Joylandi 26-Fev, 2021
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  • Can anyone tell me where I can get that jumper Erin is wearing in this video. The "No Hugs 2020" one. I've seen TJ wearing it too. Anyone have a link to where it's from?

  • You guys should listen to your enneagram songs!! I’m a type 3 :)

  • me not having to take the test because Carly is me

  • Take it easy - Joakim Karud

  • That hi NRG remix at the end

  • Me and Carly are literally the same, I’m a 9w7! Also we share the same birthday haha how crazy.

  • Carlyyyy your outfit is so cute 🥺

  • I honestly relate to so much of what Carly says... Edit: I just did this and got a SOLID 9

  • Lol I know I’m late but I feel like for the important person in the friend group Carly is definitely very important because a lot of the other people in the vlogsquad talk about how if they need comfort or a shoulder to cry on or just someone they trust they go to Carly.

  • OMG! So happy y’all finally did this!! I’m obsessed with the enneagram! I feel like the test/website was kind of confusing, so if y’all want help understanding the results, I would LOVE to help. For example, there is a reason that Carly, who is primarily a 9, tested high as a 3, because 9’s look like the healthy parts of 3’s in health!

  • i feel like erin is an 8 tbh and cary is DEFINITELY a nine

  • Lol def a cancer we will act up if we have to

  • Enneagram has been the most applicable and helpful personality test for me.

    • Usually it is recommended to read through each of the types and decide which fits you instead of taking the test. It seems like Erin may have been mistyped as a 2. Type 8 seemed right for her.

  • Love the Miralax in the backround. Same. (not sponsored)

  • not gonna lie, I always did wonder how the rest of the outro song went tbh

  • Omg each time they talk about sm psychic París starts barking 😳😱have u guys noticed! Omg Erin hahah

  • omg Carly! You strike me as smart even when you don't know an answer or how to do something- you try and find out what you don't know and tackle putting things together whereas a lot of people don't even try. So yeah Smart is a word I would use to describe you.

  • I did the ennegram test online before and it was free... It was a 30 minute test.... I am a 9... There's also an Ennegram Playlist/album You can listen to... Each number is a song. If You listen to your song, you should feel a huge wave of emotion...

  • Carly's self perception never seems accurate to me. I think it's one of those situations where maybe you used to be one way but changed over time but still see yourself as being that person you used to be OR it could be just want you want to be. But yeah, whenever carly describes herself it never really matches her behavior....for instance, she insists she's not confrontational, doesn't stand up for herself and easily concedes in a casual debate and assumes other people are right.. but she often argues against other people's opinions/actions, holds onto her statements even when people disagree with a fleshed out reason, and she seems to not be afraid to disagree with people at all.. in fact I've seen her respond quite aggressively to comments... I mean if she is the person she says she is, she would not be friends with the vlog squad anymore because it has been made perfectly clear that they are not good people, so she's actively going against what other people think by continuing to be friends with them. This is not a critique just an observation, calm down.

  • Loved this video!!!! I’m a 4 :)

  • MAMAS WHY IS THE OUTRO SO LONG LMAOOO i really do be vibin'

  • Me and Carly are so alike I don't even need to take the test anymore LOL thanks for saving me $20 queens ❤️

  • how you guys feel about all the david stuff popping off... like the seth SA experience. do you guys have any comments on the situation?

  • *Sleeping At Last* released an album called *Atlas: Enneagram* where they did a track for each type. Go listen to yours.

  • Erin gives me 6 vibes instead of 2 tbh, very surprised! Loved this!

  • YALL SHOULD DO THE MYERS BRIGGS TEST TOO!! I just feel like it’s more accurate because it’s 16 personalities instead of 9 and I’m like 99% sure Carly would get INFP (or ENFP) lmao not sure about Erin tho but I’m an INFJ and I can relate to her in many ways :))

  • since. y’all have been into astrology lately, erin has more outwardly aries traits (carly’s sign) and carly has more cancer traits (erin’s sign). maybe that’s why y’all get along so well since those are each other’s respective sun signs.

  • how do you guys feel ab the david & seth situation? I know you aren’t responsible for davids actions I’m just curious yalls opinion ab seth & others coming forward ab how they were treated in davids vlogs.

  • Can y’all respond to the stuff resurfacing about Jason and David. Also why do you guys take Covid seriously and the rest of the VS dont. Also Seth did a gross thing to Erin but what about how he was victimized as well?

    • What did seth do to erin?

  • I am a 2

  • I really appreciate the extended outro because I be dancing to the regular outros on all of the other videos anyways 🤣

  • The music goes on for ages after the video ends?????

  • You guys are really good friends ❤️

  • This entire time, I thought I was a 9 because I definitely love peace, but it's significantly the tiniest on my chart xD. I'm actually a *seven* , but extremely close with 8 and 1, following with 5. IT DESCRIBES ME PERFECTLY!

  • Not me taking the test and realizing it costs money I really said “I guess we’ll never know”😉✌🏼

  • Erin definitely look up enneagram #8. I truly think that’s your number - read the motivation and look up how the tracks work ⤵️ The numbers move on a “track” so when you are in “growth” or “stress” you display characteristics of different numbers. An 8 goes to 2 in growth and 5 in stress. I think you are an 8 that is in grow which shows the caring part of a 2 for you!

