Joylandi 7-Fev, 2021
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  • Ahhhh the days of picking out your phone like that and the EnV! Omggg! You were badass if you had that 😂

  • In Germany we wash the masks at a high temperature in the washing mashine or boil them. Otherwise the virus will not be killed. I am so shocked that you just hand wash them😵

  • Does anyone know the name of the place Carly got her cactus? I live in the area and am looking for something similar 🥰

  • carly where’s that lock necklace from

  • It looked like to me that you have room to just shift the whole rug slightly in the other direction so that it doesn't climb your wall on the one side. Maybe not, but that could keep it in the room that you bought it for.

  • I just throw the masks in the washer but iron them to kill... anything on them

  • wandavision is amazing

  • You didn't have to buy a whole new MacBook....just buy a new battery :(

  • Carly! That happened to my 2016 MacBook last year! I went to the Apple store and it was a battery thing and I it ended up getting fixed for free! Not sure why, something about a manufacturing issue? But they sent it out and I was expecting to get charged and then I didn’t! I got a bill back with my laptop that said $0! Might be worth a trip to the Apple store.

  • Just a heads up Carly, the cold brew is actually concentrated cold brew and it says to add water. Be careful, it’s strong caffeine. I made that mistake. Lol Love watching you gals, since the beginning. Stay safe. 😷

  • Only Erin would have a mask collection and snap off with it. Queen.

  • we love a mask haul

  • Erin needs merch saying "Measuring Queen!" And Carly needs merch saying "Hello?"

  • I live for your videos queeennssss... Erin I can’t help but i noticed you say room like “rm”, you leave the “oo” out of it. Is it an east coast thing?

  • Hello everyone if you like hand washing your masks try getting a washboard. You can find some on Amazon for like $6 or ones that are basins and have the washboard built in.

  • Erin, you’re correct that brushes are better than your hands but it’s good to clean and replace your mask brushes every so often. Also, as a tip get a rubber makeup/mask brush because then the mask doesn’t get stuck in the brush and you don’t waste any rinsing it off the brush!

  • I am shook watching Erin wash her masks exactly as I do lol

  • I was the same as TJ in my Marvel journey, my boyfriend made me binge all the movies before the last Avenger movie and now I’m obsessed and we’re also watching Wandavision 😂😂

  • i knew Carly had no interest in Marvel but how did i not know that Erin was a Marvel stan!? 😱🥰

  • Cactus are hazardous to cats 🙄 some are poisonous to them as well.

  • Why not buy a non perfumed sensitive washing liquid?

  • Omg I recommended Wandavision!! That makes me so excited, I didn't know you liked marvel!!

  • You should wash your mask with the blue dawn dish soap.

  • Me watching this video building up the strength to go into the -6 degree weather to dig out my car from the ice and snow to get food. 70 degrees seems like a dream hahah

  • I love you guys so much I listen to y'all complain about erins rug not being the right size & the fact that carlys computer dies unless it's plugged in lmaoo


  • Carly getting into plants?!? Hell yes, plants are life!

  • The fact that CeraVe is my “expensive” facial cleanser.... I died seeing all those masks getting washed in it 🥴😂

    • We live in a different world 😂

    • Right!?😭😂😂

  • was the rug from Rugs USA? bc they also gave me problems

  • The constant animal content from both carly and erin's clips is so soothing

  • For the next video you guys should try to dress up as the different Taylor swift eras: Fearless, Red, 1989, Reputation, Lover, Folklore, Evermore

  • Sunday school masks ?

  • i love that frank has an british accent that nolan uses to him lmaooo

  • carly's cactus is that tiktok sound: "oh no i hope i don't fall"

  • i love erin's mask haul

  • “Just manipulate them and make them like the things you like and then you’ll have a perfect life” 😂😂😂💀

  • Just get detergent for sensitive skin

  • TJ and the rug rules:)

  • I don't think it's strange they didn't argue with you about the rug size, them offering a discount or exchange is very good customer service. The customer is always right

  • I just replaced my laptop battery because my computer was acting the same. It cost me $54 with shipping. So maybe try that!!. I ordered from the Battery Doctor

  • I was so distracted by Erin's mouth during her rant lol!

