Joylandi 14-Fev, 2021
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  • Wedding planning has me literally soooooo behind in watching.

  • erin is so efficient

  • That package thing happend same thing with my kids scooter for xmas i was luckily the one who found it and i had to run upstairs and throw it in my closet lol

  • Those are my favorite cookies I can't buy them cause I'll eat the whole package in one day, no self control around them 😐😏😂

  • Do Carly and Erin still talk to the vlog squad members

  • Fun Fact: Every time I see Erin cleaning/organizing, I start doing the same lmaoooo #beingproductiveinquarantine

  • Love Frank already checking out the new table 😂

  • Omg I’m so glad I’m not the only one who gets in trouble for eating the whole dang box of the little muffins, in a day. Lol I don’t buy them anymore because I have no self control with them. Haha.

  • carly i’d recommend a long skinnier rug under the table. kinda like how a runner would be, but a rug?

  • Carly those candles are my absolute favorite that target has! They burn really well and smell so good!

  • Nolan - we need something on the table Frank - yeah me.

  • Soy wax candles only!! Anything else is bad for your lungs to burn

  • Nolan: we need something on the table Frank: wdym

  • Carly spikey plants go outside & round/heart shsped leaves go inside. Spikey leaves protect the space & round/heart leaves attract prosperity

  • Erins project wouldve taken me 2 weeks

  • omg I can’t believe Erin built that thing

  • I could not tell from the video if that was an aloe plant or not and most people may already know this but aloe plants are toxic to cats!! So beware. I bought a little aloe plant and it sent my cat to the vet hospital because she chewed on it and I had no idea they were toxic. Just a heads up in case someone reading this did not know!

  • Video ideas (taken from other UZfire videos) 10 things you can't live without. 10 things you carry in your purse. Answering Google questions about yourself Couples cooking competition. Playing most likely too...

  • I want Erin’s “Timothy Jimothy electric” crew neck!!!💞

  • Are sugar cookies what Americans call shortbread?

  • Hope carly tipped the guys setting up the table and i hope the petraca sign isn’t garbage.

  • You really should cleanse your homes and rid it of any bad vibes that could be hidden in all its spaces.... a simple and great way to cleanse your homes is just buying and then burning some sage!!! Like walk through your homes wafting the sage in every room, trace your doorways and windows to keep out evil spirits (along with circling your home with salt for another form of protection !!) The power of sage is strong and I really respect its protection properties and really believe in it ya know lol I mean as long as no one is allergic to it then truly what harm can it do ya know lol Anyway loved the vid as always ladies!!!

  • You guys are both so lucky you have men who like to cook! My husband acts like he don’t know how to do anything it’s so frustrating! Lol

  • Carly that table is so pretty! I personally don't think you need a rug under it, especially if you have one for the couch area. it'll be much easier to clean under the dining table with a rug too!

  • frosted sugar cookies are a GIFT and we don't deserve them PERIODT

  • I'm binge watching all your old videos and it is crazy to see the growth you both have been on. Old apartment to homeowners. Single/new relationship to married and almost yr long relationship. So happy for you both

  • Just the way you say Pasta I love it.

  • Do yall tip the furniture delivery guys or is that just a southern thing? Curious cause they seemed so nice.

  • awhhh Frank is so funny lol. i love the adult content!!! my man & i are trying to find a place to move too cause our living situation is very unhealthy & toxic w my father, & it’s been hard w covid my man hasn’t been able to find a job for the last like 8 months now. i’m a full time nanny so i’ve been working on my ass off (i also post youtube videos & have a jewelry buisnsss!! @djewelss on instagram. & he’s still trying to find a job. i appreciate the adulting content & all of your videos in general. it always feels like i’m on FT w you guys & i just love it 💖

  • I used to like those cookies but I hate sprinkles now they just taste so bitter to me I wish they came without sprinkles

  • i can’t believe erin like them dusty ass cookies 😭 your taste is usually so on point im shocked ahaahah

  • I am obsessed with plants and seeing Carly getting real plants makes me so happy

  • fuck me UPPPP with a fuckin cloud cookie!!!!!

  • Hi

  • WTF that looks sooo good omfg

  • Frosted sugar cookies ARE the best. So soft, so sweet, so flavorful. Doesn’t matter the color or shape, the taste is always GREAT! Doesn’t matter what “brand” either, I LOOOOOOVE the Walmart ones haha & they’re cheap lol #JusticeForFrostedSugarCookies

  • carly the brown rice & quinoa fusilli pasta from trader joe’s is soooo good and a better alternative than regular pasta!

  • My bf is obsessed with those cookies while I think they taste like chalk 😂

  • You guys should react to couple edits of you with your significant others!! 🥰♥️♥️

  • Erin those sugar cookies are the best, I'll stand in solidarity with you haha

  • Carly maybe layer rugs? Do like two rugs that overlap? Idk Ik drew Scott from Lone fox does that sometimes lol


  • carly, buy two smaller rugs and layer them!! it'd be so cute and it'd be more of a custom fit!

