Joylandi 6-Apr, 2021
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  • I'm so happy for both of our lovely QUEEN and their partners.. It's so sad in Malaysia, my country the vaccination rate is super slow and we have to register first to get the vaccine which is already a hustle. Plus,, us, youths probably the last one who is eligible to get the vaccines since now it is only given to frontlines and at-risk individuals.. The 2nd phase would probably be around May/June which Is for the elderly and babies.. and the 3rd phase, the majority of us aged 19-60 is gonna get it which I predict not gonna happen until the end of this year. What's worst is, some of the awful and useless ministers are cutting lines and they don't even do their work fgs. It's so frustrating and also the Royal family of ours seems to be getting some unapproved vaccines from the Arab country and we're so mad about it since they have not been doing justice to us, the people here, and seems to not care about our failed governments. I know some other countries have it worse but i hope nothing but the best for all of you

  • I need a round 2 update because I just got my first one yesterday and this video helped my anxiety!

  • nolens to cool to skateboard

  • Did you guys get j&j?

  • When I got the 2nd vaccine. I had the same symptoms. My fever was up to 101 and would not go down. But two days later I was so happy to be good and vaccinated 🥺

  • Carly’s vaccine experience was almost exactly mine!! such a bad headache, fever and couldn’t sleep but lasted one night thankfully

  • You guys thinking a temp of 99 is a fever lol it’s like you two willed yourselves into being sick when you weren’t at all.

  • FYI...you can still catch Covid! its NOT 100%.

  • love Erin's top that matches her eyes in the last clip

  • is it just me or does Carly look different in the last clip? she just kind of looks paler

  • T.J. laughing in the background when Erin said "what if it didn't work?" is everything x)

  • Did anyone else get Covid arm from the vaccine?

  • When I got my vaccine, I didn't get sick at all but my arm hurt like a week

  • yes, I'm glad you guys got a vaccine. Please just keep on being safe and wear your mask.

  • 20:16

  • You guys missed an opportunity to say "We got vaccinated and then we didn't die"

  • they said you can still catch covid tho, its the second shot that people are dying from

  • Which one did they get? Johnson and Johnson I’m assuming but I may be wrong

  • Which one did the get? Johnson and Johnson I’m assuming but I may be wrong

  • did TJ get the shot.?

  • Congrats on getting vaccinated. Side note, did your GI doctor ever recommend probiotics to help with constipation? Or mineral oil if you need to soften things up? Hope you both feel better.

  • That’s neat that you were able to go together to get vaccinated. I have one more shot to go.

  • I love that Carly said she smacked her name on the phone cases and they all say Carl lol

  • I’m sooo happy for you guys 🥺 you were the best influence through all this time, thank you for being responsable and STILL providing content for us... like... whatttt??❤️❤️ love you guys so much

  • erin before: I just don't to just start feeling bad erin after: I JUST WANT MY ARM TO HURT

  • Carly I think Jeff and Lexi from Unpolished need to be set up for a date!

  • I got vaccinated yesterday 🤩🤩

  • Which vaccine did you get? Do you have to get two shots?

  • 10:44 Hey Erin, no need for the Vaseline....pretty confident that's an oral thermometer. 😃

  • So happy for yall!! One of the few influencers i know who were actually responsible during the pandemic

  • Okay quick question, do you just go this once cause here in my country we need to go a second time after two to three month. Like I’m really curious because C&E didn’t say something in the vid.

    • @Jen Liz Thank you so much!

    • Right now we have 3 vaccines to pick from 1.moderna-gotta get your second shot after 3-4 weeks 2. Pfizer- same as modern 3. Johnson- 1 shot only Booaster shots are still being discussed

  • Can we just talk about the poor ass technique of Erin’s vaxer like that had to hurt so bad the way they did it so slow and carlys didn’t even use the right size needle.

  • Damn i couldn't move my fucking arm for three days

  • I got my first shot of Moderna 2 weeks ago, only major side effect I had was a sore arm (thankfully). My biggest recommendations (for anyone that cares) is to take advil/ibuprofen before you go to sleep the day you get the shot (to help with any arm pain and/or fever) and keep that arm moving the day you get the shot and the next couple day (getting it in your dominate arm can help this)!!!

