re performers, or comedians, or puppeteers - we feel like you are friends of ours! So sitting and talking with us is where you are the strongest (imho). More plz, Blessings xxoStevie

  • Bob Ross painting together in erins backyard!!!

  • When you love carly and Erin but you’re not a Taylor swift fan🥺😫

  • this video is the perfect explanation for why it is so fun being a Taylor Swift fan

  • plzzzz do a sip and paint!!! i would love

  • after olivia released driver’s license all of the cast showed up wearing her merch! #teamolivia

  • If you guys posted 30 minutes if you talking like a podcast I'd of course watch!!!! I love you both so much!!! I have chronic illnesses and anxiety and depression and you have helped me through some rough times. Thank you ❤

  • Erin is litterlly taylor swift, i cant unsee it #twinz

  • Wait what is this video even about? Lol is it Taylor swift?

  • Copy Chris Klemens and try 5 minute hacks and showing your favorite tik toks

  • I love getting to sit here and listen to my two besties talk so passionately about Taylor Swift