  • lol 2 types of people u lose it for those sugar cookies Or u know they are shit

  • Carly - maybe you can try layering like 2 smaller rugs under the table? It could be a cool kind of bohemian vibe and would fix the size problems you are having!

  • Who else thought Frank meowing was a baby... I was like hold up-

  • Carly for the carpet!!! you should go to home depot/lowes and you can buy a large carpet square that's the exact size that you want and then buy a rug matt. It would have to be one solid color but it would then be a perfect size!!

  • I love seeing y’all thrive in ur new houses!

  • Carly no runner, no rug on the floor under table. Keep it minimal don’t over clutter area. It’s too close to couch for a rug. Just get a small Centre piece for your table

  • Erin there is a natural tea called Smooth Move (yea I know lol) but you drink it in the morning and it works to help keep your bowels going - you can get it at most stores - my uncle had to use it on days he had radiation for his prostate and it worked every time and he had bowel issues prior to this - also since its natural then there is less chance of becoming laxative dependent which is a worry in someone so young to have to do that for the rest of your life - anyway hope it helps

  • someone I know actually just bought a candle for $160...Apparently you're not supposed to burn it, it's just for decor.

  • "guess what little annie" 😂😂😂😂

  • I love pasta and I'm an absolute lazy potato...... *eats bowl of pasta*

  • TJ's "YES" is a mood 12:26

  • Nolan and TJ should have an instant pot cook off now lol.

  • #justiceforfrostedsugarcookies

  • Yesssss im so glad people are finally catching on to search party! Legit never had a show make me feel so anxious but it’s so good!!

  • I just wanted to recommend a website for both of you girlies, called they are rug pieces you can put together so it’s easy to shape it to whatever size you need

  • Seriously love watching the homes come together !!

  • They are the best cookies ever.

  • Carly a rug solution just layer 2 different rugs

  • I love how they both vlog their lives and then come together for a segment! Love your guys

  • those cookies are such a big controversy i don’t understand😂 my mom got them for me for valentine’s day

  • Frosted sugar cookies are my fave so i agree

  • Search Party is a GREAT show. I love it

  • If you two are still having trouble with video ideas maybe you should do UZfirer superlative or something

  • “So great that we don’t wanna buy it” 😭😭😭 no lies we’re told! I feel like I can’t even grasp the idea of a 500 bucks candle

  • The before and after of Erin’s garage was literally so impressive!

  • Hahaha Erin: I’m constantly cleaning stuff and dirtying it again Me: welcome to motherhood 🤣

  • It only took Erin 1 hour and a 1/2 to put together that rack? That’s impressive 👏

  • Well done Erin👏 the garage looks so tidy, well done❤️

  • Love the fit of the 'electrical' crew neck on you Erin, I'm long & lean so I know it'll fit me well, what size do you have, Medium? xx

  • Imagine being able to sweat from being outside right now. It's wind chill -24 here today

  • I hope you tipped them??? It didn’t look like you did from this video

  • CARLYYYYY drop the pasta recipe 💛

  • Search Party is soooo good. I binged the 4seasons in 2days on hbo max😂 . I’m waiting for a season 5!

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the cookies were a hot commodity

  • You often do TikTok hacks, I want to see the two of you do Dollar Tree decorate and organize DIY ideas. UZfire is full of them and it would be fun to see which you choose to do and you can decorate your new places on a budget to relate more to your fans who do not have such crazy budgets.

  • Aww Paris at the end of the video is so cute 🥺


  • Obsessed with Erins kitchen🤩

  • Happy Valentines perfect ladies💖

  • Damn lmaooooo I have guac and chips before I have my 3 course meal plus ice cream at the end. Hahahaha(in pain)

  • CANDE is my favorite kind of VDAY candy

  • For the rug you could try layering 2 diff rugs and offsetting them to make it look like the size you want. Would add a nice texture to the space. Kendall Jenner did it in her house so you know it's v cool lolol

  • My cat loses it when he hears Frank in the background! It’s adorable.

  • I’m sorry but I don’t like that TJ isn’t helping Erin

  • dang, did carly really not tip the guys for carrying and assembling that heavy table? I thought that was common sense

  • Long oval rug. F*ck a square.

  • The “babe look” and the smile was everything 🤍 sameee

  • Move over bob the builder. Erin is in town but if you want to come over and build it, she'll let you.

  • 25+ here for the organization.

  • Frank on the chair was like 'what? I didn't scratch the chair. What are you talking about?' Love ya, Carly & Erin! 💜

  • wow those dining chairs in carly's house!! love em

  • Now I have to postmate those cookies for breakfasttttt

  • I swear when you showed the candles I got a whiff

  • Wish acting like a mom wasn't seen as a negative thing all the time. Especially by someone who isn't a teenager anymore

  • Ordered my bf a dehydrater as a surprise and it also came to the door exposed! Haha I was like are you freakin’ serious! Ugh.

  • A competitor for the best cookie: pillsburry sugar cookies with the little pictures on them!

  • Oh sugar frosted cookies yea yes yes