  • Yall gotta be clear on a "fever" and your "temperature " they are 2 very different things! LMAO 😂😂 They would let my child still go to school with a 99.6 "temperature" BECAUSE you dont have a "fever" until 100 degrees Yall are too funny, and so paranoid! Stop tripping, it's all a good thing!

    • now girl, did you miss the whole part where carly said she had a 103 FEVER?

  • Why was erins needle HUGE compared to carlys ????

  • Thank you for this guys!!! I literally saw this video on my lunch and was like OK I’m going to get it and then I went into my grocery store and my pharmacist said that they had an extra dosage so I got it!! Thank you thank youuuuu for not making me as nervous to get it🥺✨‼️👏🔥💕🌺✊🏼

    • ( I work at a grocery store 😂😅)

  • Definitely not hating because i love and support u guys SOOOO much but did tj not get a shot? im just curious if he got it before or is getting it later or whatever

  • We’re you fully vaccinated, because I got mine with Moderna and still have to get the second dose towards the end of this month?!?!

  • My friend died 18 days after getting it from a massive heart attack! I'll never get it! Nope negative!

    • They are influencers they have to push it .

  • I'm so happy for you, but it also makes me sad to see so many healthy young people in the US taking the vaccin while many countries got little to no vaccines yet. The inequality and lack of solidarity between nations is showing once again. 😔

  • Just asking what is David’s UZfire channel called?

  • Most people around me and most my family arent getting vaccinated so it was freaking me out becuz ive been thinking of getting it but this really does help.

  • Usually, with those shots in the shoulder, your arm hurts more if you flex. So chances are Erin was slightly more relaxed than Carly was.

  • Im legit so paranoid about getting the vaccine. I signed up to get one next week, but I feel like this is some governmental tactic to inject chips in us or, kill some of us off based on the type of vaccine we got, or somethings gonna be changed inside my body. Im just scared😢. Also, Erin's looked a lot worse than I'm hoping it actually is.

  • Why did I think the sponsor was gonna be the vaccine? 😂

  • Do people forget that the vaccine doesn't make you a super hero. You can still be a carrier of covid and get others sick.

  • Note to self: DO NOT WATCH VLOGS WITH NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES. I kept turning around and pausing the video when I heard doors opening and closing and anyone talking in the background 😆😆

  • How are y’all so close but not synced


  • that’s crazy how each of us all are affected my whole family and i got the vaccine and out of the ten of us none us got any symptoms, not even a head ache 😭

  • which vaccine did you guys get?

  • what vaccine did you get?

  • “well I smoked..so yea” LMAO

  • why did the needle come out like that with Erin skin😫

  • You can still get a virus with the vaccination it just means hopefully you wont get it as bad as if you didn't have it-hopefully. - and you can still be a carrier so safety measures still need to be followed

  • Can we get their views 📈📈📈📈⬆️⬆️⬆️

  • I watched the fist half of this before I went to get vaccinated and finished it when I got back and it felt like I was getting vaccinated with you lol

  • Why didn't TJ get it? Has he already gotten it?

  • Erin!!!! You need to be Mia from the princess diaries for Halloween at least once!!! Your hair + retainer was giving me Mia vibes

  • Why didn't Tj get the vaccine as well?


  • I was really nauseous the night of the day I got the vaccine, the next day my joints seemed really stiff and achy. But Erin is luckyyyy her arm didn't hurt. Day 2 after the vaccine i was so close to chopping my arm off. The vaccine site was radiationg pain into my elbow and down to my wrist.

  • seeing my favs take Covid seriously is so calming, thank you !!! I am so happy you guys can see each other now, good for y'all !!

  • I love erins road rage 😂😂😂

  • FYI --- even after we are fully vaccinated we still need to be careful. We can't go back exactly to how things were. Most of the people that you'll come across will not be vaccinated and you might still get COVID, the effects maybe just won't be as bad. We still need to be responsible especially if it's possible we might give it to others who aren't vaccinated.