  • i use scent free baby detergent when i hand wash my masks and that keeps me breaking out (any more than usual)

  • "Like the olden days when people would like hang their laundry with clothespins." Me who grew up with an outdoor drying rack 👁👄👁

  • erin why don't you just pull the rug a bit so its not pushing up on the wall, it looks like it will fit lol why are you so stressed

  • you can easily replace a mac battery?

  • I was taking a drink when Carly said "I spilled water directly into my crocks" and I heard "directly into my crotch," and I laughed so hard water came out my nose.

  • @ Carly just set the plastic pot into a decorative basket. If there is a drainage hole in the plastic pot put a plate down in the basket first so it doesn’t rot ur floor

  • It looks like the rug would still fit in your office, do you not want it to sit under your furniture? It is a gorgeous rug, just a shame there's not one in a smaller size. Love y'all 🥰🥰

  • It's ok Carly, that's my decorating style too😆 I like to mix real and fake plants tho, that way I don't have to take care of half of them🤫🤣

  • 2021 thing. Gotta wash those masks.

  • Erin talking about the rug was annoying af karen vibes. Girl if my rugs were bigger by an inch who cares. She’s complaining about them not arguing too. Real Karen vibes

    • Definitely a first world problem, but I can understand how that would be annoying for her. It wasn’t bigger by just an inch, it was bigger by 12 inches.

  • hi where do you get your face mask filters???

  • Wayfair is known for fck ups. I had to deal with customer service 3/5 times. They are very accommodating but still frustrating that you have to deal with them in the first place.

  • i’ve noticed using dish soap to wash my masks has help my mask acne a lot. then it’s saving face wash and i feel like it cleans better than my face wash would.

  • The way Erin says “room” reminds me of the way Schmidt from New Girl talks lol I wanna hear her say “hooves” now 😂

  • The EN-V Touch was the BEST PHONE

  • BEDROOM RUG: Do what I did with mine, curl it up on itself slightly on the side that is behind the bed. i promise you it is not noticeable, i've had to do it with my nice rug i didn't want to throw out too!

  • Chobani makes cold brew now too and it is AMAZING. must try!

  • freck-lection?? outstanding wordplay

  • I like putting on face masks with a brush because it makes me feel boujee

  • If anyone wants brand suggestions that sell cloth masks that are like the ones Erin showed, Gap has a variety of great cloth masks. I can't stand masks without a nose piece and Gap masks have nose pieces.

  • The red means you need a new battery Carly lol.

  • I've had acne prone skin for yearssss and I wash my masks with Dawn soap and it doesn't make me break out.

  • “This is like when in the old days people would hang their clothes with hanging clippers” **stays quiet in european**

    • @Ines Aboal Barreiro Woaaaah that is bizarre!!! It's hot so much of the time in California too they'd save so much money electricity running the damn dryers! 😂😂

    • @K Fish most of them dont! I lived out there for a year and everyone i know uses “dryers”!!!

    • I was so confused by this?! Do Americans never hang their clothes up to dry outside ? 😂

  • I made my husband a Marvel fan too 🙃 but I come from a Marvel family, so I never had to see the movies alone. But I'm sorry that you had to, Erin! 😩

  • @8:52 At least we know it'll match your nightstands and bed frame.

  • I was mine in the washing machine and just let them air dry or they shrink a lot. But I haven’t had any bad maskne from that!

  • Also Erin, I know you’ve probably already thought of this/done this so apologies if so, but have you tried taking a probiotic capsule daily?

