Joylandi 4-Apr, 2021
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  • I found those same lamb dog toys about 2 years ago for my dog and he LOVES them!! its the only thing he will carry around and kiss and be gentle with for more than 30 seconds without tearing it to shreds 😂 I also call it his "lamby"

  • If you wear something cotton underneath the silk dress it won’t stick :)

  • Omg 😂😂 Erin on edibles

  • 17:42 is pure gold. Erin is hilarious!!!

  • I’m so jealous of the good dye young merchhhh

  • I dont understand dresses are so expensive like saddddddddddddd

  • erin and edibles are something we need more of

  • the swipe from under whitey took me out🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • og johnny may may stan i’m cracking up that’s how i talk

  • erin at the end lmao girl please be my friend (dont worry carly, i'll never steal her from you)

  • paris and lamby are 2021's hottest couple and I will fight anyone who disagrees

  • those pleather black pants made your lower half look even more amazing!!!!!

  • She said jumping inside is awkward lolzzz

  • Just to warn Carly of the diffuser next to her monstera, it might harm the plant as it’s essential/scented oils going into them!

  • Paris dragging the big lamby away was the cutest thing 😂❤

  • So Carly, What did you end up ordering from Starbucks? Cuz I am in the same boat and don’t like the overly sweet drinks!

  • My dog needs a trigger warning for the squeaky toys 😂😂😂

  • wear! the! skirts!

  • Lol my gotcha day is September 13th. I hate the name too 🤣

  • I hope you took your birth control this time! Lol 😆

  • Erin. What are those glasses??? Lol

  • y'alls houses are looking really great xoxo

  • Erin’s favorite work “cute”!

  • The seemly supermarket independently pop because timer transmurally wail minus a shivering paperback. blue-eyed, righteous trail

  • girl JUMPROPE OUTSIDE who cares what anyone thinks i play outside by myself blast my own songs and sing a long. do your thing its very liberating

  • bring on the truth or smoke video i wanna see yall faded

  • I’m old 😭 Google Lamb chops play-along, I bought one for my pup too 💗

  • Wait someone explain are they dating or bsf??

  • Love is blind is coming out with another season by the way 😜

  • TJ has the best laugh!!

  • Gotta love drunk+high Erin🤣


  • Nothing like a good edible to set it right! Lol

  • I know the red dress is short but PLEASE ERIN it looks SOOOO GOOD just wear a pair of shorts underneath YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE IN THAT DRESS OML

  • Omg Erin drunk and high at the end is so funny

  • I love his Boston shirt!

  • HTGAWM fanatic here... i feel one step closer to Erin... ahahaha pasagdi na lang gud ko...

  • They need to make “short” dresses for tall people 😭 I wanna be cute without my coochie hanging out lmao

  • Carly is giving me Jump Rope for Heart vibes and I love it

  • Take a shot every time Erin says "cute"

  • Omg erin high im cry laughing hshshshaha

  • I burst out laughing seeing whitey at the back at 9:36 / :37 HAHHAHAHAH

  • Paris w the big Lamy i can’t 🤣 also the pink pants are cute Carly! love y’all

  • Erins sunglasses remind me of that vine 😎

  • i cant imagine walking into work and then seeing erin😭 those petco employees are lucky omfg only thing ive seen is faze rugs car outside while he was at best buy😭😭😭

  • I have so many good things to say about this video so imma just say I loved every second

  • ok wait I thought people hated John Mayer bc he's an abuser

  • Erin please can I drink with you 😂😂 what’s a blast. Absolute queen

  • Erin and TJ giggling at the end had me CRYING

  • okay but the red one is like a cute little sexy thing for the bedroom!!! 😜

  • not hate, just making a clarification that you can still get/give covid even if you're vaccinated. being vaccinated only protects the person who IS vaccinated from getting too sick. in case anyone got the wrong idea! loved the vlog ! hope you're all well

  • Carly yelling about boxes wokr my dog up😂

  • Erin trying on that dress and whitey just ✨enjoying me time✨ in the back 😂

  • I jump rope inside all the time 😂 it's okay because my grandma lives downstairs and she can't hear that well 🤣

  • Adoption day! That's what I call it

  • jump rope at erins

  • listen lamby sounds good until my dog rips everything out of it lol


  • Carly- I hear you with the uncomfortable shorts! I've decided it's the year of getting clothes that fit me, instead of trying to fit into clothes!

  • Counting all the times Erin said cute. 😂

  • Craft coffee business still great should I buy stocks?

  • carly seems so depressed lately

  • Carly!! Watch Temptation Island! That show is words.

  • "What is my style?! Idk"... girl, same!

  • You should watch the Australian MAFS - it’s nuts!

  • Your channel is dead, now the David train is over you two might have to find some jobs

  • Paris grabbing her presents and running off was so cute 😍

  • Paris carrying the Lambie as big as her was the highlight of my entire week🤣🤣 My Bella has the small lambie and she brings it to bed every night even though she has ridiculously amount of toys do choose from ❤️

  • Omg yessss Erin on an edible is EVERYTHING love ya girlllllll

  • the themed lambys are so cute! i just the Easter one for my dog!! He was overjoyed! I love bringing him new lambys- absolutely!

  • Drunk Erin 😂😂


  • omg i stan crossed erin 😂

  • Omg Erin at the end is everything!!!!!! Love it!!! If you can’t do more content like that with ur sponsors y’all should do some type of drunk video and with Nolan & TJ too please!!!

  • Vaccines don't make you immune! Best be careful out there everyone! The vaccine just helps so if you do get covid you're less likely to get really sick (but you can still transmit it unknowingly)

  • Where do I find the black pants with the many pockets and white threads that Carly is wearing????????????????? I needEEEDDDddDeEdd

  • I love how everyone buys the lambs for our dogs and all refer to them as Lamby

  • Carly being a stan for TLC/all reality tv shows how many more series I need to binge

  • I forgot it was a Carly and Erin video from all the wonderful amount of Carly we got at the beginning

  • Hahahaha literally love Carly and Erin and cross faded Erin lmao

  • paris might be the happiest dog alive

  • Wait cross faded Erin & TJ was soooo good hahahaha 😂😂 I knew the second I saw Erin she had to be stoned lol

  • I got super high and super drunk one night and I did not have this much fun lmao

  • I ate a edible before work I forgot it was a gummy edible too

  • Frank watching Carly try on her clothes...precious!

  • omg ive been dying to see Erin and Carly high lol the end was so funny I had to rewatch it

  • Love Phil and Johnny maymay

  • lambchop! :)

  • Erin drunk & high is life

  • Love Erins drunk sign off with TJs giggle in the background

  • Paris watching TJ pour was adorable

  • TJ drunk/high giggling to "johnny may may" absolutely made my day

  • Lmao Jen Shah 😂 smells like prison

  • carlllyyy

  • LOL Erin how tall are youI have the same problem with dresses

  • sunday school??

  • Erin and TJ giggling towards the end! Lol Too funny.

  • Our dogs have a lamby too and that's what we call her. Haha I really wanted to get the huge one. Haven't got it yet.

  • i would watch every ad all the way through for any video of frank watching carly try on new clothes/makeup/skincare. he is so freaking CUTE!

  • You guys are my favorite UZfirers ❤