  • My personality is type 8

  • The outro song kept going for so long, but its ok I just kept vibing to it lol

  • My enneagram number is 5 aka the "Investigator" also this music is fire lmfao

  • Carly gets a tattoo of nine cardinals and one sloth 🦥

  • I KNEW CARLY WAS A 9! I am too:)

  • If you have an interest in personality I suggest the MB16 personalities test. From a psychological perspective the one you did is one of the most inaccurate and inconsistent tests. It has almost no research. If you take the MB16 it still has inconsistencies, however if you feel you don’t make your result then it’s most likely that your lowest percentage is the issue. In that case, switch it to the other option (example changing thinking to feeling) and that should be enough.

  • Maybe not a youtube video idea, but the Jordan Peterson "Understanding Myself" test is a very accurate personality test if you were looking for something that talks about the big five aspects.

  • I think I did this before and after all of it, it cost money...I said nope I’m good✌🏻🤣

  • My mind is HELL lmaoo How accurate is that

  • carly, I love your shirt!!


  • Carly typed accurately, but Erin mistyped, which is common to do when you take a little test like this. It pains me that she mistyped because she won't see how awesome the enneagram is! I think she is a 6. I wish she would go into more depth in discovering her type because she literally would love it!

  • 💛

  • I'm the same way Carly. I realized in therapy though that I spent so long catering to other people's needs that I never really figured out what ~my needs~ really are, which is why I always say I go with the flow, when the truth was I probably deep down do have needs I just don't know what they are....... lol

  • Where are all my Type 4’s at: The Individualist’s 🤍🤍🤍


  • If you download co-star and add each other you can see your compatibility!!

  • Carly, I'm a 9 too so I feel you girl haha. You both should do the Myers Briggs test if you haven't already! I'm an INFP and i feel like we are probably similar/ the same

  • 'Class of 95 Carly' & 'Ski Instructor Erin'.

  • Carly just has big libra energy tbh hehe

  • I feel like this and the horoscope video are helping me figure out why I like watching you guys so much haha we have all the same qualities.

  • carly i love you, that's all

  • erin you are so beautiful it shocks me

  • Explains why yall aren't speaking out

  • For zodiac signs use the costar app to compare birth charts!

  • Oooo! I had my guesses. Definitely knew Carly would be an enneagram 9 :)

  • I’m a 9w1!!

  • omg Carly and Erin go to couples therapy seems like a good video idea 😂

  • That outro song always has me jamming!!!

  • My main type is Type 9 (Peacemaker) with 98%, and an equal amount of 4 & 5 after that (the individualist and the investigator) with 97%.

  • Omg i literally was taking this test when I received the notification for the video

  • Makes sense, Ashley and Taryne (Unsolicited Advice Podcast) are a 2 and a 9. Guess 2's &9's make great teams/ friends😊

  • Love this type of content ❤️👏🏽

  • The f*!# is this title?!? Friends foreva

  • i knew carly would be a nine. i’m a nine and my best friend is a two and no decisions ever get made.

  • im just jamming to that outro song

  • “MY MIND IS HELL!” “I just don’t care about anything” Hey girlies! You doing okay mentally????? Just checking in ☺️🙈💖🥰😜

  • Carly took this test last year right ?

  • "i'm out of breath" "reading's hard" 😂😂😂

  • Hahaha who left the entire song in the end hahahahahahah

  • Erin is the type of friend to help your mom do the dishes at your house


  • Why am I only realising Erin's eyebrows now?🤔🐛

  • Didnt realize the otro song was that long and bopping

  • WEIRD... I am a 2 & my bestie is a 9!!

  • Anyone else just jamming out to the last two minutes

  • I loved this! I'm a 7w6. You guys should definitely do the Meyers Briggs test next.

  • Don’t even have to take the test because I’d literally answer everything like Carly did lol

  • Really jammed out for the last few minutes there lol

  • Carly is so sure of her answers,,, Erin just thinking about every question 😹

  • I can DEFINITELY see Erin as a 2 and Carly as a 9!!!! I’m a 6w7 👁👄👁

  • I dont think your dumb carly. I deal with anxiety and have no type of confidence so hope everything is good and keep believing in yourselves both of you!

  • Why am I exactly Carly?!?

  • Are y’all going to address any of the David drama?

  • I'm a hardcore 8 it's scary lol also Erin I think you should take it again if you didn't think it was super accurate. Also here's a free version if anyone wants to take it!! Just go to the official website to read your description after :)) www.eclecticenergies.com/enneagram/test-2

  • TAKE THE MYERS BRIGGS TEST!! Carly is an INFP. I can feel it because I am also one hahaha.

    • NOOO not at all, Carly has said before that she loves people and is all about spending time with people, she also said that she doesn't like anything that she cant understand like marvel movies lol, she is totally an esfp, they also both took the test she got an esfj but I think shes way more p so she would be an esfp

    • Me too and I agreeeee

    • AGREED

    • Ya I don’t think either of them are introverts. That’s what the “I” stands for in INFP. I’m pretty sure both of them are extroverts, they’ve just been stuck in quarantine so they haven’t been able to be with friends.

    • I just recently took this for my phycology class and got INFJ

  • Carly, it's sad that you don't feel as important or feel as amazing as we all do!! Erin, queen of feelings!!! Love you both!!

  • They know what they are doing in regards to the title💀

  • Im a 2, too!!!

  • I’m a type 9 also!!

  • can we do Myers-Briggs test next pretty please

  • When I explain Carly too i say “she’s just like our sweet little baby” 😂 love u queens

  • I'm a 6! Here is a link to how 2's and 9's are compatible. www.enneagraminstitute.com/relationship-type-2-with-type-9