Joylandi 12-Mar, 2021
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  • Erins headphones annoy me 😂


  • The brown sugar one taste like cinnamon crunch cereal to me lol I give it 7/10

  • The chocolate is malt powder btw not actual mocha

  • omg i literally am at starbucks and i’m trying the brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso bc of y’all and my starbucks is also out of oat milk! thank god erin said almond milk is also good!

  • I looove the brown sugar oat shaken espresso! Yum!

  • the matcha w 2pumps of chai is even better w sweet cream cold foam!! i’m obsessed

  • I love the brown sugar! However I wouldn’t call it ice cream tasting? I liked it because it wasn’t too sweet!

  • I really don't like the brown sugar shaken espresso! im not even sure why. I loooove espresso and oat milk but there was something about it that just wasn't good to me lol

  • its called shaken espresso because when we make it we put it in a shaker cup containing ice espresso brown sugar syrup and cinnamon powder and shake it all together then top it with oat milk. thats where the shaken part comes from haha & its soooo good its my favourite too I hope they don't take it away.

  • i think the chocolate almond milk shaken espresso just tastes like chocolate milk

  • the brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso SHMACKS! it’s absolutely perfect in my opinion.

  • I don’t like the brown sugar drink because I don’t like cinnamon and it gets cinnamon powder! But I loveeee the oat milk and brown sugar syrup!!! An iced chai made with brown sugar syrup and oat milk is AMAZING

  • I tried the shaken espresso with oatmilk but my starbucks was out of the brown sugar flavor so I went with Carmel instead and it was NASTY. The espresso tasted burnt and bitter 😞 I wanted to like it so bad 😫

  • PLEASE do a video going to dutch bro’s!!!!!

  • starbucks espresso is ASS

  • Try any drink with ristretto shots!!! It makes the burnt flavor almost gone!

  • “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s asbestos” Carly’s joke is not getting enough credit lmaoo 😂

  • I think it depends on the barista. I didn’t like the brown sugar shaken espresso because it was just straight espresso, whereas yours looked lighter with more oat milk. Now I want to retry it 😂

  • North brother lives there 🥺

  • Can you put the orders in the caption or comments?? My social anxiety needs a SCRIPT to follow so I can try these! 😂😂

  • Is oat milk that good?? I tried it once and it tasted like grass?

  • all i found on the asbestos thing was that dunkin used to use titanium oxide to brighten their powdered donuts and they compared the titanium oxide to asbestos because it was a "nanomaterial that they didnt know the side effects of until later on" so they stopped using the titanium oxide lmao

  • We need some different content, go hang with the Vlog Squad

  • The reason it's seperated is cause we shake it and put it in the cup and top it with milk

  • i’ve been saying forever that starbucks espresso is burnt! 😂

  • I feel like I usually have similar tastes to Starbucks drinks with you guys and I hated the brown sugar drink and I feel like I need to try it again because maybe it was just made poorly. I thought I would love it 😩

  • Me: commenting everytime C+E say sbux espresso tastes burnt telling them to order with Blonde espresso.... C+E still not ordering with Blonde espresso but enjoying the drink that comes with Blonde espresso 🤣 Also, if it tastes burnt, it's because the espresso has died. If you leave espresso over 10 secs without adding milk or water it dies. Take it back and ask for a new one!

  • Erin that tissue box gave me the chills lol I heard a story about a girl getting in an accident and the tissue box flew off from her back window and took off the tip of her ear. PLEASE DON’T PUT STUFF ABOVE YOUR BACK WINDOW

  • I’m going to get the brown sugar one right now lol

  • for real I love anything y'all do, its entertaining and gives me something to watch, I know y'all been in a rut about what to do but anything is better then nothing. love y'all.

  • It’s the blonde espresso that makes the brown sugar drink so good! Y’all if you haven’t switched to blonde espresso by now please do it!!!! It’s so much better

  • Where’s your racist buddy, Dobrik?

  • erin’s ‘ep’ was so cute 🥺

  • Maybe they meant aspartame, like the artificial sweetener? That’s my best guess, but asbestos is a BIG no 😂

  • i LOVE the brown sugar oatmilk drink!!! its sooooo good

  • Wait can someone tell me the last drink they tasted?

  • Try an iced chai with brown sugar syrup and oat milk it tastes EXACTLYYY like cookie butter

  • The brown sugar shaken espresso is my favorite! I used to get the original drink (Starbucks Doubleshot on Ice [ blonde espresso, too]) because it was less than $5 for a venti w/5 shots. So glad they rebranded it and came out with these new drinks!

  • this is gay!

  • I died when Erin took that first sip and gagged and the cup says “that first sip feeling “ 😂😂😂😂

  • Hi ! Barista here. The BS is brown sugar syrup, blonde espresso and cinnamon powder. the Chocolate is blonde espresso, chocolate malt, and both are shaken then topped with the different milks! thats why they look separated lol but youre meant to mix it. we just have to make it look cool ofc. i also dont taste the matcha in that drink & the BS oat milk is by far the best and most popular.

  • woww, i think the brown sugar oat milk drink is SO boring. it literally just tastes like iced coffee with cinnamon in it. i even got it a second time at an entirely different starbucks to see if the first one was just made wrong but no :(

  • Starbucks barista here, try out an iced chai with vanilla sweet cream foam with 2 scoops of matcha in the foam.

  • Brown sugar is Bomb!