  • That’s some dedication - hand-washing the masks! I put mine in the washing machine and just use a dye and fragrance free detergent. Works so far! But still I can’t wait until I feel safe to go get a facial 😭

  • I never noticed your little emoticons in the bottom right hand corner when the screen is big it’s so freaking CUTE 😂

  • I wash mine with my regular detergent but because I'm allergic to most anyway, I have a free and clear detergent and I haven't seen anything wrong with it. Of course with pcos I can always get a few members join the club at a moments notice but the detergent doesn't seem to be making things worse. I feel a baby safe detergent would work too since it's for sensitive skin

  • My laptop did that too!! It wouldn’t stay on if the charger wasn’t plugged in and I found out my battery was basically fried so I had to send to apple to get a new battery, but it works great now

  • use anti bacterial hand wash.... OR pigeon baby detergent liquil because its super gentle.

  • UGH I LOVE THESE LADIES (and their partners and their pets and 🥺)

  • Ok I just looked and my first Amazon purchase was in 2013 and it was a *yoga mat*

  • For masks, I get mine from Dippin Daisy and they’re made from bathing suit scraps. There is also room for the filter and they even send you a bunch to put in! I find they help with my maskne. They’re also good for small faces because masks like the casetify ones are too big for my face too. Also they’re so cheap!!

  • The voice Nolan makes when he's "speaking" for Frank makes me laugh every time. Why does he give Frank an accent ? 😹

  • sometimes i think rubbing in a mask with ur fingers can help it get In There better buuut i do love me a good paint my face moment

  • I think about this a lot but does Carly wash her face before she puts on sunscreen? Or before her face masks? It’s unclear.

  • Yes! I used to get backne but it was the detergent... so maybe a free and clear detergent

  • The water needs to be at least 60 degrees Celsius to kill the virus, just wash them with your clothes and out the washer on 60 degrees Celsius ( idk what that is in Fahrenheit)

  • yes erin!!!! i LOVE WandaVision it's so amazing!!! and it's so different than the normal Marvel stuff which makes me lvoe it more!

  • How have I never thought to or seen someone use a brush for face masque? Thank you Erin, brilliant!

  • I still hang my clothes with clothespins....

  • not Erin saying shes hanging her clothes outside like in the olden days while in the uk we still have families that do it

  • me: *thinking the price of the rug was at least 200 dollars for it to be nice* erin: i don't want to get a 200 dollar rug for it to fall apart in 2 years me: --oh :o

  • just found out I live in the olden days because I hang my laundry by the pins or whatever x)

  • Jealous of the 74 degree weather 🤣 it’s 0 degrees where I am 🤣

  • I wash my masks with baby detergent that’s for sensitive skin cause girl SAME!!!

  • i heard erin say wanda vision and I skipped so fast erin and tj I will k!ll u if u spoil it on me don’t even say if it was good just shut up i’m busy i can’t watch it

  • Try a silk mask!! Made the biggest difference

  • My skin is so sensitive detergent makes even my body itch. I was having issues washing my mask (I did everything from machine washing to dishwashing without detergent just using steam)... I have to double mask with a disposable one underneath 😔

  • Do not feed your cat with dry food :( it can lead to kidney failure :(

  • Idk if they sell it there but there’s disinfectant liquid you can put in your laundry when washing. There’s also specific detergent with less irritants. Also try maybe applying a balm, vaseline or some cream that doesn’t seep into your skin too fast in areas where the mask irritates your faces


  • Erin, I’d definitely just return the rug if it’s not exactly what you wanted. Especially is it’s super expensive like you said!!

  • Carly that is a gorgeous cactus! As a cat and plant mom, one of my cats peed in the pot of my giant birds of paradise and ending up killing it. If you get plant rocks they help with filtration of the water for the plant but also help prevent cats from being able to dig in the soil. I’m not trying to come across rude, just wanted to give you some advice if it would be helpful for ya!

  • Not Carly using picmonkey😂 that brings back memories😅😅

  • The cookies and cream chobani creamer is the best!

  • I made the same face when you said TJ had only seen the hulk 😳🥴