  • Me in Brazil watching people getting vaccinated.... kkkkrying

  • So so happy for you guys! I have gained so much respect for you both during this pandemic and following the guidelines so closely. As a healthcare worker I say thank you and I can't wait to see all the videos you do once you're able to go out and be together again :)

  • the nurses at the vaccination station i went to said it’s okay to take advil/tylenol, it won’t affect the antibodies or anything like that! so you’re all good

  • So proud of y’all for getting vaccinated! I’m from Texas and just received my second dose last week!

  • Just curious to know if we know what possible long term effects will be? I’m nervous because my bf doesn’t want to get vaccinated without knowing the effects so I’m trying really hard to convince him. Any help is welcomed🙏🏻🙏🏻 Psyched for you two❤️❤️

  • So does that mean ypu will start hanging out with zane etc

  • Was TJ already vaccinated before y’all ?

  • Fevers are 100.4 or higher, and even at that it’s considered a low grade


  • They are bringing a truck to work for us to get vaccinated but then we have to work ten hours after . Kinda have me worried now

  • Guys please still be careful! Vaccines don't make you immune you can still get sick it just won't be as serevre. And you can still spread asymptomatically

  • Canadians could never *cries*

  • why didn't TJ get the vaccine with you guys too???


  • I already had covid once in January. My body was SO SORE that loose sweatpants even felt like they were digging into my body. I had to wear a big t shirt for the first 10 days. I really don't want to get the shot bc what if it just flares up again? My immune system isn't the best 😔

    • well you can still get covid even after you’ve had it so i’d say the vaccine side effects probably are a lot better than covid haha

    • I probably sound crazy but is there any research on people who have already had it taking the vaccine? Ugh I just don't want to deal with that pain again

  • “do you feel high?” “...well i smoked so... hehe yeah”

  • The covid vaccine needle has to go deep in the muscle Erin's shot was only half way

  • this vlog feels so normal!!! IT'S SO WEIRD!!!

  • Can we know what vaccine you guys took? Please 😩

  • Which vaccine did you both get? I want to get the vaccine, but im also so nervous.

  • lol i literally had the same reaction as erin like my arm didnt hurt and i had no symptoms...started to think they just put a needle with nothing in it in meeee

  • I'm only at the start of the video but just a PSA: after getting the vaccine you still need to social distance and wear masks. Current studies are showing that you can still get covid after getting the vaccine but symptom severity is much lower. I got my astrazeneca I felt fine on the day I got it but damn the next day I was bedridden with chills, headache, muscle pain

  • Just got my second vaccine dose earlier today woohoo

  • PLEASE make a video of you guys getting your second dose!

    • They got Johnson & Johnson, so it is only one dose!

  • when nolan said .. well i smoked.. LOL

  • Didn’t you guys here that people were getting blood clots from the vaccine I’m scared to get it!!


  • a video with CHRIS is needed now!!! quarantine queens

  • I got my second Pfizer vaccine last week! It's so wild how the vaccines reacts so differently to people. I didn't have any side effects, but I had friends who felt horrible. I also didn't have any pain at all in my arm after my second vaccine, like Erin. It just means that the person who gave it is good at giving vaccines!

  • I've had the virus around new years. Lost my smell, taste and coughed alot in the first couple of days. Thank God all good now. Went to get the vaccine like the beginning of March but they told me no. So hopefully I can get it soon. I have a friend that got the vaccine, said her period lasted about 12 days? She wasn't sure if it was the vaccine?

  • I got my first vaccine last week and I was fully expecting for me to out for the count because normally if I get sick with a common cold it takes me about a full month if not more to get over. But I got the vaccine and the only thing it made me feel is, I was SO tried, you know when your so tired but yo cant/ wont fall asleep. That was me for a day and half lol, also I was a bit dizzy but only for a few seconds. That was it, it was painless, easy, and simple! 😃😃😃🙌

  • Did yall just made a whole vlog dedicated to the vaccine... lmao yall american people 😂

  • Yay! I had zero symptoms with both shots. Glad for you guys!

  • Y'all when we sat for 15min I was scared I was like are they waiting for us to turn into zombies lol ... Your nurse went very slow (erin) looked like she had a very heavy hand