  • Y’all should do a video reading funny comments😂😂

  • I wanted to like the brown sugar shaken espresso so badly, but mine tasted so bland, like there wasn't much to it. Maybe the baristas were still learning to make it or something. I really liked the chocolate almond milk one tho! I prefer sweeter coffee over bitter, so the blonde espresso was more down my lane. I wanna try the brown sugar one again to see if it's different now!

  • The brown sugar one was soooo overhyped... Tastes better if you add chai to it in my opinion!

  • the chocolate almond espresso is my new favorite😭 i hate the oat milk one

  • Carly cracking herself up

  • carly’s hair looks soo good in this video! 😍

  • The brown sugar drink just tasted like oat milk to me. Nothing else. No flavor whatsoever

  • I tried the brown sugar one after this video and I did not like it! I was so sad. But mine was a different color than yours so I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt and say my barista just made it wrong

  • I’ve been on the fence about trying the brown sugar one, deal sealed. Off to Starbucks lol

  • I tried the oat milk brown sugar drink and it was really yummy!

  • "please sponsor us but.. also your espresso's kinda gross" 😂

  • Love you guys! Pls speak up about the David situation!!

  • I have try the brown suger one is soo good.. Haven't tried the other ones

  • IVE COME HERE TO SAY CARLY LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR idk if that’s a thing already but I’m shook

  • Carly's wallpaper thou.

  • You need to try the brown sugar drink with cold brew instead of the blonde espresso. It’s killer.

  • That was lowkey shade in the Starbucks drive thru 😂😂😂 I would have said nahhh

  • Luv dese bitchez

  • Am sad that David isn't in it for Starbucks tasting


  • I just love you both so much! You’re just so funny and genuine and I have loved watching you grow and mature. Some of my favorite youtubers!

  • Carly and Erin cancelling Starbucks drinks is content we need - the drama of it all 😂

  • I worked at Dunkin’ Donuts in Florida and people literally did herione in the freezer and bathrooms like employees and they were always dirty and nothing ever got cleaned I quit but yeah that place is bad lol

    • We also weren’t allowed to show people our ingredients like the flavors but they were like highly highly protective of it

  • Meanwhile I'm hooked on the chocolate almond milk shaken espresso 🤣

  • I despise the oat shaken espresso with my whole heart and soul.. I love espresso I could drink it straight but I hate the oat milk

  • the chocolate is made with chocolate malt powder thats why it tastes like shit

  • Carly and Erin: “we don’t even actually like Starbucks that much people just assume” Also Carly and Erin: *80% of videos posted are Starbucks related*

  • The brown sugar one is so good

    • I get mine with cold foam!

  • you guys need to to try the brown sugar shaken espresso w vanilla sweet cream cold foam on top!!

  • yall are the reason why i get castify

  • Any time a new starbucks drink drops I just wait for our queens to do a taste test

  • Oprah’s ‘...what?!’ reaction to Meghan talking about racism is me rn listening to you say asbestos is in the drinks and laughing about it after doing my uni placement at the Asbestos Disease Support Society at the end of last year lmao hoping this is the same as the toothpaste thing and Erin’s just heard some wrong info again

  • its acrylamide at dunkin that comes from the ovens baking the donuts happens at starbucks and bagel bakeries too

  • I’ve tried the brown sugar one twice and both times it tasted burnt so I think it’s just their booty ass espresso OR that it was burnt/old espresso. I NEED to taste the yummy correct version!

  • It took me a hot minute to figure why Erin’s case said ep

  • I'm living for Erin's reaction to the 2nd drink 🤣😵

  • "Oh no... oh no... oh no, no oatmilk, no!"

  • Ahh I have good news! I got a job at a pet store as the greeter so all I do is say hi to people anddd I’m now considered a frontline worker and I’m getting a vaccine at the beginning of April 🤩

  • Do u guys still talk to David?

  • I was like “why does she have EP on her phone case” but then I remembered our girl is a married woman now

  • I’ve been off caffeine for 2 months but I wish I could try these

  • I feel like mine was made wrong then because the brown sugar one was so gross but i loved the chocolate almond milk?!!!!!

  • I am literally OBSESSED with Starbucks, I am sooo here for this video! 😍🙌🏻

  • Am I the only one who can’t stand the “tiktok____” videos 😫

  • I live in Ogden, I appreciate the shoutout Erin! Hope your trip is going good!


  • don't speed up the ad it bugged me out lol too stoned for that

  • i’ve been waiting for this for months

  • YESSSS, I tried the brown sugar shaken espresso the other day and it's SO good!! I told my dad abt it cause he likes espresso so hopefully when we go tomorrow, he'll like it! if not, idk why he wouldn't.

  • Carly trying to convince Erin to take the straw out of her drinks, Erin's like "no I lifted it!! Also she touched the lid and I don't want caronavirus" 🤣🙈 that barrister watching this 👀 🤣🤣🤣

  • I didn’t like the last one bc it had too much cinnamon lol I’m not big on cinnamon

  • I am running to Starbucks 1st thing in the morning to try the Brown sugar drink

  • when i got the brown sugar one it tasted like salty like almost like pretzels... very disappointing bc i love coffee and oat milk 😂

  • I did not like the brown sugar one cause of the cinnamon. I tried without cinnamon and I loveeeed it. The chocolate one I did not like at all. 🥴

  • An iced chai with the brown sugar syrup is so good, it tastes like gingerbread